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  1. Seeking Advice GEMS American Academy and ACS

    Hi there! My kids are currently at GAA in similar grades and we are pretty happy with he school. Of course every school has pros and cons but after having lived far away from school previously I must say that sending your kids to a school in the vicinity of where you live is a big advantage. There often are a lot of after hours gatherings or activities that my kids like to participate in and I could not face the drive (or busride) to ACS daily from the Raha area. Another advantage is that a lot of their classmates live nearby rather than across town, which makes playdates easier. Yes, ACS is more established as a school but you also have to think about the time and stress that the commute involves. What reservations did you have after visiting?
  2. Buying polystyrene beans to fill a bean bag?

    ACE have them, bought a bag last week...
  3. Pocket Money For A 15 Year Old Boy

    Thanks DD and Jenny! I love the idea of matching the leftover money! He is pretty responsible overall but I want him to be able to prioritise and to budget for things he wants.
  4. Pocket Money For A 15 Year Old Boy

    Thanks Shadow, much appreciated!
  5. Pocket Money For A 15 Year Old Boy

    Hi all, how much pocket money do you give your 15 year olds? Would that include taxi money? What about birthday gifts for their friends? Phone bills? I know everybody's situation is different but I need to start giving him an allowance rather than covering all his expenses and I would appreciate your opinions/ideas on this. Thanks!!!
  6. Child Seats Attachment For Adult Bikes

    Hi, I have a used one for sale for just 70 Dhs if you like. It is for ages 9-36 m. I can email pics, PM me if you are interested.
  7. Abu Dhabi Week

    Thank you for sharing!
  8. Disneyland Paris

    The Radisson Blu in Val d'Europe is nice and you have the Campanille nearby as well. If you have transportation you could also go to the Novotel - basic but fine for just sleeping and nothing else.