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  1. Can anyone know from where I can buy those in Abu Dhabi? Cant seem to find them anywhere
  2. Ebay delivery

    They have sent by normal post since its taking ages to get here. But still its a normal post so it will come in post box instead of at my home address so there is no way I am recieving this package :/
  3. Sunday Riley Skincare

    Hello, Does anyone know from where I can buy Sunday Riley skin acre in Abu Dhabi? I have checked basharacare already. Thanks
  4. Ebay delivery

    Hello, So I ordered something from ebay & I didnt recieve it so far & I don't think That I will since I have given them my home address instead of my post box number. I thought I had to give the home address for delivery but I am not sure will it be a courier or not? So I wanted to ask is there any chance I can still collect my package from somewhere as I can't check with post office since I didn't give p.o. box no? What can I do? Thanks
  5. Medical for visa + Accutane

    Hi, So I wanted to ask I am on accutane & I will get my medical done soon for visa renewal so will that be an issue since they do blood work too & my cholestrol is always high as I am on accutane. Thanks
  6. Overstay on fathers sponser

    what are the fines like if you have overstay on father's sponsership?
  7. Domestic voilence punishment

    What's the punishment for domestic voilence done on an umarried girl in UAE? Can she call the police? What consequnces she will bear & her family after calling the police? The problem with domestic voilence is you can't prove it. If someone hits you then that doesn't mean it will leave a mark & emotional abuse cant be proved either. So whats the procedure?
  8. Glutathione IV injections

    Has anyone used them?
  9. Curacne / Accutane

    Did you take curacne or some other brand? Are you still on accutane or done with that? How long was your course. Mine would be 7 months long. when did you start to feel dryness & other effects? Did the derm increase your dosage?
  10. Curacne / Accutane

    Hi, My dermatologist prescribed me curcane (isotretinion) 40mg daily. Its been more than a week now (10 days) & I don't see any difference at all, no side effects no nothing. My skin is still the same a before. I heard it makes your skin & lips dry & what not but I don't see anything happening to me. Didn't experience other side effects either. Hope this medication is working. I know it will take a while but for some people it started working in the very first week. I sometimes want these side effects to happen so I know its working. I weight 57kgs , do you ladies think this dosage is way too less for me? Why its not working, for others it start to work the very first week? :(
  11. Second Best Dermatologist In Abudhabi?

    Dr. Alissar Khoury gave me few tests before I can get accutane. They are costing like 400-500 & I have to get those every month. Do you know any place where I can get them done in less ? Thanks :)
  12. Second Best Dermatologist In Abudhabi?

    Do i have to give a blood test to get accutane?
  13. Second Best Dermatologist In Abudhabi?

    Thanks a lot :) Will Alissar khoury prescribe me accutane in the very first time if I request her? Can you please tell me the location or number?
  14. Second Best Dermatologist In Abudhabi?

    can you ladies please tell Can you ladies please kindly tell me what are their consultation fees of dermotologists you mentioned?
  15. Second Best Dermatologist In Abudhabi?

    I was wondering if I visit kaya skin clinic,will they recommend me accutane on my request? As I have tried everything all these years & nothing worked for my acne. I just want to go there & ask for accutane, will they prescribe it to me on my request as I dont want to waste anymore time ?