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  1. Nurseries in Khalifa B/Shakbout City

    Hi Piscean - will you be able to drive when you are here? There are a few nurseries in KCB, but I don't have personal experience of them. There are more established nurseries in Khalifa City A (Stepping Stones, Humpty Dumpty) that you will be able to search for and read opinions about on ADW. KCB is approximately a 15 min drive from KCA. Hope this helps :)
  2. Book donation Abu Dhabi or Dubai

    Love you for donating books, Guersti - the best gift ever! Embassies will often take them too, as many embassies here collect books for foreign prisoners, as there are no libraries to speak of in the prisons.
  3. Shameless Votes Needed Post

    Done :) Agree with Raspberry Tart - good luck to them.
  4. Removal company

    Sunshinelover - I've heard really good reports about Delight. We've also used them to move house an they were great - reliable and careful. However, they were quite pricey, and there are obviously cheaper options available. As I've not used the cheaper options I can't comment - I hope someone else with experience of other companies will chip in. Hope this helps a little.
  5. Riviera Compound KCB

    Do any ADW members live in, or have friends who live in, Riviera Compound in Shakbout City / Khalifa City B? We have seen a lovely villa there, and are interested in moving in, but I want to know if there are any kids aged between 9 and 12 in that compound, or the adjacent compounds? DD is 10, and I don't want to move somewhere where she will be isolated and friendless. Any thoughts / help much appreciated..............
  6. Long Standing Member Desert Dream

    Good detective work, TG and Jen! So sorry to hear about this DD. Wishing you a swift recovery, and hoping that you are being well looked after by your family that you love so much. I hope you're soon back on the forum.
  7. UK Tax Advisor

  8. UK Tax Advisor

    Cathy47 - did you find a UK tax adviser? I am looking for one...........
  9. Cat Feeders in KCA

    Great - pm is good!
  10. Cat Feeders in KCA

    Jen - don't know if this helps; I am unable to offer time, as I work full time and am also studying and also trying to spend some tie with DD in between all of that BUT I will willingly donate money or food monthly. If this is a help, let me know when / where to drop off...........
  11. Job Vacancy - Classroom Assistants at Al Yasmina School

    Quote from the advert: "We are seeking full-time Classroom Assistant’s for our Primary School." I hope the prospective classroom assistants know more about the use of apostrophes than the person writing the advert!
  12. I am genuinely gobsmacked!

    Don't know which made me laugh more, BritNic's comment, or RS substituting the child's name with "Verruca". Both very funny! Thank you ADW for ending my day on a good laugh!
  13. Iphones -opinions & experiences

    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/apr/27/a-brief-guide-to-everything-thats-annoying-about-apple Interesting reading :)
  14. Iphones -opinions & experiences

    DD - I have the I-phone 5S. I think the phone is brilliant, BUT I don't find Apple products particularly reliable and their customer service is utterly appalling. For reasons best known to Apple, the numbers 8 and 6 have just stopped working on mine. First off, that means I can't switch it off, as my log on number contains a 6. I also can't dial any numbers containing a 6 or an 8. The next "genius bar" appointment is on 29/09! It's completely ridiculous.
  15. Buying polystyrene beans to fill a bean bag?

    Sem - sorry, I don't know where you can find new ones, but I can give a word of advice for if you have to empty the current one - don't use your vacuum cleaner - it breaks!