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  1. Hi everyone here and those who sent me PMs. I posted this ad after I heard from her and she asked me, quite desperately, for help in finding a new job. There has been quite a lot of interest but a couple of persons have since told me she had declined to come for interviews and now I am not sure what is going on and I don´t want to speculate as I haven´t heard back from her and I don´t want to forward her CV unless I know what is going on and that she is still looking for a job or I will waste everyone´s time. I find the whole thing to be very odd at this point.

  2. Our housemaid who was with us for five years and assisted me with the daily work around the house and the children, is available immediately. She has been looking for work since we left the UAE in July but hasn´t had much luck, I think because things are slow due to summer holidays and Ramadan and her situation is now such that she has to leave soon in case she doesn´t find new employment asap.

    She is a lovely lady who works in the UAE to put her two children through college. I found her to be excellent with children, playful, patient and dedicated. She is an excellent cleaner and is loyal and trustworthy. She assisted with the daily work/routine without having to be much supervised or prompted, taking own initiatives when needed. I can sincerely recommend her to any employer.

    If you are looking to hire someone immediately please send me a private message with your e mail and I will forward her CV to you.

  3. Poor child, was the condition diagnosed here and was his family residents here or just visiting? I think it might really help your case if there was some official doctor's report especially from a gov't hospital here as well as cost estimate for the operation. By the way not sure about the legality of raising money for charity in Abu Dhabi not being a licensed charity organisation? Have you tried approaching local charity organisations?

    If the wife and child were residents here they should have had medical insurance although some insurance policies don't pay for congenital illnesses. Normally security staff don't earn enough to be able to sponsor their families to live here. I have no specific advice on how to proceed except that it would probably be highly beneficial to get some paperwork to support your case.

  4. Wow, that's bad. They really shouldn't do this. Then again I'm not surprised, I don't know how many times I as a patient have been kept waiting by the doctor as he/she was busy with various sales and marketing executives - this was always the case in old Al Noor and a few years ago, so don't know if it's still the case or not. For me it really highlighted the fact that private healthcare is business and made me hesitate about the diagnosis and treatment prescribed by the doctors, who knows what blood tests, treatments and medicines are really necessary when business comes into the equation?

    When you ask for a sick note for employer or the school it is always stated on the note what ailment you have, don't really see what the employer or school has to do with that? Sick notes were passed in my office to direct managers and from there to HR dept, half the office was going to know if you had a recent haemorrhoid operation?

  5. Well I am happy for you... Now you can give your children the same kind of childhood! It sounds idyllic....No wonder you turned out to be such a nice, well rounded and sensible person!

    Thank you ad querist! But I think times have changed everywhere, it's a more competitive world now. Probably things are not as they were when I was small and my own childhood presupposes one parent being available at home and most families can hardly afford that anymore.

  6. Well, personally I think there is too much pressure from school already at an early age here. As an example, my 6-7 year-old has had to wake up at 6.20 to and comes back home at 3 p.m. and more usually than not has homework on top of that and then projects, exams in all subjects three times a year and so on. By 7-8 o'clock the child has been asleep, exhausted from a long day. In order to compensate for lack of much physical activity at school I've enrolled the kids in a couple of afternoon sports activities to which I have had to drive them - as we live in a flat next to busy roads there is no way for them to play outdoors unless I drive them here and there. This together with school has made for a very tight schedule with little time to do much else and at the end of the day I've rather seen that the kids relax for some time before sleeping than nag on them to help out with doing the dishes.

    Myself, I had a childhood where at that age we finished school at 12.30 with no homework or exams, lived in the countryside where we were free to go out and play whenever we wanted and had the time to do that. Having mum drive us to ballet and football lessons was unheard of, when we were old enough we took our bikes and went where we wanted by ourselves. I remember voluntarily helping out at home with small things without even getting asked and we loved to help mum cook and bake and dad wash the car or doing gardening. I don't think over stressing primary year children serves a good purpose in the long run.

  7. What a nightmare Lara! I didn't realise it was related to the traffic and licence department. Stupid of me, thinking about it now.

