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  1. Ikarian longevity stew

    Emilia is not great with eating “stew” like dishes. So my goal for the next few “winter” months here in Abu Dhabi is to try to change that:) I absolutely love the BLUEZONES study and follow up project – transform your community to live longer, better . You can find the following and many others amazing recipes on their website. 45 min cooking time Serves 4 people Ingredients: ½ cup extra virgin olive oil 1 large red onion, finely chopped 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 fennel bulb 1 cup of canned black eyed peas 1 large, firm ripe tomato, finely chopped 1 small can tomato paste, diluted in ¼ cup water (220g) 2 bay leaves salt to taste 1 bunch dill, finely chopped Method: Heat half the olive oil over medium heat and cook the onion, garlic, and fennel bulb stirring occasionally, until soft (about 12 minutes). Add the tomato, tomato paste and enough water to cover about an inch. Add the bay leaves. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 30 min Add the beans and chopped dill and water to a desired consistency (depends if you like it more like a thick stew or soup) and season with salt and simmer for about another 5-10 min. Remove, pour in remaining raw olive oil and serve. Bon Apetite! View the full article
  2. VII. The best goals to physically recover are NOT the goals around your weight, size or shape of your body. So this is me 12 weeks after Samuel was born. People do comment about how quickly I went back to pre- pregnancy shape of body etc .. Firstly (not that it is important) but just to illustrate how looks and our perception are relative… I am really not back to my pre- pregnancy fitness level and shape as I still have about 5kg plus and my core strength and cardio is not even close to where I was. Though thank you! It is flattering you think that:) “How did you do that?” I often hear. You know what get me out almost every morning to do my exercises? Definitely not the idea of getting back to my favourite jeans. My little trick (my ongoing motivation- this works even if I don’t feel like to do exercise at all that day) is “to imagine that amazing feeling I have “AFTER” the exercise” for the rest of the day. The feeling of: everything is fine with the world, the positivity, the productiveness, the patience and energy I have for my children. It really is not difficult for me to eat healthily and do my exercise because my goal is not to loose a weight. My goal is to have enough energy for my day. I want to be happy and present for my children and for my husband and in the same time I would like to have some extra energy to spend little bit of time on my “job” I love. And that I know is only possible if I sleep enough, eat well, and EXERCISE. (I will write about a postnatal appropriate exercise in the later blog post) So what in my opinion are NOT a good fitness goals: Regain my body shape from before pregnancy – Your body will never be the same to start with!:)) It can “look strong again” but it will never be the same. And that is great! Your body did an amazing job to grow little people! How cool is that?! I would like my but to be bigger, smaller, rounder what have you… bla bla bla… I would like to loose a weight I would like to put on my old clothes etc These are all very short lived goals..if they work for you- great! But these just don’t work for me long term at all. So instead of beating your self about negative feeling about your physical shape why don’t you try something more positive that will improve the quality of your life??? I would like to have more energy. I would like to participate at this or that sport event. I would like to learn how to swim a front crawl. I would like to feel more positive. I would like to keep up with my kids. I would like to be able to carry my baby when it gets bigger. I would like my children to have me around for as many decades as possible! You can read about more tips for post-partum recovery here: View the full article
  3. What I like about this “Nutella spread” is that it is made from super healthy ingredients and you can make a big batch in about 5 min and freeze it. Put on a warm toasted bread, enjoy as an ice-cream or use as a frosting on cakes;) I mostly reach out for it when I run out of “fresh” snacks, in hurry or when I want to please Emilia as I know she loves it (mummy too!) It is a bit of a treat in our house;) INGREDIENTS: 2 avocados 1/2 cup honey (or less depends how sweet you want your spread to be) 1/8 cup coconut oil 1/2 cup cacao powder 2 tbsp nut butter (I mostly use almond butter) 1/2 tsp salt METHOD: Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth Divide into smaller portions and freeze Put on a warm toasted bread, enjoy as an ice-cream or use as a frosting on cakes;) View the full article
