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  1. Brain Exercise! Try It!

    buahhahhahhh.....sooooo funny
  2. Nlp Practioner

    my personal experience is with Houry Pappin http://www.thewell-beingzone.com/
  3. Help! Markets In Abu Dhabi (Christmas, Corniche Etc)

    I used to do fairs in abudhabi 2 years ago...heres a list Abudhabi mall british school swiss market american school feline friends etisalat annual dinner function Loved doing those fairs...hectic but lovely keep and eye before time spots fill in sooooooo quickly best of luck
  4. Lasik Eye Surgery

    al maghribi in abudhabi is also wirth considering
  5. Salam Street Will Open Next Month

    Lara I lived across the street from you I guess... when we left Ab dabs two years ago , the street was all ripped off... remember the day when the kids played football right in the mid of the road....Gosh it seems so long ago..

  7. Cake Making Stuff

    thankyou all. ADW has always been a great source of info for me...
  8. Chiropractor in Abu Dhabi

    I had appointments with dr. Ali......he knows his work very well.I always felt great improvement after a little adjustments Dr Reem was good too
  9. Cake Making Stuff

    Hi all I am out of UAE and a friend asked me if can help her out heres her message where can I buy the cake decorating items, cake books,Icing setes. if you know kindly write to me Any ideas?
  10. Did You Know... A Trivia Topic

    Its impossible to keep ones eyes open during sneezing
  11. Interested?

    URGENT - FT teacher aid required From: pamgreer@hotmail.com If anyone is interested or knows someone who may be please forward. Sirak is Pam's husband's boss and they can vouch for him. Nine year old ABNER needs a full time, experienced aid with him in his grade 3 classroom at CANADIAN International School. Preference will be given to first language English speakers from Canada or the US as he is struggling with English language skills. As school has already started, this position needs to be filled ASAP. Applications are welcome from Abu Dhabi and abroad. Travel, accommodation and sponsorship will be paid. For further information call Sirak at 050 443 7737 or sirakifle@yahoo.com. NYU Abu Dhabi Institute September events NYU Abu Dhabi Institute has a number of interesting lectures & workshops over the coming months. All events are free and open to the public, however seating is limited so registration is required. Information about the next lecture this month is below; for full details go to http://nyuad.nyu.edu/news.events/events.ad.html From Metaphor to Model: What Victorians Understood about Markets that Modern Economists Often Miss September 26, 2010 | 7:00 - 9:00 PM | Al Mamoura Auditorium, Abu Dhabi Distinguished Lectures | Open to the Public The financial crisis of 2008 has highlighted a contradiction inherent in neo-liberal accounts of financial markets: some depict the market as a self-organizing, efficient system; others emphasize individuals whose actions epitomize the autonomy everyone presumably enjoys in a free-market economy. Mary Poovey will argue that the tension between these two accounts also appeared in nineteenth-century liberalism, but whereas nineteenth-century liberals were aware that all accounts of the market are metaphorical, neo-liberals have tended to turn the metaphors that underwrite their descriptions into
  12. Pakistani/indian Ladies Out There ...

    6771866...he is at alsalam.....galaxy is the name...very good at copying.. will understand new designs too...
  13. Art Of Living

    Yeo I did this course two years back with divia in abudhabi.. since then it has expanded a lot...What I learnt has helped me alot theres a link here http://www.abudhabiwoman.com/index.php?showtopic=14703 also Mr.Alok can be reached at 0506225643...hes Divias husband and also An AOL teacher.