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  1. DD, I always read with great pleasure your posts and comments.
  2. I had my eyeglasses done by Majestic Optics near Abu Dhabi Mall, but I had prescription from the doctor. They did a good job and offered me a good discount for them.
  3. I am not muslim but what I found out leaving here: 1. Quran 2. sunrise to sunset 3. Iftar 4. Suhoor 5. False 6. Ramadan Kareem/ Ramadan Mubarak 7. Taraweeh 8. sambosas, fatoush, light soup 9. Dates and water 10. 9th Edited for spelling
  4. we went last year in February and water was really cold even in the middle of the day.
  5. GDC Hospital, dr. Catrinel Gheorghiu
  6. I am afraid i can not help you too much, as i know where is BISAD located but nothing about the compounds around it. Maybe someone living there can guide you better.
  7. Al Reem is far away from BISAD. 30 to 40 minutes driving if no traffic jam.....
  8. Amadeus Music Institute. Nice school, nice teachers.
  9. Don't know the norm here but in my opinion it is too much for this age. My child was in KG in our home country and there was no homework at all, and assessment was in class during the lessons. We never knew when they were assessed. They really had childhood!
  10. and what about internet connection?
  11. me too, Chaletfan... I will ask my bank, but I thought maybe somebody went through this. Thank you!
  12. Dear ladies, please help me! I have written a wrong cheque with an incorrect amount. I still have it with me. What to do with it now?
  13. what a shock! RIP, TGL!
  14. Try to negotiate. Be firm. Sometimes works. If you do not try there is no chance to win....