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  1. “Where do you get your protein from?” Is one of THE most asked questions you will ever receive if you eat a plant based diet. Protein is actually found in nearly every plant food so as long as you’re eating a varied plant diet then you are eating more than enough. Infact several studies (Here, Here & Here) show that too much protein is detrimental to our health. Here are some amazing articles and videos to watch which covers the implication how animal protein is linked to: Kidney disease Heart disease High blood pressure, Cancer Furthermore, plant proteins are actually easier to digest than animal proteins. They are also low in fat but high in fiber. Two of the key elements for good health & weight loss Here are some of the top plant based proteins including some of the most delicious recipes on how to use them #1 TOFU Vegan Red Thai Coconut Curry #2 TEMPEH How to Make Vegan Tempeh Bacon # 3 EDAMAME Asian Broccoli Salad with Peanut Sauce #4 QUINOA Veggie quinoa sushi #5 AMARANTH Sprouted Amaranth Porridge with Grilled Banana by Madeline Shaw #6 OATS Vegan Carrot Cake Overnight Oats by Karalydon #7 ADZUKI BEANS Mushroom Lentil Adzuki Bean Soup #8 BLACK BEANS Vegan Flourless Black Bean Brownies by Detoxinista #9 LENTILS Lentil Walnut Burgers #10 KIDNEY BEANS Mexican Kidney Bean Fried Rice from The Easy Vegan Cookbook #11 CHICKPEAS Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew #12 ALMONDS Vegan strawberry cheesecake (oil-free) #13 FLAX SEEDS Vegan Blueberry Pancakes by Jamie Oliver #14 HEMP SEEDS Raw Hemp Energy Balls with Cacao & Dates #15 SPIRULINA Green Protein Smoothie (Vegan + Paleo) BONUS Because who wouldn’t want to end this list with a quick chocolate pudding # 16 CHIA SEEDS Chocolate Beet Chia Cup by Savannah Hinterbrandner Interested in learning how to lose weight on a plant based diet? READ THIS The post 15 healthy plant proteins and delicious ways to use them appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  2. I know, the hot topic of conversation. The one thing we women feel like we are doomed with forever. CELLULITE Firstly, before we begin we must acknowledge that 85-95% of women have cellulite! Yes, even those tight and toned women that you see on social media. Infact, it quite rare to meet someone who doesn’t have it What is cellulite? In a nutshell, the apperaenace of cellulite come from pockets of fat trapped between connective tissue that push against the skin. Why oh why do we get it? lack of blood flow excess fat accumulation of toxins sleep deprivation hereditary lack of finer not adequately hydrated now for the juicy bit…… How to get rid of cellulite yes thats right. You can actually remove cellulite! However, unless your diet is 100% amazing 100% of the time and you exercise regularly, control stress, live a non toxic life and live in a cave (well not the last one). Then it is difficult to remove it completely forever. The good news is that we can DRAMATICALLY reduce the appearance #1 Strength Train Add strength training to your workout, aiming for 2-3 times per week for maximum results. Strength training increases muscle tone while decreasing body fat. Deadlifts Squats Lunges Plank Pushup Are all good basic exercises to get started. Alternatively try this dumbbell sculpt session for thighs, abs and butt #2 Do Cardio In order to minimise the appearance of cellulite we must increase blood flow around our body. And forget slogging it out on the treadmill, you can do this by simply walking more. Tips for walking more: Set an alarm for every hour. When the alarm goes off, take a 2-3 minute break to stretch and move around Walk for 15 minutes, twice per day (thats only 7.5 minutes walking out, 7.5 minutes walking back home) #3 Dry Body Brush Dry body brushing increases blood flow and boosts the lymphatic system Use before showering Use upwards strokes towards the heart Be gentle on sensitive areas (ouch) #4 Get a Massage Probably the best tip of this post. Aim for a DEEP tissue massage if possible. At home, have a DIY massage with coconut oil or sesame oil. Try this therapeutic daily massage recommended in ayurvedic medicine #5 Cleanse Your Liver Believe it or not, your liver is one super powerful organ for assisting with fat loss! Foods great for liver health include: Beetroot Lemons Broccoli Onion Garlic Grapefruit #6 Eat Antioxidant Rich Foods Antioxidants breaks down fat cells and boosts circulation. Foods high in antioxidants include: Berries Goji berries Cacao Turmeric Ginger #7 Include Cruciferous Vegetables They repair damage in your cells. Eat eat eat… Cauliflower Cabbage Bok Choi Brussel Sprouts Green leafy vegetables #8 Increase Fiber There are mountains of studies that show the benefits