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  1. Hi is this opening for any nationality or only native speakers. Also, what would flexible timings mean. TIA
  2. Laser hair removal

    Thanks for the recommendation. If u don't mind can u plz tell me the cost n how many sittings did u take. Thanks once again
  3. Laser hair removal

    Hi I want to get laser hair removal of my upper lip. Any recommendations in Abu Dhabi or Dubai
  4. Hi I'm considering stepping stones (east corniche branch) for my son. Any reviews?TIA
  5. Hi I am looking for a good British nursery in mushrif/muroor area. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated. TIA
  6. Nursery Recommendation

    I would like a recommendation for a British nursery close to muroor area. TIA
  7. Temporary Maid

    Any recommendations for a temporary maid service for a month....preferably full time
  8. Eelective C Section In Uae

    Foxytocin can u plz guide me how to hire a doula?
  9. Need Info

    Thanx for the info ladies! Will visit both hospitals n then decide:)
  10. Need Info

    I'm 9 weeks preg with my second baby and confused whether to choose al noor or corniche(wd definitely want a female gynae!). My first one was a c section back home.
  11. Live Out Maid

    Hi can anybody plz guide me with the procedure/ cost of hiring a live out maid? Do we pay fr her housing as well?
  12. Urgent Teachers Required

    I would like to apply aswell......kindly guide me too
  13. Belvedere British School

    Plz pm me as well annapanna. Would really appreciate that! Thanx
  14. Hello Ladies

    Hi Good to see u guys... I am from lahore, moved to Abu Dhabi a year bk. not working at the moment as I hv a 3 yr old at home. I'm living in Mushrif, quite close to the mall.wd lv to join on Saturday, but I'm bz:(will still try my best
  15. Locations Of Members

    Hi all I live in Mushrif near al ain university's Abu Dhabi campus :)