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  1. We are moving back to AD from Doha and would appreciate some advice with regards to moving companies anyone could recommend. We would like to bring our cars over too but not sure which option to go with road transport or by sea. All advice, hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.


  2. After reading various views about the Coniche I just thought it would be nice to write someting positive.

    I just wanted to give a big thumbs up to the Corniche, assited a couple this morning and we had a truly wonderful experiance, a fabulous midwife Phillipa and nothing but great support all round :thumbsup:

  3. I took pictures of some plants I like that I've seen in municipal gardens (Thinking they must know what survives here!) took the pictures to the plant souk at Mina Port and got one of the shops to come do the garden for us. I'd like to think of myself as a keen gardener too but in this heat 10min is about tops before you want to keel over. Also wait till Oct when the heat subsides the plants will have a better chance at setteling in and surviving.

  4. There is a salon supplier "store" on the corner of 7th and 24th (I think it's 24,as you travel along 7th towards 2nd the Sheraton will be on your left it's the next rd to your left after 26th) called Madi they sell Essie.It's about Dhs40

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