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  1. The Big Sales Going On..so, what did you buy?

    We paid the traffic fines two days before the 50% discount was announced.... OH was not best pleased. AED 2,600 - made us feel slightly ill especially when we doubted them but the hassle and idea of having to take it to court put us off completely. And then knowing had we waited it would have been half the amount. Guessing they fixed the errant cameras as nothing since and my driving miss daisy standard hasn't changed.
  2. She had to go to court to clear the fines? I am not too sure I like the sound of that.... :-( Thanks everyone. Hubby got the photos online and it is my plate and same model but there was no way I was driving it at 3am on a school night! But how can I prove that? Maybe the camera is not calibrated properly so time is wrong? What a headache....
  3. After rarely receiving fines in the two decades of driving here and my family joking that I am driving miss daisy I also received 4 fines in the last month. But strangely they are at unearthly times like 2:59am on a weeknight. Now I am never out at that time so wondering how that can be.... The fines are 2,600 AED so I am not best pleased.... I haven't seen any flashes on my normal driving routes and the times are just strange as I am tucked up in bed!
  4. Looking for new hair stylist-Help!!

    Rachel at Tara Rose in KCA is also very good. I think you can't go wrong with anyone in that salon to be honest...
  5. Learn to chalk paint workshop

    Interested but work part time so depends on dates/times. Thanks.
  6. Maid Available

    Update: she has now found a new position.
  7. Maid Available

    Yes, she finishes with us on 19th September but happy to let her go any time. We are cancelling her visa next week and then I understand she has 30 days.
  8. Maid Available

    Our Filipino housemaid is looking for another family. She has been with us for 3 years and is hardworking and trustworthy. She is a lovely girl and has kept our house clean and looked after our 3 pets (2 dogs and a cat). We no longer need full time live in help so are sadly having to let her go. Please let me know if you are looking for someone and I will put you in touch.
  9. Hire a company to battle the lines for maid visa? HELP

    Update on Roboa Al Shamal Typing Services for Maid's Visa: We used Roboa for our maid's visa and were very impressed with their service. My husband didn't have to go to immigration, they brought all the papers to us for signature. We did have to take the maid for her medical but went to the place at the football stadium - straight in, no queue, very clean and very professional. Apart from that, they did everything and advised us in writing of all the paperwork in advance and kept us in the loop. Very efficient. We will definitely use them again - hassle free and well worth the fee if the sponsor is too busy to manage the stress, hassle and unknown territory of the maid visa process!! :-) The one thing we did find out is that the sponsor must be in the country during the process.
  10. Question for you all.. was wondering about this...

    Traditionally in England the meals are called: breakfast elevenses (mid morning snack) lunch tea (mid afternoon snack) dinner supper (a late meal served after 9pm) I think Brunch is an American invention? We have same problem as Jillybean, up super early for school but DH only home near children's bedtime. We eat later so we can actually see each other but means bedtime of 8-8:30. My sister-in-law puts her little one to bed at 6pm! We are definitely more international with our bedtime routine - working environment here dictates this.
  11. Anyone re-trained as teacher while in Abu Dhabi

    Check out this previous thread on getting a PGCE here. Sorry, no idea what chinook means...
  12. Teaching Assistants in Abu Dhabi HELP!!!

    Welcome to Abu Dhabi. It is very different from Dubai - we did the same move 4 years ago. The schools don't seem to all advertise in the one place like Dubai and it does seem to be more who you know sometimes. What curriculum schools are you looking for and in what location? Did you review the school websites - this seems to be where they post jobs so you just have to keep checking the recruitment section or call them to check positions. Be warned salaries here seem to be lower than Dubai for TAs and school support staff. Good luck!
  13. Fresh Dates

    Our lovely landlord gave us some dates from his trees. They are plump and pale and look very different from the dried dates I buy to cook with. Wondering if these fresh (?) date san be used the same way?
  14. Affordable hairdresser?????

    Anahata Spa in KCA. Two Irish girls (Stacey and Rachel) both do a great job. They are on facebook.
  15. Academic Research Survey

    Done. Good luck!