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  1. Nutritionist

    Any recommendations for a good nutritionist in Abu Dhabi.
  2. Personal trainer

    Dear all, i am looking for a personal trainer preferably a female who is also a good nutritionist. Currently i am residing on electra street.
  3. Urgently Require A Chef

    First of all a million thanks to all those who give such useful info to people in trouble. Most of my worries are solved in this forum. This time i am in urgent need of a chef preferably female, as my husband has just discharged from hospital after heart surgery. Hope to get some recommendations.
  4. Lost Emirate Id

    Thanks alot ladies for sharing information.
  5. Lost Emirate Id

    Dear All, i have lost my emirate ID . Any suggestions how to apply for a new one. Thanks.
  6. Restaurant With Children Play Area

    Any recommendation for a restaurant or any indoor eating place where children can play or can be entertained . Any such place in Abu Dhabi. Suggestions please.
  7. **eid Tommorow**

    Happy Eid to everyone specially to DD for keeping us well informed throughout the holy month of ramazan, about all ramazan activities.
  8. Recommendation For A Heart Specialist

    Can anyone recommend a good heart specialist in Abu dhabi for angiogram. If the result of my angiogram is not satisactory then further process will be done on the spot so i need to know some competant cardiologist.
  9. Recommendation For A Surgeon

    Can anyone suggest me a competant surgeon as i have been advised to remove my Gall bladder due to gall stones.
  10. Gcse English Language Teacher

    looking for a female teacher for GCSE A level(English Language) Cambridge, currently teaching to A level students. Anyone interested please contact me at:n.fayyaz2012@hotmail.com
  11. Part Time Engineer Wanted

    Part time chemical , mechanical engineer or Bachelor degree in sciences is required with 3-5 years of experience. Attractive renumeration. Anyone interested can apply at: fayyaz.moazzam@sky.com
  12. Authentic Chinese Dishes

    Can anyone suggest a place where i can learn making authentic chinese dishes.
  13. Ipad 2 Repairs

    There is a repair shop on electra street next to Ibrahimi restaurant. They will fix your ipad in 100dirham or so i am not sure.
  14. Fixing Ipads But Screen Not Cracked

    I think you take it to apple store and they will guide you.
  15. Mafraq Hospital

    Mafraq has a very good and competant team of doctors. I was treated there a few months back. Problem comes in getting appointments,follow up,to get in touch with your doc.etc . It is no doubt a very busy hospital with a hugh number of patients coming and waiting for hours and hours even after getting appointment.