  4. VI. Stay fit during the pregnancy This blog post is a continuation to my previous posts where I share my top tips for quick post-partum recovery Have you ever been told that your pregnancies will be all different? Well they were right. Mine definitely were. I enjoyed my first one from the day 1 to the end whereas I hated (you think strong word?- sadly not:( ) my second one from the day 1 to the very end:) Despite of that I managed to stay healthy and strong both of the times. (And no it is not genetic in my family). So I had to do something right!? I am a big believer (and also there is no much science evidence) “the healthier you are during the pregnancy the sooner you recover after the birth. “ Now the tricky bit is HOW? Because nothing in my own experience is more challenging then to stay relatively fit while pregnant. Your body size, your tastes, your energy levels, your priorities=they all drastically change..And it is SOOOO easy to settle and say.. “who cares…I give myself a break for the next 9 months and I will sort out myself later”…but it is actually not that easy later and many of my clients really struggled emotionally how difficult it was to get back to pre-pregnancy fitness level. I don’t even want to say pre-pregnancy shape as nothing like that exist in my opinion. You can feel great again but you will never be the same. And that’s great because your body is amazing and can grow people- hey! that’s awesome! I know we are all different and I get it – some ladies are super happy with this chilled out “I don’t care while pregnant approach” – and I honestly envy to al of you… But I had to be ruthlessly honest with myself and I knew that wouldn’t make me happy. So both times I invested some effort into staying fit so that I could go back to my physical normal (meaning I would have high energy level and I would be comfortable in my own skin) in no time…Also in my opinion staying fit while pregnant simply helps to enjoy it more and it eases many of the common discomforts. So what is the magic to achieve it? Really simple 1. Eat real food! What is real food? It is simple. Meals made from fresh 1 ingredient foods. If you have to use processed foods shoot for top 3 ingredient ones. Ingredients you can actually read easily and you know what those words mean:) Each plate should have loads of veggies (at least half of the plate) some protein (one third or so- animal or plant protein) rest of it filled with whole grains if that is what you crave. I try to stay of the grains and processed carbs as much as I can. You can also read about how to manage that sweet tooth during the pregnancy here: How to manage the sweet tooth in pregnancy 2. Do not eat for 2! Yeh right..But how to achieve it when I am constantly hungry? Eating for two is really a myth. You don’t have to eat twice as much as you used to if you manage to eat well. Your baby until 30th week really doesn’t need that much more calories. I get it. You suddenly are hungrier. But this is a bit of a vicious circle. The more you get hungry the more easy options we usually seek for (those snack bars super high in sugar you can buy in the shops now etc…) the more these you eat now the more you seem to be hungry thinking it is the baby who wants to eat. Rather then eating loads per portion or choosing high sugar easy snacks- add healthy snacks into your diet. You can find some easy snack recipes here. Also you might need to adjust the composition of your macronutrients. Say I normally don’r eat much processed carbs. After 30th week once my babies started fattening I simply had to increase my carbohydrate intake. But I would still shoot for the healthier options of whole grain rather then loads of pizza and pasta and bread. Not that I completely avoided it I was just careful about how often. 3. And most importantly stay active! I wrote loads on importance of prenatal fitness . I would be just be repeating myself. You can find some tips here: Benefits of staying active during your pregnancy Tips how to choose the right exercise during your pregnancy No I am not sick I am only pregnant! My favourite 10 min upper body work out View the full article
  5. This blog post is a continuation to my previous post where I share my top 3 tips for quick post-partum recovery To mention again my post-partum with Emilia (my first child) was everything but smooth and quick. Maybe for many of you mummies my tips are nothing mind blowing as this all came to you very naturally… but for me I had to learn hard way. So if you are anything like me – ambitious control freak who has trouble to slow down and relax – you may appreciate this post:) IV. First few weeks spend all of your free time by getting to know your baby It is horrible to say but the truth is all I felt about Emilia as a baby was- although very much loved and wanted she was “a bit” inconvenient at that time. Why don’t you sleep child- I have things to do!!!! I had no help except of my husband…He is a great daddy but still he leaves to work at 8am and is back at 6pm. I was studying one year long course at Integrative Institute of Nutrition. The birth (very long and traumatic) was followed by problems with breastfeeding and prolonged postpartum healing etc. So learned from my own mistakes I promised myself that this time I will slow down to maximum. I would not study, I would not work, I would not exercise until I am healed and mostly until my inner voice tells me I am ready to take some incremental steps to add on to my day. Instead I focused on getting to know Sami, learning about his natural rhythm and later enforcing a routine based on my observation. This is how our day looks now (give or take hour here and there) He is such an angel baby. Maybe he was born like that maybe he just likes our routine???:) who knowsJ V. Allow your family to settle well around a new routine Whether I wanted or not our family routine had to change. And I have to admit I often don’t have a good relationship with a “change”J But this time I prepared myself to be open minded and just go with the flow and make necessary changes where required. 