of a high fiber diet. In this case think of fiber as a viechle for transporting bad toxins out your body. ALL plant foods contain fiber! If you are unsure include these in you’re diet: Beans & lentils Grains & starches Nuts & Seeds Fruit & Vegetables #9 Drink A LOT of Water Preferably still. Even better if you add lemon slices for an extra detox boost. Aim for at least half a gallon and sip regularly throughout the day. water helps transports the fiber and waste out of the body and boosts metabolism. Need some inspiration. Check out these tasty detox water recipes #10 Include healthy Fats The right kind of fats are full of vitamins that are amazing for firmer, plumper and smoother skin. Include good fats such as: Avocado Flaxseed Hempseed Walnuts Almonds Foods That Encourage Cellulite Bad fats are saturated and trans saturated fats. These are found in processed foods and animal produce Caffeine & carbonated sugary drinks Red meat Dairy Sugar Salt Make sure you DO NOT smoke eat crappy processed foods eight ‘beige’ food – focus on colour for a diet rich with antioxidants ‘forget’ to drink enough water – or do not drink any water (gasp) sit all day at work and then sit down all night to watch TV Supplements while I don’t recommend people to take a cocktail of supplements. There are some natural and herbal ones that are excellent for cellulite On a final note.. As women we are so critical of ourselves. Just because we have cellulite it doesn’t change who we are, kind, compassionate & natururing beings. Lets embrace some of our flaws, it would be boring if we were all the same, agree? The post How to get rid of cellulite for good appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  3. Struggling with bloating, IBS, leaky gut, SIBO, gas or constipation? Around 80% of our entire immune system is located in the digestive tract! Recognised as our second brain and the root cause of disease by scientists. A disrupted gut have also been linked to a number of other imbalances such as depression & anxiety food sensitivities skin problems like eczema fibromyalgia gas & diarrhoea poor concentration joint pain diabetes hormonal imbalances autoimmune diseases Here are some simple and easy ways to improve your digestion to get a bloat free happy tummy #1 Food combine food combining boosts improves overall gut health and helps ease existent digestive distress There are many ways to properly food combine, here is a easy to follow example you can follow If you find food combining too tricky to follow use this one take away. Always eat fruit alone and never after meals. Fruit is the quickest of foods to digest and will cause fermentation. Think bloating, pain & strange noises . #2 Digestive enzymes/Boost stomach acid It is a myth that heart burn is caused by too much acid within the body. Instead, we should focus on increasing the amount of acid to help alleviate digestive discomft. This helps the natural digestive enzymes to do their job properly – improve digestive and boost acidity How? Chew food REALLY well. This allows the enzymes to be secreted optimally. Add apple cider vinegar (amazon link) before each meal. ACV is high in digestive enzymes which naturally boosts stomach acid Include a raw element to each meal. Raw foods are full of naturally occurring digestive enzymes # 3 Drink more water (but not with meals) water hydrates our cells & allows finer to transmit through the colons effectively. However, when we drink water with meals we dilute the digestive juices and enzymes. This is why we should avoid drinking with meals and instead opt to drink 20-30 minutes before and after eating. *TIP* drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning – boosts digestive process and cleans out colon. You can even add ACV (link) for a quick detox drink Sipping on warm herbal tea pm can help calm any digestive upsets. #4 Increase Fiber The majority of us are simply not getting enough fiber in our diets. There are 2 types of fiber. Soluble & Insoluble. We need both types to help the digestive process. Together they: Act as a binder to help form stools. Eliminate cholesterol out of the body Facilitate in weight loss (link to weight loss blog) Act as a sweeping brush for our body helping to clean out our colon. Both types can be found in various plant foods such as: Wholegrain’s (quinoa, millet, wholewheat bread, brown rice) Beans (kidney, adzuki, chickpeas, pinto, lentils) Fruit (tropical fruits, oranges, strawberries) Vegetables (dark green vegetables, squashes) For a comprehensive list of the top 20 high fiber foods see here # 5 Add PRE & PRObiotics Not only do probiotics help feed the good bacteria in our bodies (our micro biome)but they increase the absorption of nutrients in our foods To boost the micro