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  1. Borax powder - where to find in Abu Dhabi?

    I ve seen some in ACE Yas. It's packed in a box similar to wash.powder It was there last week.
  2. Hi all, As topic suggests, I had very good intentions to start learning again. After finding suitable lessons/ timing I found out that due to insufficient number of students it might not be happening. Eton Institute was offering Express Lessons (2hrs/day, Sun - Thur). Price and time (10-12noon) was good. However, not enough of us,...... they offered evening, and a weekend class however, that is not an option for me. Berlitz doesn't have ''daytime'' classes. Would anybody know of good institute that has daytime Spanish group lessons (and it doesn't cost 'arm&leg') OR would any of you be interested in joining Express Classes from the 16th April. Thank you:) ps The other option is online...
  3. ......and no flights to Vienna (at the moment it's 2 flight changes if you want to see GP in Hungary or Brno,Czech Republic)....maybe in 2016? Somehow, Central Europe is not very well serviced......the other option, of course, is to go from Dubai (Emirates direct to Vienna and Prague).
  4. F&b Establishments Open During Ramadan 2014

    .....even Jones at Al Mouneera, Raha Beach
  5. Has Anyone Else Notice The Same?

    To be perfectly honest, I have not seen 10 or 5 fills coins and we've lived here since 2008. I don't usually get my change from cashiers, when it comes to 25 fills or less (I do ask for it, but get the same reply as the rest of you). It is in favour of the shop most of the time. There were articles about this 'phenomena' a while ago, but nothing much has changed.
  6. Salalah Oman

    There used to be a BA flight to Muscat via Abu Dhabi. I think it's the one that used to arrive around 8pm. Perhaps BA still does it. From Muscat you'll fly with Oman Air to Salalah.
  7. Salalah Oman

    ...if Muscat and Nizwa is so busy with tourist, why not to visit Jabal Akhbar. It's away up in the mountains, cooler and very different. There is a new hotel Alila Jabal Akhbar (opened this month....) www.alilahotels.com/jabalakhbar We love visiting Oman, and have been going back.
  8. Salalah Oman

    You are welcome, Westtexasgirl..... Would love to hear about your trip, when you get back. Enjoy it!
  9. Salalah Oman

    What a great topic/destination. It looks like our Sep hols are going to be Salalah..... Rotana Hotel sounds great (Tripadvisor), weather should be good (thank u alhameli99) and Rotana Jet is flying direct from Al Bateem Airport... Plenty to see and do.
  10. After the rainy season of 2013/14, we are having our 'wooden' floor replaced for the 2nd time since last year. At this stage we are toying with an idea not replacing damaged tiles/wood on (no guarantees of being destroyed again), and keeping the 'concrete' floor, having 'industrial/urban look' for our living room. We both like the idea however, we need to find somebody, who can do a good job. It really needs a bit of re-surfacing perhaps, and putting sealant that doesn't bubble or peel. Something eco-friendly, since we live in the mentioned apartment. We've done our research however, if there is anybody, who had anything similar done here (or your home country)......any suggestions are welcome. Thank you. Happy2 (I'll be happier, when all this is done:))
  11. Hair Dressers Around Kca/al Raha

    drsuiz, Let us know how happy were you with the place/result. Enjoy it.
  12. Hair Dressers Around Kca/al Raha

    If you go to the Beauty Spot, make sure you know how much you are going to be charged beforehand. They don't always display their price list, so you could question that charge (that's if you would not feel embarrassed to ask).
  13. Must Watch Movies

    Mr.Philips Philomena Both based on real life stories.
  14. Mani/pedicure Place Using Essie Products?

    The Nail Spa at Eastern Mangroves - brands 3rd location. I've been using them since 2008 (in Dubai and when I've moved to AD).