1.Mornings Are CRAZY now!!! Emilia has to wake up at 6 am (used to be 6.30 or 45am) and after that she needs to be fed washed and dressed up. Lunch box prepared. AND in the same time Sami gets up anytime between 6 and 6.30am and guess what? He needs to be changed and fed too! Adjustment simply means I can’t do my morning meditation or walk or any other exercise. That has to simply wait. Same for my husband. But this time I know this is all just a phase and it will be possible once again to go back to our ideal morning routine. 2.Afternoons Are EVEN CRAZIER:) I used to partially prepare dinner during Mili’s nap time now I have to prepare completely out it to fridge in such a stage that it needs just warming up or uncovering. We used to go outside to have friends over for a play date or we went to beach or pool or park or we biked or walked to the grocery. Adjustment is we have to wait until Sami gets up from his afternoon nap till 4.30pm and gets fed. We are ready to leave the house for a walk at 5 and because of his short “awake span” we are back at about 5.30 or 5.45pm. 3.Evenings CAN’T BE MORE CRAZY:) So Sami has a witching hour from 6pm.So we learned that we simply can’t have a family dinner all of at 6PM anymore. It is either me or my husband who eats with Mili and the other one massages and baths Sami meanwhile. Then once they are finished Mili gets bathed as well and then she plays a bit before story and bed time (it used to be play time straight after dinner and then bath time) I used to prepare Mili’s lunch box in the morning as she was leavening to nursery 7.30 now she has to be out of house 7 am. So the lunch box has to be almost ready to pack to her rucksack in the evening. (what we do in the morning I just transfer “the keep cool stuff” to her cool bag and to keep warm stuff I microwave and put the thermoflask. Summary: TIP 4: This is nothing new but I think this is the most important lesson after having Mili. Don’t plan anything else for your postpartum other than to rest and feed. Yes you read it well…. And let me repeat it again. Nothing else other than taking care of your baby and yourself! Not even an online study program you can follow based on your time availability. First few weeks just observe. Babies usually have their natural rhythm. At least both of mine had. If you find any repetitive patterns, try to enforce them in the later weeks. If you notice your baby likes to sleep in the morning from around 8- 9am and gets tired at 6pm then start there. The easiest is to build a morning and evening routine. The middle of the day will fall in place gradually. TIP 5: Give up in advance on all of your morning routines. You might be lucky to fit them back in no time. But give up first to avoid disappointment. Be at peace with it. Everything is just a phase and your mornings will soon have more structure again. If you have a second child who needs to go to nursery get the clothes| uniform ready in the and prepare lunch box in the morning. It is often helpful to even have a breakfast ready like overnight oats or muffins or quinoa pudding. TIP 6: Keep it simple. Don’t try to do too much. Especially if you have an older child afterschool activities might be just way too much in the early days. Your older child won’t get behind because of few months of having a stroll with you and the new-born. In fact it might be exactly what he need just right now. TIP 7: If you don’t want to give up on healthy dinners (or want to start with healthy eating) get some food prepared and freeze it for the very early days. Later you just need to prepare the dinner when the baby naps. Get it ready to the stage you literally just take it out of fridge when you get back home from your afternoon walk or when the dinner time comes. Babies gets tired around 5-6pm. It is better to expect that you need to firstly bath your baby and have a dinner later or your husband and younger child have a dinner while you bath your baby. View the full article
