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  1. Arabic lessons in KCA

    Hi Clover - see this link about posters' experiences with Arabic lessons. Berlitz is located in KCA. Hope this helps :)
  2. Congrats to New leaders on the Leaderboard

    Sorry, DD - working hard this week! Thank you, TG :)
  3. Man With A Van?

    Pulling up an old post to get some advice on costs. Can posters who have moved furniture items before give me a ball park figure for costs? I am moving garden furniture - an outside tables and chairs, plus a swing seat, from Sas Al Nakheel to KCB. What do you think would be a reasonable price to pay?
  4. Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival 2017 -al Wathba

    Thanks for the heads-up on this, DD. We went last year, and it was utterly amazing - so many incredible stalls and wonderful local cuisine. Just a reminder to ADW members to take cash! Most of the stall holders don't take bank cards, understandably, and we ran out of money last time (much to my annoyance and DH's relief )
  5. Delivery Service for Remote Areas

    Tangerine - I don't know about a specific delivery service, but having lived in KCB for ten years, I can say that when we started out here, India Palace was the only restaurant that delivered to us, whereas now, nearly all the restaurants in Bawabat Al Sharq mall and KCA deliver to KCB (or Shakbout City as we now are). I know that most city restaurants don't deliver out here, but could you find a local equivalent? We now have Chinese, Arabic, Indian and junk food (KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut) all delivered in KCB. Which bit of KCB do you live in? What I have found to be a life saver is sending a location map via WhatsApp. Previously it was very difficult to give directions to delivery drivers, especially as streets in KCB are often not signposted, and those that are often have the same name (i.e. we have four or five 33rd Streets). Good luck in your quest :)
  6. When Shopping be aware of the following...:

    Things will only get worse when VAT comes in - someone in the supply chain is going to lose out, and I suspect it will be the customer! Recently at a supermarket I was charged the incorrect price on an item that was advertised as being on a special. When I asked the cashier to check he said, "There's nothing I can do - you can leave the item behind, or pay this price." I said that was unreasonable, and asked to see a supervisor. He said that no supervisor was on duty (!) so I chose to leave the item behind, but then he made a mess of deducting it, so had to call a supervisor to finalise the receipt (funny how the supervisor was then magically available!) When the supervisor came I made a complaint, and then he tried to give the item to me for free. I said no - all I ever wanted was to pay the advertised price for the item - surely that's not too much to ask?! As well as a little bit of customer service, which seems sorely lacking in all companies these days.
  7. Agree with Pine Grove - but then you have already said that all sides are ready to move on. It depends what your contract with the agency says about early "release" - it should all be covered in the contract with the agency.
  8. Canadian International School

    Wii - our DD started school at the CIS (although several years ago now), and I have been forever thankful that we started her there instead of a British curriculum school. Their uniform for littlies is practical and sensible - T shirt, shorts and trainers (little fingers battle with the buttons and laces required in many British curriculum schools), but absolutely more than that, the ethos and approach of the CIS was amazing. They have a very good charitable ethos, which I have found to be sadly lacking in many other schools, and I love the confidence and good citizen skills they engendered in her. My daughter is in a British curriculum school now, but the move was nothing whatsoever to do with any dissatisfaction with the CIS - they were amazing for our girl, and she, and I, loved her time there.
  9. New Beauty Salon

    I can't say anything about Tara Rose, as I have never used them, but it is so lovely to read a post about a salon that is actually referred to as a "salon' instead of the much loved "saloon". At least now I can envisage manicures, pedicures and feminine decor, instead of gun slinging cowboys and whiskey! Thank you, Grace, for appeasing my inner pedant!
  10. Nurseries in Khalifa B/Shakbout City

    Hi Piscean - will you be able to drive when you are here? There are a few nurseries in KCB, but I don't have personal experience of them. There are more established nurseries in Khalifa City A (Stepping Stones, Humpty Dumpty) that you will be able to search for and read opinions about on ADW. KCB is approximately a 15 min drive from KCA. Hope this helps :)
  11. Book donation Abu Dhabi or Dubai

    Love you for donating books, Guersti - the best gift ever! Embassies will often take them too, as many embassies here collect books for foreign prisoners, as there are no libraries to speak of in the prisons.
  12. Shameless Votes Needed Post

    Done :) Agree with Raspberry Tart - good luck to them.
  13. Removal company

    Sunshinelover - I've heard really good reports about Delight. We've also used them to move house an they were great - reliable and careful. However, they were quite pricey, and there are obviously cheaper options available. As I've not used the cheaper options I can't comment - I hope someone else with experience of other companies will chip in. Hope this helps a little.
  14. Riviera Compound KCB

    Do any ADW members live in, or have friends who live in, Riviera Compound in Shakbout City / Khalifa City B? We have seen a lovely villa there, and are interested in moving in, but I want to know if there are any kids aged between 9 and 12 in that compound, or the adjacent compounds? DD is 10, and I don't want to move somewhere where she will be isolated and friendless. Any thoughts / help much appreciated..............
  15. Long Standing Member Desert Dream

    Good detective work, TG and Jen! So sorry to hear about this DD. Wishing you a swift recovery, and hoping that you are being well looked after by your family that you love so much. I hope you're soon back on the forum.