biome include fermented foods in your diet. This includes: fermented vegetables sauerkraut kimchi kombucha However, if you are new to fermented foods start slowly. *Supplements* When choosing a probiotic in supplement form, ensure that there is at least 25-50 billion strains. These can be difficult to get hold of but this brand is excellent. #6 Lower Stress stress lowers the digestive enzymes, break down food slower so there is less absorption of vitmains, minerals and other nutrients. To prevent this from happening, put these tips in to practice eat slowly chew food properly eat more mindfully eat without distractions Also…. Meditate find ways to find more zen in your life. # 7 Eliminate Inflammatory Foods certain foods can trigger inflammatory responses in the body causing food sensitivities, IBS and leaky gut. Although there are many foods that can trigger this response the main culprits are: Dairy Gluten Processed foods Processed oils Doing an elimination diet can greatly help most digestive problems but if you’re not ready for that yet, simply omit one of the above for a period of 30days and monitor how you feel. # 8 Add movement Getting just 30minutes a day can help stimulate the bowels and keep everything moving in the right direction! Moving the body also helps stimulate the lymphatic system No motivation to exercise, watch this:Exercise for beginners: How to Stay Motivated to Workout, Achieve Goals & Stick to a Workout Routine You can also find my 10 best home fitness workouts (for free) here #9 Supplement with glutamine glutamine (an amino acid) can help heal the lining of the gut, improves digestive health and greatly reduces sugar cravings Glutamine can naturally be found in: spirulina asparagus cabbage beets spinach papaya brussel sprouts fresh vegetable juices. Healing digestive issues can take a very long time to fix and as you can see there are many ways to improve gut health. With these tips you already on your way to drastically improving not just your digestive health but also your health in general. What is the one tip that you can implement straight away? Leave a comment below and share with the community The post 9 Simple and easy ways to improve your digestion appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  4. Blog Post Title

    What goes into a blog post? Helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives readers a useful takeaway, and 2) shows you’re an industry expert. Use your company’s blog posts to opine on current industry topics, humanize your company, and show how your products and services can help people. View the full article
  5. New Video of the Week In this video I share fitness tips for beginners and for those of you who need motivation when you really cant be bothered! If you got anything from this video tip please make sure to like it and subscribe to my youtube channel. PS What are some of the tools you use when you need to find motivation? View the full article
  6. If you struggle to stay consistent with exercise this is the perfect video to help you stay motivated and have a regular exercise routine that you actually enjoy (Even if you are a beginner) To watch the first video in this series click HERE Does this sound like something that YOU can easily start doing? If so let me know and share what exercise you are going to start with and when. You can still book for a free consultation if you are interested in finding out how I can help you reach your goals. Click here for more information View the full article
  7. This video explains the perfect exercise for beginners and how to stay motivated to exercise. I give you easy fitness tips and tricks to stick to a workout routine and how to achieve your goals. If you need further accountability to keep you on track with your health goals, contact me here for a free consultation. View the full article
  8. Well Hello! So… its been quite a while! Truth be told, the last few months have been super busy for me. I got married (YAY) went on an interesting honeymoon and had lots of things going on in between. During this stressed out time, my emotions were rocky, I was unable to think clearly and I seemed to lose my mojo for blogging. One of the biggest things I have learned during this process is that when times get tough – its good to have a break! By this I don’t mean a 5 minute break -although at times this is essential for our sanity. I mean that sometimes when we have a lot of pressure in our life, we often procrastinate on the very things that will move us forward in the right direction. I have been able to notice this more and more as a health coach. Have you ever felt like the very thing you want the most in life you back away from or lose motivation easily? Maybe you have been