  6. After my first child Emilia was born I was never officially diagnosed with post-partum depression but let me tell you I wasn’t well for a long time. In fact it is a real miracle I am still married and our daughter has turned out as an emotionally normal child;) Well as normal as 3 years old can be anyway:). This time around I planned my postpartum differently as simply I learned my lesson. I didn’t want to go down that road again. I couldn’t let Emilia down. I needed to stay sane to be able to give her as much emotional support as I could during her own transition to a big sister. Not 100% successful of course – I don’t think it is possible to avoid completely the emotional roller coaster, the inevitable ups and downs caused by hormonal imbalance, sleep deprivation and all the challenges that the new-born brings along… but…. more or less I am happy with how things went the last 8 weeks. Next few posts will be all about my simple but powerful tips how this time I managed to recover fairly quickly. (and by recovering I mean emotional health too as it is as important as your physical one, in fact I am a big believer there is a very strong connection between those two) I. My biggest advice is “PLAN as much HELP as possible!” Doula support Best decision ever we chose a doula to support us not only during the birth but also weeks before and after Sami was born. I can’t say more positive words about our decision. If you have some extra money it is so worth to invest into your physical health as well as into your emotional health. Much have been said and written about benefits of having a doula and I can only confirm. Family members. My mum in law stayed with us 4 weeks before Sami was born and my mum came the day when Sami was born. I understand it is not for everyone as living for that long with your family under one roof can often be a bit stressful but overall it was another good decision we made. I felt loved, supported and mostly I felt Emilia had a full attention when I couldn’t be with her. Other helpers. I finally made a decision to have a part time helper. For a long time I was against as I was always considering what THE OTHERS back at home would think of me?…But honestly I can’t care less now as I mostly care about what my husband think of me when he gets home after his whole day of being mega busy and what my daughter thinks of me when she gets back from her schol. With this extra help Emilia and Sami has a happy mummy who is not running on empty every day because there is simply too much to do to keep the household running. I learned I don’t have to prove anything to anyone and mostly I don’t have to prove anything to myself either. I prioritised my family and my love for my job and I am very comfortable with it. II. I gave up on exclusive breastfeeding much earlier this time So this might be controversial. But I want to make a point here as I believe this decision made loads of things much easier. I want to highlight that I really don’t want to promote bottle feeding. I understand breastfeeding is the best. But if for any reason you can’t do it….Please don’t beat yourself up for it for too long. I did 6 weeks with Mili and almost mentally collapsed. This time I started topping up on the 4th day. Don’t get me wrong I still cried and I was very upset about it but quoting my doula” I like my mental health too and it is as important as my physical one.” I listened to my intuition and rightly so It turned out my boy is a big lad (75th centile) and he drinks already now 150 ml of milk every 3 hours. Given my milk supply (and yes I tried everything possible to increase it I even ate my whole encapsulated placenta) I really doubt I would be able to satisfy his needs. Maybe yes maybe not I will never know …..but the mix feeding WORKS for us. We are both happy. Summary TIP 1: Invest into doula. I can’t be more positive about our decision. You can find the benefits of having doula here. TIP 2: Plan as much help in advance as you can get. Ask your partner to take as many work days| weeks off as he|she can. Get grandparents, friends and nannies on your help list. How much help you have really reflects on how quickly you heal. On top of it it having help after your baby is born lowers the chance of a baby blues and possible postpartum depression. If you think you can manage on your own- let me tell you definitely can! And you will as you will have no other choice! but having help might be the difference between remembering and enjoying your first weeks with your baby and complete fog for 6 months. Signed as my own experience. TIP 3: Plan what kind of feeding you want for your baby in advance. Read a book or internet articles about breastfeeding, bottle feeding and mix feeding. Have a contact ready for breastfeeding consultant who can come to your house if necessary. Freeze homemade lactation cookies and have homeopathic medicine and lactation supplements ready at home. But be open minded to deviate from your decision. Don’t beat yourself for too long if your plan A doesn’t work. The formula is not a poison! 3 more tips to follow in the next post! View the full article
