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  1. On 10 September 2019 at 1:25 PM, katexyz said:

    Hi, I'm Kate and just found out that we are returning to Abu Dhabi. I last lived there 20 years ago. Should be with you within the month. Very happy to be coming back. We were there temporarily 5 years ago when we thought we were returning but that only lasted for two months. Lets hope its a bit longer this time :)


    Hi Kate . That's  fantastic . It's been 6 years since we left AD . I would give my right arm to come back to stay . I hope your trip is longer too . All the best .

  2. I have left AD for a bit and hubby was looking at Qatar , now I know in AD if the company is sponsoring the family they have to provide medical insurance , is it the same in Qatar . It's just my daughter and I have permanent health issues which were well covered in AD but someone has led us to believe that in Qatar you can bring your family but would have to buy your own medical insurance , which for us given our issues and regular meds would be costly. Or worse still they may not cover us.

    Can anyone shed any light on this at all for me ? Are there companies in Qatar that will provide whole family medical insurance ?

    Many thanks in advance .

  3. Lorem Ipsum its nothing like eating off the same crockery, given its a muslim country and totally illegal ( to stay alone with a non relative in the same closed space) they should respect that, meaning its obvious shed had him stay the night , and if any of the locals around decide to report what they have seen( and its a very local area) the sponsor can be held responsible for the conduct of her so she is in fact putting her employers in jeporady. whether you agree with it or not its a pretty silly mistake to make to endanger yourself and your employers with anything that can cause trouble, especially when it can involve prison and deportation< so in my humble opinion its not a trivial matter ..... just saying .

  4. I have read this with interest, i am saddened but not surprised. i would really like help with cleaning and some stuff , but the more i see the less i want someone, which is why i didnt want a livein maid :(! i am the only one on our compound without one and i tell you im home a lot these days and the things these get up to makes me glad i havent got one they are an absolute pain ive seen them with men in the house clealry the family would be away as in in their maids room and watching form upstairs i can see they are hiding him ! ive watched one maid walk out hand in hand with a guy whilst their family was away!

    Should they touch my dogs or mistreat my kids id simply send her packing> i agree with all thats been said I have been nice to workmen etc etc and they have literally taken the pee , the same goes for my old landlords staff i tried to be nice say Hello in the mornings and they really made my life a bit of a misery to be honest ! I love my privacy i dont want to have to think about whats going on in my house when im not there i ahve enough of that with my 17 year old daughter lol , i dont want the responsibilty of someone else especially those who think they can take over your home !!!

    Good luck with getting rid of your maid , it seems to be such a minefield i am beginning to wonder if its all worth it !

  5. a few of my local friends just pay their maids around 900 per month, then they pay the visa and medical care and flights home. My last landlord paid his maids 800 aed per month but they ate what they ate and they did actually work 6 days a week, i think they upped it to 900 or a 1000. So perhaps theres a big difference in what people pay their staff ?

  6. Hi < i havent been following your threads, but from what i can see you have a problem on your hands, in finding somewhere suitable> it is hard , as my father is disabled and it was hard for him to visit, but he is mobile most of the time.

    I know you want a villa , but some of the hotels offer disabled access obviously most of what you do relies on research, as this isnt the most disabled friendly country , if you can get a wheel chair in the elevator , which many of them can i am sure for the temporary part you would find something> it also depends on if cost is a factor, as in al raha gardens we had a large villa and it had two rooms downstaris with ensuites, the front doors are very wide so you could enter , and also there are sliding patio doors at the front next to the front door with direct access to the downstairs rooms, which contain something like what we calla wet room so you can just wheel a wheel chair in or help with someone getting in it has bars on the door to help with support so you would never have to use the stairs. there are villas with elevators , there was one not so long ago in bain al jesrain .

    vison towers and apartments apparently do short term let although i havent seen inside to see how wide the rooms are but my old apartment in the city was huge, and the elevators were fairly big. Like you say if your in a short term lease you can hunt around for what you need, and whilst its a huge task its not impossible , but i agree with whats been said work takes a long time around here often they promise so much but to have it delivered , even if the landlord is nice and willing to help the workmen on the job can often take such a long time to do what in our own countries may well take half that time

    Many of the villas have a downstairs guest room with ensuite so if all else fails you could try that and make some kind of ramp over the stairs, once you have a residents visa.

    good luck with everything.

