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  1. Jillybean

    Oldies, do you still check in from time to time?

    Hey Mum80 - nice to hear from you again. I've been a member since 2007 and pop in regularly :)
  2. Jillybean

    Vaccine requirements

    Hi RC - both the school and HAAD were supportive and understanding of my request to opt out of the additional MMR vaccine. I don't know if this is is because it was an additional vaccine, and she has already been vaccinated, or whether they will be like this all the time, but they were really good - managed expectations, communicated clearly, and handled it well. Congratulations on your marriage :)
  3. Jillybean

    Cranleigh vs BSAK

    Hi Senorta - my daughter is at Cranleigh, and I have nothing but good to say about the school. However, I can't compare it to BSAK as she never went there. So not much use to you, sorry :(
  4. Jillybean

    Vaccine requirements

    RC - well, I can answer some questions! I'm not sure if vaccine exemptions owing to health or religious reasons are accepted at schools. However, I would suggest calling Abu Dhabi Education Council and asking this, as the rules will be the same for all schools. Schools, at the the behest of HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi), do run vaccination programmes during the school day. I have always been contacted ahead of time, and given the option for my child not to participate. I am not anti vaccinations per se, but I like to avoid unnecessary vaccinations / exposure to chemicals where possible. Last year my daughter was exempted from the additional MMR vaccination at my request. I am absolutely not criticising your choices, as I understand entirely where you are coming from, but just want to flag to you that the herd immunity that may be relied on in other countries is not present here, as there is a large labour force from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc, and measles and other sicknesses are not unknown. There is a large home schooling group in Abu Dhabi. I don't have contact details, but an internet search should get you started off. I hope this helps!
  5. Jillybean

    Vaccine requirements

    My DD wasn't born here so I can't say if you have to vaccinate in the hospital. I can confirm that vaccination details are required when registering a child in a main stream school, though. Hope this helps.