  7. In my first pregnancy I suffered hugely from sciatica kind of pain in my right hip radiating all the way to my sacrum. At the end of pregnancy I could barely step on my leg. This time around I have 0 pain and I want to believe it it not a coincidence. Sciatica pain in pregnancy is very common and here are my tips how to avoid it. 1.Pay a visit to a chiropractor I can’t be more positive about my few visits at the chiropractor during this pregnancy. There is never too late to pay a first visit but I would recommend to book yourself maybe around week 20 and then according to the need. Besides any sort of back related pain relieve there are studies available proving that chiropractors can hugely help also with the outcome of the natural birth. 2. Maintain a lower body strength training I do believe that adding on some hamstring and glut strength before I got pregnant second time really helped to keep my hip more stable. With Emilia I didn’t do any strength training but during this pregnancy I did minimum 2 sessions a week. If I didn’t have time for full 60 min work out I would stick to 10 min lower + 10 min upper body work out. 3. Spinning babies balancing exercises Emilia was also on my right side of my uterus and I had a back labour at the end which wasn’t a fun at all. I think her not beeing in an optimal position had a contribution to the hip pain. This time around I can feel the baby is already in a very different position. a) I think it is that I am better aligned thanks to the chiropractor work b) I did loads of balancing exercise that you can check on https://spinningbabies.com/ View the full article
  8. Sweet potato chocolate brownies

    I loved loved loved loved loved this recipe! I have to be honest baking is not something I am good at or I enjoy. But for these amazingly yummy and healthy chocolate brownies I am quite happy to invest 70 min of my pressure time. Preparation time: 20-30 min Cooking time: 50 min Ingredients: FOR THE BROWNIES 500g of sweet potatoes (about 2 medium) 12 medjool dates 6 tablespoons of pure maple syrup 100g of ground almonds 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil a pinch of salt 100g of ground oats 6 tablespoons of raw cacao powder FOR THE ICING 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 2 tablespoons of almond butter 1 tablespoon of maple syrup 2 tablespoons of cacao powder Method: Pre-heat the oven to 180C (fan). Peel the sweet potatoes, cut them into chunks and place into a steamer for about twenty minutes, until they become really soft. Remove them and add them to a food processor with the pitted dates. Remaining ingredients into a bowl, before mixing in the sweet potato date combination. Stir well. Place into a lined baking dish and cook for about forty-five to fifty minutes, until you can pierce the brownie with a fork and bring it out dry. While the brownies are cooking make the icing by simply melting all the ingredients together and stirring well, then place in a fridge for 15 to firm up a bit. Remove the brownies from the tray and leave to cool completely before icing. Spread the icing on top. Cut into desired pieces and enjoy! View the full article
  9. Let’s be honest. It is hard a hard job. Craving sugar is one of the most common cravings in pregnancy. Until like 30 weeks I felt I had things under the control. Last 9 weeks – not so much:) After every main meal I do feel now there is something missing and unless I have something sweet my taste buds are not fully satisfied. Here is the trick though…You don’t have to torture yourself by not giving your body what it craves. Just try to stick to as healthy treats as you can get. Combined with a healthy balanced diet rich in nutrients and topped with some exercise you don’t have to worry about having something sweet every day. I craved lot more sweets this pregnancy and certainly ate more of the sweet stuff and still put on only 10 kg and I am feeling strong and fit. My tips to satisfy your sweet tooth quickly ! Before you try any of the following have a big glass of water with squeezed half of lemon. Often your sweet tooth is just that you are thirsty. If that does’t help try these: table spoon of honey few squares of dark chocolate at least 70% in cocoa fresh fruit even those high in fructose like mangos, pineapples etc. dried fruit like dates, apricots or prunes kids biscuits with no sugar content:) or try any of the following recipes. Any of them take longer then 60 min and you can have your healthy treats supply for at least 4 days always handy waiting for you in your fridge or handbag whenever you have a “need:)” http://evalindsayhealth.com/super-easy-fruit-and-nut-energy-bar/ http://evalindsayhealth.com/easy-amaranth-biscuits/ http://evalindsayhealth.com/oats-and-sweet-potato-cake-bars/ http://evalindsayhealth.com/chocolate-zucchini-loaf/ http://evalindsayhealth.com/sweet-potato-and-almond-bliss-balls/ http://evalindsayhealth.com/banana-peanut-butter-icecream/ http://evalindsayhealth.com/chocolate-pecans-energy-bar/ http://evalindsayhealth.com/coconut-blueberry-muffins/ And sometimes there is just nothing really bad about having that big Starbucks chocolate cake or a regular ice-cream:) Just chill and enjoy it! Good luck! View the full article
  10. Approved by Emilia! Great for lunch boxes and good mummy snack too;) Preparation time: 10 min Cooking time: 0 min Ingredients: 50 g rolled oats 50g macadamia nuts 150g apricots or dates 100 g raisins 4 tbsp fresh orange juice or apple juice 2 tbsp sunflower seeds 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 3 tbsp coconut flakes 1 tbsp chia seeds Method: Toast nuts and oats for several minutes on a dry frying pan on a medium heat until oats turn golden. Mix the dried fruit and the juice in a food processor until you achieve a smooth a paste. Place nuts, seeds and oats into food processor and bland until finely chopped. Combine the oats/ nut/ seeds mixture with the fruit paste. Line a baking paper, spread the mixture to 1 cm thickness. Place baking paper on the top as well and press to make the top nice and smooth. Place in the fridge to chill for at least 1 hour and then slice into bars. Keep it in the airtight container for up to 5 days or freeze. View the full article