  7. Hey- why shoot the messenger?

    My client has a position and a certain criteria for that position- I do not have the luxury of saying, your workforce ethic doesn't appeal to me, so i will not work with you...

    That said,

    Isn't native english speaker also a euphemism for wanting only western expats? Its all different ways of saying the same thing..how would a filipino educated in canada be a native english speaker? A client explained to us that a native english speaker is someone who not only holds the passport, but has also been educated in that country. Maybe I understood it wrongly..

    ETA: I thought it was me you were upset with- then I realised it was the client.. oh well.. can of worms like a lot of things here..

    Hi , I read this post with interest. Sadly whether we like it or not thats a the climate of the country we live in. The political correctness of it all is something we have to just accept.

    To be honest though and this isn't meaning to be insulting , although there will be always someone who will be so sorry in advance, it is the customers perogative to choose especially if their business clientel become agitated and impatient at not being able to be understood or make themselves understood. So many people here claim to speak English and do a marvellous job especially in comparison to our attempts as being fluent in other languages, however the fact remains that actually it isnt always correct , and if the company knows his clients won't deal with them because of it you cannot really blame them.

    Most of the UAE is racist in many ways on may levels throughout all nationalities, of course there are always decent individuals who are the exception, i just don't think people should be so surprised here its nothing new and wont change over night..... Just saying :smile:

  8. Right now, my right foot is itching so bad I want to tear my tights off and scratch the heck out of it. ARGH

    I don't think it's a food allergy, as I haven't started eating anything I haven't always ate and it doesn't seem to get worse around eating time. Can you just develop an allergy like that?

    Will try an oatmeal bath. And an antihistimine. And chamomile lotion if I can find some. Will have to skip the calamine, I think, as I am not sure work woudl appreciate me coming to work in a pink hue, and the way I'm itching, I'd literally have to bathe in it to get all the random areas that seem to be affected.

    This is driving me nuts.

    It could be any number of things, but your first port of call would be an anti histamine , your body can go into overdrive and taking it for a one off may not be enough> Its better to take it for a few days at least take a non drowsey one if necessary . It isnt always a food allergy it can be anything you have come into contact with, that has set your immune system off , it could be viral but its better to dampen down the response. As for doctors if you go to a gp they will refer you on to who ever they think you should see. If the spots remain you can use the the oh whats it called ... hydra cortisone cream . Anything for eczema will give you a bit of relief but you need to get ot the source of it. I suffered from something called dermatagraphism for a few years it started in response to antibitoics, i had had a 5month course amongst other things. What works for one person doesnt work for another dont get dispondant just be careful with what you take and mix. It will eb best to go to a doctor and and least get something prescribed as it can really drive you nuts.

    You can develop an allergy seemingly out of the blue as its often in response to something you have always had. For my hubby he had always in fact overdosed on kiwi fruit and mussels then suddenly out of the blue serious reactions...! See a doc if it doesnt settle down after a few days of anti histamines.

  9. it's wonderful and i actually find it a bit busier than the last two summers (based on lack of available parking!!) Plus this summer the weather is WAY better!!

    Really ??? I find this one worse than the past 3 or 4, or maybe thats cos im stuck in an apartment with two boysterous puppies this year which i havent had before . I have found the humidity awful, i have just been back home and normally i am always dying to get back, but this summer i don't know its just odd ! the humidity near the corniche is shocking my dogs have barely made it out i havent taken them out for a few days even at night !It might be better out of the city away from the water. My first couple of summers i was going to the beach in the mornings but I wouldnt be doing that just now.

    I dont know what i will do with the kids this summer, they hate summer camps my older one wants to leave other than ice skating cinema bowling , does anyone have any suggestions ? ADNEC last year was complete pants compared to previous years so i doubt they will want ot go back there , they are too old now.