    I'll give it another shot tomorrow and if I get another fine, Khalas, I will stock up on cards.

    They just started connecting it with the driver's license one or two months ago so it's a new thing.

  8. I've gotten several fines while parked legally with my parking permit near my building :wacko: . I then had to go and complain and they were eventually cancelled, you get a text saying so. Unfortunately this cancellation didn't show up in the traffic police computer so when I went to renew my driver's license the cancelled fines were still in the system and I had to pay them at the driver's license department to get my license. Then I had to go back AGAIN to Mawaqif to get a refund, which took two trips, once to complain and once to get the money.

  9. Have had excellent experience with Marks and Spencer for returns, cash in hand, no problem!

    As for other shops, I just take for granted that they will not refund but most will usually exchange so you can change the size or get something else. Some shops give you ridiculously short times for returns, like exchange within 7 days, which means that if you buy a present for someone a few days before Christmas or a birthday it may then be too late to go and exchange if it doesn't fit.

    As for getting your rights if you buy something that is faulty or breaks down that is usually the most frustrating thing that can happen as you know, just know, you will have to argue about getting the thing fixed or replaced with a deaf employee while the manager is off getting a sun tan. It will take a lot of time and effort, item has to be sent off by a slow walking one-legged man to a workshop located in what is probably another continent and may or may not be fixed or replaced, it's a matter of luck and stamina to get the whole thing sorted before you give up.

    *No offence to deaf and one-legged people.

  10. They didn't take all the documents, think they asked for three last water and electricity bills for instance, and they took only one. Didn't need my marriage certificate to prove relationship to husband who's on the tenancy contract either as he sponsored my visa so that was enough. But if I were you I'd take along everything and more because you never know and the queues are sometimes long so it's a pain to have to go back.

  11. Just goes to show you that your life could be completely turned around in a split second and everything changes. We should be so grateful for what we have and yes i know we all moan about our kids and the small things that they do to annoy us (especially in the teenage years) but thank god they are healthy.

    This is so important to remember, in the end our health and the health of those we care about is the most important thing. Hope he recovers well and gets back into full health as soon as possible.

  12. Viola, sorry to crosspost... just a quick question to the ladies about the same topic...

    When your nanny takes their annual holiday (min 30-days), who takes care of your children or where do you bring them? Do you get a reliever or put them in a daycare center?


    In that case, if the child is not yet in daycare, I would insist at the time of employment that she takes the holiday at the same time as the family so that there would be no need to arrange for alternative care in this time.

  13. THANK YOU for all your well wishes and kind words. :wub:

    I ran out of likes for today but will attempt to like some more tomorrow :biggrin1: . We're off to the country of IKEA and Volvos as that's where I come from. No, it's not Sudan, as some taxi drivers have been suggesting when they've asked me about my country and in spite of myself being too pale to ever get a sun tan here, did get a few sun burns though. From the desert to the snow...

    I don't think I can do kayaking in 40+ degrees heat TG and ad_q, haha. By the way, I rolled up my trousers as they got splashed with water last time and then had legs that were bright red from knees to shoes for a couple of weeks after our last excursion.

  14. The time has come for me and my family to leave Abu Dhabi. We have known about it for a few months, but it was confirmed officially only a few weeks ago. Company is closing down, and finding a new job that pays well enough to put the children through a good school or for that matter any school at all has proven difficult. This is an exact repeat of something that happened a couple of years ago and at that time we stayed on until my husband found a new job, this time we won’t do that, it was far too stressful (and money-consuming) last time!

    I came here 15 years ago, just out of university, my life has changed in this time, and I’m leaving three kids and a few gray hairs later and have, on the whole, enjoyed living here. I feel Abu Dhabi has developed to the better in some ways, the best being the fact that there are a lot more cultural events and happenings and a much bigger variety of food in the grocery shops. My one regret is not seeing how the whole Salam Street project ends. Good luck to everyone living in Mawaqif areas. :tongue:

    We are leaving in July, still have a ton of things to do, a house to pack and paperwork to sort out. Little did I know when I arrived on these shores with one suitcase that I would leave with all these people and all this stuff.

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