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  1. UK Tax Advisor

    Financial advisors in uae are plentiful and some are much better than others. Alot like real estate managers. what may work for one person will not work for another. Many will be hesitant to recommend as being responsible for another ones financial losses or gains is not that great.
  2. Fitbit, Polar & Co - any good?

    If you have an iPhone 5s and above then it has an accelerometer in it that, as long as you always hold your iPhone (or have it on you) when walking etc it will count your steps and show them in the health app. Earlier iPhone don't have this ability tho.
  3. Craziness In Dubai

    This is off the top of the building i now live in, luckily for me i couldn't actually see them diving off, as whilst it would have been awesome for photography it would probably have scared me.
  4. Happy Birthday fruitbat!

  5. Happy Birthday fruitbat!

  6. Happy Birthday fruitbat!

  7. Appealing To Your Nice Nature.

    A rare visit to this website,so pleased i can help out.
  8. Starbucks Flasks Etc

    Its a choice, there is a reason why Starbucks, Caribou, Costa, Second Cup all taste slightly different, as if they were all the same how would one customer know which one to go to more than another ! My preference is for hot chocolate and Caribou do the best hot chocolate ever, as they use melted chocolate....
  9. Starbucks Flasks Etc

    I dont visit this board very often now that i live in Kuwait,however i do have some "insider knowledge" and can tell you that AD Adventures is correct, the benefits of free coffee etc is not something that is currently offered by Starbucks in the Middle East. The Barista wouldnt know what you were talking about as they have probably never visited the stores in the US/UK and therefore dont know of the specials that are on offer there. In every starbucks store there is, on the condiments bar a container of comments card, these can be filled in and past to the Barista, they will then upload it onto the system and it will reach the relevant parties within Starbucks ME. Hope this helps
  10. Abu Dhabi

    Who would have thought that when i created this post a few years ago, that it would still be going strong now. I love abu dhabi, so much in fact that this weekend, i am bringing my friends (one that lives in Dubai, previously Kuwait and one from Kuwait to visit to show them what a great place it is. I am really pleased i ignored my bosses advice when i moved to UAE, she said you dont want to live in Abu Dhabi, live in Dubai and drive to AUH every day, nope i said, i dont want to drive so far for work each day. And i loved everything about AUH. The Weather (always seemed to be overcase in Dubai, although now i think it was due to all the building work because its not as bad now) My friends (i think i made the best friends ever in Abu Dhabi,) The nightlife (so much variety, you just have to try it all out to determine what you like best) The greenery (i really appreciate this now that i live in kuwait, which is somewhat sparse of green grass and trees) well i could go on....
  11. Living In Kuwait And What Is It Like?

    I havent had any pm from you, have you decided to go back to the UK ?
  12. Car Hire

    I use Europcar.com and also if you put in that you live in UAE you also sometimes get a good deal. Be careful with Thrifty as they have added charges that are included when you book on UK site but not when you use their international site. So presumably other companies do the same.
  13. Living In Kuwait And What Is It Like?

    Hi, I am the ex Mod that Kris was talking about. I moved to Kuwait about 18 months ago, and i find it to be very similar to abu dhabi, but not as green. However i dont have kids so it would help me if you could tell me what they do now to keep themselves entertained. Then i would be able to tell you whether they could do the same things there. If you look on www.grapevinekuwait.com it will show you some of the activities that occur. There is also a couple of social groups (not quite as social as ADW) but they are british ladies society and they have functions for err well mainly the ladies. But sometimes have a family function. And then there is Canadians in Kuwait and whilst they have a web site, its a bit out of date, so if your on facebook then this link would be better. http://www.facebook.com/groups/CIKQ8/ I will PM you my email address, and then if you reply, i can put you in contact with a friend of mine, who does have children of a similar age to yours and she may be able to advise you further.
  14. A Good Starter.....

    Ok, so a while back some of you will have seen i posted about what to cook for a dinner for friends. I have found a main dish, but now want some suggestions for a starter that will accompany it well. So my main dish is fish pie, with a mash topping not pie topping. I am doing Apple crumble for desert It needs to be something that can be made on the day as i am flying back from a business trip to Turkey and get it at 1 am on the Friday morning,dinner is that same evening.... Can anyone help, What can i have as a starter dish (for 6) THanks in advance
  15. How Much Will Fit....

    My friend is moving from Kuwait to Dubai (as i question why i am helping her as i really dont want her to go) However she is wondering whether she will fit her stuff in a 20 Ft container She seemed to think i would know the answer, despite the fact i have never used one myself, but i did say i dont know but i know exaclty where i may find theh answer.... So can anyone that may have used a 20 Ft container to move, tell me what they managed to fit in it. If this has been discussed previously on the forum may i apologise in advance for not looking properly, and can some one copy a link to it on this topic Thanks for your help