  10. Joyfur, please be careful if the house you are looking at is not finished yet - people - landlords and agents will out and out lie about completion standards and dates- just don't believe a word that they will say about it being finished by the end of the day, week, month, millenium - becaue completion affects whether the Municipality will attach power and water etc.,

    oh thats a a defintie yes been stuck in temporary accomodation with 3 kids 2 dogs as the tham addc wouldnt send an inspector out to the new villa then turns out their own work men had fluffed up so the one week in may has turned into 10 weeks to date even been home for 5 weeks and shouted emailed am damn near meltdown and i have bene here a little over 3 years and fell for it this time ???? they dont care so be very careful , also used ot live in mbz, make sure its not on the outskirts or it coudl be miserable especially as there are no construction rules and you can find them working at 3am over the weekend !!

  11. Excuse me for sounding dense but thought air con was air con and the more you use it the more it costs?? Or am I wrong?? Is air con more expensive in different areas?

    The main thing I am wondering about Al Reef is how noisy is it with the aeroplanes taking off and landing or can you not hear it?

    i used to live in al raha gardens and whilst the villas are nice it was the ac that made us decide not to renew the lease. They use some kind of chilled water which really ups your ac so its not kca that the prices are more, just those that used chilled water. When we went there we went from paying a few hundred a month to literally thousands at one point it was around 8000aed and that wasnt a full quater. That was a little over 3 years ago so im not sure if things have improved there.

  12. regarding apartments, if someone had told me coming from the uk that i would live in a high rise i wouldnt have even come, cleverly my husband reserved that but i have to say out of all my accomodations i was happiest there. There were many with facillities such as pool play area gym basket ball court etc etc and at least in khalidiyah there are parks round every corner well kept fountains and the like , i think someone mentioned vision apartments as being furninshed i know of a couple of small famillies that lived there and loved it.My kids would love ot live back in the city but its their schooling that keeps us from moving back.

    It is a little bit harder to find small villas for famillies as many are built to cater for Arabs which generally have large famillies. Im sure someone here could advise on the smaller houses in al raha, i used to live there and their chilled water bill /ac issue was what made us move out but we had the largest detatched villa so perhaps a smaller say 3 bed wouldnt be too bad its not a bad place to be, its just when i lived there there were like only 3 areas finished i think lol anyhow thats all i can think of.

  13. Hi Helen , it can seem a bit overwhelming to say the least and it's just my opinion but If you can lay out in the interim go to a local solicitor who is a notary if the public they will do it all for you. Yes it sure costs but if the company will refund you like ours did it saved a major headache as you are aware there is tons of red tape and more so when you get here so if you can alleviate your stress/ workload I advise you do so. That's just me. Our marraige certificate had a mistake on it and my husband had already gone to AD so after amending it at the registry office I took it to a local notary of the public and he did the rest. Sent a courier to stand in line at all the appropriate places in London ( we lived in the north. I went back 3 days later and picked it up . It was that simple! So if your on your own and tons to do it's a good option

  14. Hi Phoenix and CarmenMiranda for your helpsful replies...

    You make some good points, given the weather here in the UK, I didnt really want to land there in the height of summer, I was trying to delay our arrival until September at least, so it is a little easier to get used to the hot climate there...

    Its likely that I wil arrive first and my wife and daughter arrive 2 months later, which means I will most likely be finding the place to stay, and given I'll be working all day in KCA I had discounted hiring a car and relying solely on taxis to from work. But if things change then yes, we will need a car living in KCA.

    I have an older UK paper licence, does anybody know if this is acceptable or do I need an International license before I arrive?

    Appreciate if anybody could comment on the availability of 2-3 bed apartments in KCA and a price range.

    On a separate point, does coming in September sound like a good idea or are we missing the boat on housing stock and a good selection of 2nd hand good from departing expats - what is the most common time for people to come/leave AD?

    Apologies for even more questions, I am grateful!



    Hi Sig i agree with loopy on the whole. We came in July we were fine but it is a stark contrast to what your used to i should imagine.

    Khalifa city A the only kind of apartments you will find ,unless they now lease the etihad apartments out to none staff will be converted villas and low level kinds above the shops. One thing i must say and im sure many people will jump to the defence of Abu dhabi here .... but it my opinion it has some fantastic marketing , as in it makes it look and sound great but what you get whilst great is not what it said on the tin. Just to be clear i am moving back to khalifa city in a matter of days, i would however think twice about being there with no car. the bus service is well not what you will be used to. I have never heard of al reef down town , its ages out of the city as in a good half an hours drive assuming theres very little traffic.