  11. So last two days I really felt like pregnant ladies are meant to feel sick and not allowed to do anything other then sit, feel heavy, uncomfortable and must be excluded from fun and feeling normal! Yesterday I went with Emilia to water park and the guard told me off because I stood ” too deep” in a kids wave pool in exactly 1.2 m. Even for me that meant the water was barely touching my shoulders. Explanation was that the rule here is ” pregnant women are not allowed to go that deep!” And today I was almost not allowed to go to soft play (i had to argue my way in) with my 3 years old- I was recommended to sit down!!!! Well I would prefer to put my feet up and sip a cup of coffee really! But explain it to my 3 years old who has got so much energy that can distribute to many. What is wrong with the world!!!????First and foremost every pregnant woman knows the best her current fitness level and what is appropriate for her and what is not anymore. Secondly when did pregnant women became so weak and sick like? Our great grandmas would still work on the field throughout their whole pregnancy and give a birth to their children straight on the field and then in few hours go back to work. Being pregnant and if cleared out by your doctor you can stay fit throughout your whole pregnancy and you certainly don’t have to feel like you can’t possibly do 1 hour in soft play or a pool! And it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Here is me 31 weeks pregnant doing my favourite 10 min! (no excuses – everybody can find 10 min) upper body work out. All you need is just dumb bells based on your fitness level- I was using 4 kg one. here (normally when not pregnant I would do 5-10kg). You can read more articles about how to stay fit healthy and positive during your pregnancy here: http://evalindsayhealth.com/category/prenatal/ View the full article
  12. So last two days I really felt like pregnant ladies are meant to feel sick and not allowed to do anything other then sit, feel heavy, uncomfortable and must be excluded from fun and feeling normal! Yesterday I went with Emilia to water park and the guard told me me off to stand ” too deep” in a kids wave pool in exactly 1.2 m. Even for me that meant the water was barely touching my shoulders. Explanation was that the rule here is ” pregnant women are not allowed to go that deep!” And today I was almost not allowed to go to soft play (i had to argue my way in) with my 3 years old- I was recommended to sit down!!!! Well I would prefer to put my feet up and sip a cup of coffee really! But explain it to my 3 years old who has got so much energy that can distribute to many. What is wrong with the world!!!????First and foremost every pregnant woman knows the best her current fitness level and what is appropriate for her and what is not anymore. Secondly when did pregnant women became so weak and sick like? Our great grandmas would still work on the field throughout their whole pregnancy and give a birth to their children straight on the field and then in few hours go back to work. Being pregnant and if cleared out by your doctor you can stay fit throughout your whole pregnancy and you certainly don’t have to feel like you can’t possibly do 1 hour in soft play or a pool! And it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Here is me 31 weeks pregnant doing my favourite 10 min! (no excuses – everybody can find 10 min) upper body work out. All you need is just dumb bells based on your fitness level- I was using 4 kg one. here (normally when not pregnant I would do 5-10kg). View the full article
  13. I am 35 weeks pregnant! Last 2 weeks were tough. I developed bad piles from the pressure of the baby and I literally could’t move or sit or simply enjoy myself. Joys of pregnancy yay! Not being able to be active drove me absolutely crazy! It is all fine and healed now. (combination of hot sitz baths, cold compresses, ointments, suppositories, Aloe vera gel 99,9% gel worked wonders!!!) Today first time since we came back from Slovakia I went to gym and did short arms and legs work out and stretched with few sun salutations. I felt so good to be back to exercising! Exercise for me is not only about the physical results it is about mental health, feeling good in my own skin and brain. When I was in the gym I could see how surprised people were watching this hugely pregnant woman lifting weights, do squats and downward dogs:) There was one lady who even asked me if that is ok for a woman to be this active at this stage of pregnancy??? So again back to the same rules First and foremost you need to get a green light from your health caregiver that you and your baby are all healthy and you have low risk pregnancy. You need to adjust your exercise to be pregnancy friendly. Lower the weights, avoid core work outs, no extreme jumping, holding breath, slow down the cardio and just simply listen to your body. Take into the consideration what was your activity level before you got pregnant After that there is no reason why you should stop moving. Staying active while being pregnant has so many benefits not just for you but for your baby as well. Benefits of staying active while you pregnant 1. Increase of energy level Growing a baby is a hard job resulting in increased fatigue. Form my own experience being pregnant twice exercise kept me full of energy throughout all trimesters. 