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  1. Just to clarify this, the Corniche hospital does take expats but only if you are high risk and have been referred by another Dr.
  2. Delivery Hospitals In Abu Dhabi

    I am quite sure that Dr Raquel doesn't do births, she only does clinic appointments. Not sure when your due date is but have you thought about Danat Al Emarat? Their outpatient clinic has been open for a couple of weeks now and they should start with births very soon. Dr Gowrie who was at the Corniche for years is now working there, she is an amazing Dr.
  3. Delivery Hospitals In Abu Dhabi

    To get a second opinion on having a natural birth after fibroid surgery. You may get different approaches. The Corniche is, in my opinion the best hospital, but again, that's a personal opinion. In a country like this one where collaborative medicine is not always practiced, you may want to look at all your options.
  4. Delivery Hospitals In Abu Dhabi

    Dr Rhonda Miller will be at Harley medical center but will still do her births at Brightpoint.
  5. Delivery Hospitals In Abu Dhabi

    You may want to go see a Dr outside a Brightpoint like Dr Tank or one of the OBGYN at Harley medical center behind marina mall. Depending on how many fibroids you had removed and how much scar tissue you have, you may not be higher risk than a natural birth after c-section. Once you go see your Dr, and if you are classified as high risk pregnancy, you should ask for a referral to the Corniche, they are the best at dealing with high risk pregnancies/births. Good luck!
  6. Where Did Dr. Fermine Jean-Baptiste Go?

    She's now at the Corniche hospital.
  7. Medor Hospital Thoughts?

    You can also try Dr Gowrie at Danat Al Emirat in Abu Dhabi.
  8. Dr Tank?

    The Doctors medical center 02-666-3378
  9. Doulas In Abu Dhabi

    Hi Margaret, Will send you a message.
  10. Sorry to hear this. I only met her once but I remember her beautiful contagious smile. RIP.
  11. Happy Birthday Moka!

  12. Yes, Brightpoint has started doing births!
  13. Dr. Sawsan Delivery Experience

    There are many options for you in AD. Brightpoint has finally started doing births, Al Noor, and depending on your insurance type, the Corniche. Have a talk with your Dr and see what she/he recommends? There are also many threads on this forum about birth experiences in AD, take a look and feel free to ask all the questions you have. Good luck!
  14. Speech Therapist For 3 Year Old

    There is Kids first in KCA now in front of Al Forsan. Give them a call.
  15. Dr. Sawsan Delivery Experience

    Who's your Dr at Brightpoint? I was at a birth at NMC a couple of weeks ago since Brightpoint isn't doing births yet. We were with Dr. Miller, and I was pleasantly surprised. If you need details, please PM me.