    Ikea whilst in terms of Ad is close by thats still a drive away to yas island. Taxis im not sure about 3 years ago when we were there,there were tons of workers there you could pick up a cab easily at the shops now you may have to get one in town and ask for his number so he can pick you up . The shops by the way consist of a row of shops and whilst you can get what you need dont be lead to thinking its like a market town in the UK . there is a pharmacy couple of grocery stores( akin to our corner shops/spa) Etihad plaza isnt bad mind with a couple of cafes and a fab little supermarket.That said if you dont live int he vicinity you will need to catch a cab, im clueless about timings of the buses there at this point as it didnt exist last time i lived there.

    Regarding you driving I would say better to get your international licence before you leave. I drove on my Uk licence until I got my uae licence which is hard being British just a pain :happy: , however the snag with that , unless its changed is that your only allowed to drive a hire car, and there is a time limit for how long you are able to do so. It was no problem with me so no worries.

    Coming in September is a better idea mainly to miss Ramadan unless you would like to experience it and it is novel at first the evenings are very vibrant in town and inthe hotels offering many deals for meals and the like , but it can become tiring after a while, plus most of the daytime stuff is closed apart from supermarkets and stuff.

    Just an aside. have you considered getting a furnished apartment in the city short term its a whole other world, whilst its noisy and busy it adds to the vibe everything is on your doorstep, cabs are very frequent and very safe and cost pennies literally, just until you get here and have a look around. Khalifa city A isnt too long a drive from the city and then you could choose at your leisure once you have a feel for the place as the minimum lease is a year and its along time to be stuck if you dont like your environment . Price wise its all very different in each place you live and price isnt always the best guide to the quality either.

    Anyway i wish you the best of luck , and just ask me if you want to know anything else.Whilst I am being straight with you incidently i love abu dhabi and am perfectly happy here im sure you will love it once you find your feet.

    If you need any more advice just ask ive been around a little bit, not as long as some but longer than a few months

  15. Hi everyone, i know its good to exchange advice here so i have to come on cap in hand and say its true, you get what you pay for and given we have had to move 6 times in 3 years only twice our choice, we thought that we would do it on the cheap.....er hem !!! Its really not been worth the paper it was written on.

    I had quotes from delight , and emovers , both seemed fairly decent and professional. I have used crowne in the past but my stuff mysteriously went missing never to be found again and no one gave a hoot. Relogulf took over our stuff when we arrived from the UK and they were excellent , only they couldn't do this move within our budget.Also Allied pickfords were great so was the price but they were too busy with an stack of expats leaving this month apparently !

    This other company whom we chose appeared fine , he said if we packed the price was 3500, and if they packed, 4000 aed. I packed over 50 boxes myself there was very little left to pack so i figured the 3500 would do.

    To say it was a disaster would be an understatement. We had agreed on the closed truck etc etc and onthe day he sent 2 teeny little things which quite coincedently , one of them dissapeared about midday for about 3 hours so on a baking hot day with no ac in the new villa yet i sat hour after hour wondering where the hell they had gone they left two guys at the new villa sleeping onthe floor in the bedroom ! My husband said the other two they had left were also sleeping! Then only one truck came back and had to do another 4 runs it took till 8pm at night mean while wed left the 3 kids 2 dogs in temp accomodation. We were glad when it was over, stuff broken they were carrying boxes upside down and two at a time not one of them could string a full sentence together in english and my arabic for these situations is basic! there were a couple of good guys but the others were awful spitting just chucking stuff anywhere.