2. Lower your risk of certain pregnancy-related complications Studies suggest that exercising during pregnancy can lower the risk of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. 3. Reduce pregnancy discomfort Pregnancy comes with all sort of joys. Ligaments cramps, swollen legs, weight gain, back pain…I experienced all of this but thanks to the regular exercise I kept it under a control. 4. Help you to relax and stay positive For me this is one of the most significant reasons why with both of my pregnancies I was determined to stay active. With all the hormonal changes going on in your body it is so easy to fall in the vicious circle of bad mood swings. Thanks to regular exercise I stayed reasonably happy and positive:) View the full article
  14. This is one of my favourite pasta sauces I make on the occasions I need a quick dinner and kids love it! It freezes well so you can make a double portion and store the left overs in air-tight containers for the times life is too busy. Preparation time: 10 min Cooking time time: 15 min Ingredients: 1 onion 4 garlic cloves 1 can of tuna 2 cans of chopped tomatoes or 2 kg of fresh tomatoes 1 carrot olive oil salt peppers black olives (optional) basel (optional) Method: In a pot, heat oil over medium high heat. Add crashed garlic half the onion, saute until soft and translucent, about 2 minutes. Add tomatoes and basel season with salt and pepper. Simmer uncovered on medium heat for about 20 min until thick. If sauce still tastes acidic, add some honey or butter, 1 tablespoon at a time to round out the flavors. Add the sauce into food processor. Process until smooth. While you prepare the sauce in a separate pan heat the oil and add the onion and fry for about 2 min. Add the tuna and grated carrot. Saute for another 3-5 min. Mix the tuna with the tomato sauce. If you like you can mix in some black sliced olives. View the full article
  15. With this post I certainly don’t want to put any pressure on ladies who for any reason can’t exercise during their pregnancy. We are all different and we have different time availability and progress of our pregnancy. The purpose of this post is to help mums who would like to stay active or are in doubt which exercise is appropriate in their pregnancy. Some important facts about exercising while you are pregnant Pregnancy (if low risk) is a healthy state of being. You are not sick you are just pregnant. That means that if your doctor (midwife) gives you green you are allowed any exercise which doesn’t target your core muscles directly and doesn’t involve too much of jumping. Simply put think of your exercise whether it doesn’t place direct pressure on your belly or doesn’t cause an unwelcoming effect on your baby. Most of the medical care providers dropped now even the myth that expecting mums shouldn’t raise their heart beats above 150 per minute. As long as you used to this level of activity before your pregnancy there is no reason you should stop doing it now. My tip how to modify or choose the right exercise If you used to go to gym before you got pregnant you can keep going just slow down a bit, avoid excessive jumping, drop or lower the weights and avoid exercises like planks, crunches, Russian twist etc. If you used to do loads of running, you can continue running. Just take it easy, slow down a bit until it feels comfortable. Your body will tell you when to stop. Usually that happens around week 19-20. If you used to do yoga keep doing it: just avoid boats, planks, back bands, jumping, closed twists, lying on the back and inversions. If you haven’t been exercising before for your pregnancy- go to special pregnancy classes or download special pregnancy yoga /strength training, go for brisk walks or do some swimming. The point is: The more active you stay during your pregnancy the better you will cope physically and mentally as well. This is my own experience (2 pregnancies). I get it. Time is always an issue. So don’t get trapped in the 60 min exercise block nonsense. Move when you can. That means anytime you find 10- 20 min block – use it! I went for a quick 20 min walk yesterday after I put Emilia to sleep and it was great! Or I do quick sun salutation (10 min or so) in the morning before Mili wakes up or while she plays around. This san salutation is modified and suitable for any stage of pregnancy. http://evalindsayhealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/IMG_1361.m4v View the full article