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  1. Ladies’ Self Defense Training Workshop

    Cobra Fitness in Al Bandar advertises a ladies self defense class on their website. Maybe give them a ring.
  2. Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I go.... or not?

    I have worked from the time we moved here to now, and I have to admit the decision to work or not work is a very personal one. Will this new job be worth it financially? Once you have spent on a second car, new work wardrobe (very important ), fuel, etc, will you have enough to make a difference to the family savings? If you will make enough that your family can live on your salary and save DH's one then go for it. Between now and the end of the year, you will have put quite a bit aside so that when his job finishes you have more savings than anticipated, giving you a good buffer while he looks around for something new. If, on the other hand, your financial contribution will be negligible, then as Momental has said look at it from the angle of if you want to get back into the workforce once you are back home.
  3. Dermatologist

    I have never heard of him, however there are lots of hospitals and lots of doctors to choose from at the moment, so shop around until you find one you are comfortable with.
  4. Belly Button Piercing

    I got my ears pierced at the dermatologist here years ago. Maybe make an appointment with one of them and ask the question.
  5. CBT in Abu Dhabi?

    Have you tried this place? http://www.americancenteruae.com/new-center/ We have a friend who tried lighthouse in Dubai and was very happy with their service. But it was an adult, so not sure how they are for children. But I remember her saying the drive was a bit of an issue to go there weekly, so hoping you can find something closer in Abu Dhabi.
  6. Looking for an experienced Veterinary Nurse / Animal Handler

    One of our members, Meltigger was looking for a similar position. Meltigger, now is your chance.
  7. Animal Jobs

    Have you tried all the vet clinics? In KCA only the other clinics are the Cloud 9, British vets, German vets. A bit further outside town there are the falcon hospital, the Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre (never been there but it is on my list to visit), the zoo at Al Bahia. Hope you manage to find something.
  8. Central Mall opening

    I have been trying to spot the roaming cub, but not seen it so far. No need to worry DD, I am sure it will be more scared of us humans that we are of it.
  9. Central Mall opening

    Woohoo. Hope it has some good shops. I live quite close by. Disappointed the supermarket is not Carrefour or lulu though...
  10. Live-out housekeeper: is it a good idea?

    I have never had a live-out while here, but from other friends' experience: -it costs more per month as you have to give her extra money for her accommodation and transportation. -if you do not live in town, it is best if she arranges a morning car lift for her work days so she does not have to rely on the bus which can sometimes be hit and miss especially if you need to leave for work at a certain time. -make it very clear at the beginning that she is not allowed to take on any part time jobs while on your visa. -give her the opportunity to prepare her lunch at your house so she does not have to wake up too early to cook every day. Plus if she can have lunch at your place it really helps her financially. -discuss right at the beginning what is her finish time, and if you have the type of job where you are expected to work later than your finish time make sure she knows that so she can make her decision right at the beginning whether not having a set finish time is ok for her. -if you will need her to sleep over sometimes, for example if you and the hubby want to go out, again talk about this during the interview. -discuss off days. So basically, my advice is discuss everything up front so there are no surprises later. My current maid was live-out before joining us, and her main reason to do live-in was because the salary was not enough to cover her expenses of accommodation, transportation, food. As a live-in she knows she does not have to worry about these costs as she gets them over and above her salary.
  11. New Year's Resolution

    I tend not to make any either, just continue to try and eat healthy and exercise. But we do sit down with our calendar early in January and plan our leave and holidays so we can book things early and benefit from the early bird discounts.
  12. residence visa required for travelling to Canada

    Do you require a visa for Canada? If yes, send your application to the embassy early in January and see what they come back with. That way you have sufficient time to work things out if they ask you for other details. They will be looking to see that you will leave once your visit is over so send them as many documents to show you have an established here life as you can. For example, a letter from your work stating your position and salary, your bank statement, your house lease, etc.
  13. I did a facebook search with the words expats and oman and a few groups came up. That could be a good place to start. The site british expats could also be of help. Hope you manage to find the info. Moving to a new place is always daunting.
  14. Wholemeal English Style Bread in Abu Dhabi

    I was at Yas Mall this weekend and was on my way to Geant to get some bread to take home when I walked past Paul, glanced in, and found they sell really good bread. Loads of varieties. That is one option if you happen to be at the mall.
  15. Sales

    Looks like the sales are back on. I am going to try and get my Christmas shopping done this weekend. Anyone else off to do the same?