    We gave them a tip at the end of the ngihtmare and thought ah well you get what you pay for. We told the guys to tell the guy to ring my husband if he had a problem with us paying the 3500 aed , 2 days went by and then the manager called. He wanted his boxes back and the extra 500aed he said it was our fault they delivered only 20 when he said 40 ! He then rang aback another day later and this time hes hounding us at 9.30 at night saying we should pay and his company wants boxes and money the receipt he gave me said 4000 but on the phone as i mentioned we had agreed on the 3500 for us doing most of the packing. \i dont know what we can do about him hounding us i said ok take your boxes but i havent unpacked yet, and take the money but dont think for a minute i will recommend you to anybody its the worst move i have ever had and it was a tiny local move. \i wish i had paid a couple of manual workes to do it for us and if they broke it well never mind what did we expect but to have all this as well ....

    So people no matter how charming the surveyor seems , I would think twice about using delta removals. \it all seemed in order until the actual move itself !!!! I am now worried if he thinks its ok to keep calling at all hours arguing for ages he knows where we live now and that the house is empty . Has anyone had anything like this before ? \i know a couple fo friends who had bad issues with other companies for varying reasons but afterwards that was the finish. My phone doesnt allow you to block calls either so i just wondered what recourse we had if any ?

    Sorry its a whole bible but i thought it fair to give our reasons as to why we foudn them a nightmare.

    Oh and if your interested it was Delta.

  16. We've lived in compounds the whole time we've been in the Middle East and I have to say that when it works, it really works. When it doesn't though, it can be a nightmare. The first compound we lived on was full of people who refused to let their children play with mine, with a whole bunch of them shrieking "infidels" at them if they ventured out without me. I'm sure it was a game for them rather than anything sinister but we were brand new and this was in Jeddah. You can imagine how we felt about that and how long we stayed with the company when they refused to move us to another, more Western-friendly compound.

    The next compound was a lovely mixture of expats and locals in Oman and the kids had a fantastic time, even being able to ride their bikes to school. The problem with that one though was that it was a work compound i.e. all the men worked for the same company and it therefore came with all the problems associated with rank, privilege, nepotism and cronyism. Most of the women were lovely but it would only take one bad apple to set everything awry. Eventually that behaviour sorted itself out (women who live by the "sword" - i.e. their malicious tongues - often end up dying by the "sword"!) but not without a lot of angst and drama compounded by close proximity.

    The compound we live on now is a fantastic blend of all the good points of compounds and so far, none of the bad. The whole family loves it at SAN and we now have the revolving door, relative security, great facilities and the friendliness we like about compounds. I really do think that compounds are, on balance, a much better place to live than stand alone villas up until the kids really have to start taking school seriously. Once that happens, all bets are off and a stand-alone villa will be a much better option. Even my 14 year old agrees! :grin-nod:

    Wow that doesnt sound good, however those were all the reasons i didnt want to live in a compound, also both of us being ex military its very dsimilar to living on camp so i was dreading a compound. I have lived in a building , loved the area hated kids in corridors etc , lived in al raha gardens in the very beginning and for my youngest it was helpful, for the other two not so helpful but company issues came into play so we moved back to a building, and then a stand alone villa but it has been crippling for my youngest son as no one can find our villa. We move again in a few weeks hopefully to settle , would have loved to go back to the city but kids go to bisad so i couldnt justfiy having to put them on the bus before 7am. We are moving to a teeny compound with a couple of famillies , but still gives you your own private area.

    heres hoping!

    I think there are pro's and cons to all situations you will have to be not shy about asking questions and getting as much info as possible.

    good luck with everything

  17. Hey - the New Years is coming up and I need to know whats happening hopefully something great and unexpected and a bit of fun!! - has anyone out there got the gift??

    Hi there , not entirely sure but you may find that kind of thing is illegal here , seen as witchcraft. not entirely sure but ther was something about a lebanses guy on who did predictions on tv and was arrested here, or something along those lines , so you may well be out of luck.

  18. I've been following the lead up to the vote&subsequent fall-out with a vested interest,

    (sorry, I know it's rather parochial)and wondering what the forum thought of the Govt's intention of capping student fees atGBP9000p.a.This is a hike of roughly 200% per year and will most certainly bar many kids from tertiary education.

    I just think this is so unfair!

    Wouldn't raising the bar in terms of academic achievement be a fairer mode of entry?.Obtaining a Degree seems to have lost its exclusivity,we have a lot of experts in weird and wonderful subjects claiming the dole in UK, further burdening the state.

