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  1. kk1

    cold shoulder tops

    Mmm in all honesty I have not noticed anyone walking about outside wearing them, I have at brunches and at the beach so I am not sure. Abu Dhabi has relaxed a bit in the five years I have been here but no I haven't noticed people wearing them outdoors, that doesn't mean they don't . Sorry I wasn't really much help there.
  2. kk1


    This sounds really good, will give it a try
  3. kk1

    Taxi question

    Wow, you I'll notice a big difference I am sure. As above there are lots of taxis. I have phoned and booked lots of times and never really had an issue. The app on the other hand shows me living in the next tower down from us, not really a problem though. I'm sure your husband will enjoy seeing around Abu Dhabi
  4. kk1

    Fried Masala Chicken Recipe

    Sounds lovely, will give it a try
  5. kk1

    Sooo, how is everyone?Where is everyone ? hehe

    Ooh Sounds like you have had a real busy year, sending my wishes for your surgery and a speedy recovery