    A little bit of research would identify the areas in which experts are required(for the benefit of the country) and a pro-rata system of places could be offered by Universities-would that work?

    (I had to laugh at the irony in this 'news' piece from my home page- a student at one of the leading universities in the UK-of HISTORY no less and he couldn't identify the object he was'disrespecting'.Dearie me!


    I agree with pretty much everything that has been said here. Its shocking,I remember campaigning many moons ago in my student days against student fees. The uk has got so many things wrong. It is frightening how can we send our kids to uni?

    Regarding scholarships etc those if they even still exist are few and far between its not like the US where if your good enough you can earn one. I know so many poor students who were more than able in decent subjects couldn't continue past sixth form college as their parents had average jobs and a mortgage and that was all they could manage. For people brought up in a wealthy country it ,may be hard to comprehend but there are many many cases over the years where famillies couldn't afford to send their kids to uni and they were more than able kids. Even with the grants system it was hard for some ! In short it is going back to the old system where only the rich can go and i dont mean the middle class income people they suffer too.

    I for one do not like the idea of approaching retirement to get into debt to pass on to my kids and I truely don't want them to start independant life with mega debt the real fact is in the UK they might get a job. Gone are the days that qualifications were a guarantee to a job !

    A friend of mine posted on her face book account something like this " you are born in an understaffed hospital , you then attend a sub standard school with tons of kids to class being managed by overworked staff, you finish school get into huge debt to attend university and if your really lucky you may find a job....then you will collapse exhausted into retirement to find the money you paid all your life to the government isnt enough to live on ....welcome to britain!"

    its not word for word but its kind of true , and you would have to have been brought up there to know this.

  19. Steph in Raha is great x (2nd mrs Doolittle there!)

    without being rude can they do western up to date styles , so many people say things are great you fork out a fortune and its pants, i have never had a cut in AD had our daughters done in dubai fairmont it was a fortune for a rubbish style didnt take much talent. id love to have my hair done here but dont trust anyone theres so many dodgy haircuts here, when i n thailand everyone in the street had a fab accurate cut it was plain to see they knew their stuff , so if you can reccomend someone who is upto date and still currently hairdressing it would be appreciated.

  20. Hello, just had a weekend at Bab Al Shams with my girlfriends and thought it was worth posting this.

    The Al Hadeera Arabic restaurant there is fabulous for visitors. It is a little mock up of a traditional arabic village with live entertainment including belly dancing, camel and horse show and other performances along with oud players etc. The traditional arabic food is buffet / all you can eat style with soft drinks included at AED 325 (discounted for hotel residents). That may seem pricey but it realyl is good value for an unforgettable night. Good for kids too as they can pet the small horses, goats and baby camels.

    The resort is only an hour and 20 mins from Abu Dhabi city and I thought it was at least as good as the Desert safari option and much easier for older people like parents as it doesn't involve dune bashing or sleeping out overnight which I know my folks would hate.

    I can't believe I've been here 4 years and didn't go there sooner. Will definitely be taking the next visitors for a taste of Arabia.

    this sounds great i have guests coming and its taken 2 years to get my dad here , not sure he'd appreciate staying over lol , but the rest sounds great i really had no idea you could go without staying either . thanks for that !!

  21. Dr. Stiles. He is by far the most recommended paeds doc here. He is South African. And I do remember him telling me once that he is the only licensed paediatrician in Abu Dhabi.

    I was also told that in the private sector that is outside of the government hospitals, and my son had been fed way too many antibiotics !!He was very direct to say the least but very thorough.

  22. Err.... exhausted after reading that. One question - how many of the vets at the BVC are British?!!!

    I know this post is a bit old but i came across it after obviously looking for vets cos we too are at odds with them , my daughters poor hamster, 500 aed for a check and a biospy to wait 10 days to find it shows inflamation not even the maliganant, kind just inflamed .... wow we took him there cos his ear was swollen huge and had a thing coming out of it it was plain for even us laymen to see it was inflamed , so thats all they could tell us without operating, not anitbiotics anything my hubby did more and reduced the inflamation. I called back the response was not really what i would call helpful and thats from the bvc!!!

    For future reference I will take note of the recomendations here!

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