saying for the past 10 years that you want to ‘get in shape’ ‘join a gym’ or ‘start painting’. This is a sign of overwhelm – a problem that so many women get burdened with. Roles have changed for women over the years and now we have morphed in to a super hero character. From taking care of a home, bringing up children, having a career, being a great parent or whatever it may be. There is rarely little time for ourselves and the time to do the things that WE want to do. Now I am not saying you should go and take a 2 week holiday, many people do not have the time/money/resources for that. Instead here is what I suggest. Grab a pen and paper. This is a great exercise but you must do it (Don’t just read it!) Reevaluate your life. Where is your time currently going? LIST IN DETAIL What is the ONE goal that you have been putting off? What are the smaller steps that will help ease you on your way? LIST THEM Who can help you? NAME ONE PERSON Where can you carve out time to work on this small step? EVEN 5 MINUTES What is the first thing you can do immediately? Set a date NOW when you will do it. Repeat 3 more times. What if you cant do that? If you feel like you have too many things to focus on that you cannot possibly do one more thing here is what I want you to do. Pull away from whatever it is that you think you ‘should’ be doing. Let go of any guilt, attachment and associated emotions. Remove completely your thoughts on the topic. How? You can do all of the above by setting a time frame for when you think you may be able to realistically get round to it. Don’t sell yourself short here either. If you cant bear the thought of it DO NOT do it. Set a 6 month time frame if you need and if in 6 months you still cannot do it, have another break away and know that you will come back to it when the time is right. What you are likely to find is that by completely removing the pressure of yourself, you will want to come back to whatever it is you have put to the back of your mind. This strategy has worked both for me and my clients and I am sure it can work for you too. What next? When you have your new found motivation, do the first steps listed and start taking action immediately. Without the action you may fall back in to the rhythm of not doing things because you have simply got into a routine. I hope you have found this post useful. If you feel like your stuck in a bit of a rut and need individual help please contact me here to book a free consultation. View the full article
  9. I am so in love with making porridge in the morning. I feel like smoothie bowls and porridge are my two favourite breakfast choices at the moment. Although its still very hot here in Abu Dhabi, I am enjoying the “cooler” weather of these winter months. People often comment that I must only want to eat salads and fruit because of the climate of country I live in. However, I feel as though that is rarely the case. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I crave something lighter but being born and raised in the UK, I have such a fondness for British comfort food. Take for instance the humble oat. I think you either love it or hate it. Although, if it isn’t for you, maybe you are remembering some sloppy bland tasting stodge that you had as a child. If the latter is you, I urge you to try it again, with an open mind. Porridge can be DELICIOUS if you amp up the flavour and create a creamy texture with fun toppings. In this flavourful oat mix, I have included blackberry, vanilla and pear. The reason I love this combination is that the creamy vanilla works so well with the tart blackberries and sweet pear. Not only does this porridge give a beautiful soft pink colour and tastes delicious but it is so good for you AND literally takes 5 minutes to prepare. I used coconut milk in this recipe because I wanted the vanilla to infuse with the creaminess of the milk which would offset the tartness of the blackberries. It feels very luxurious and is so warm and filling. If you do not have coconut milk, feel free to use any other non dairy milk of your choice. For topping I like to add a small handful of nuts. This helps the glycemic load of the oats to be more slowly released in to the blood stream, leaving you satisfied much longer. Today I chose walnuts because I love the combination with the pear. Also because I felt I needed a bit of a brain boost to get me kick started after the weekend. (walnuts are FAB for that). Recipe: Serve 1 So did you like this recipe? Are you a big fan of porridge like me? I’d love to hear what combinations you like to make. Please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to my website for free healthy recipes, nutrition advice and healthy living tips. Love, Lizzie X View the full article
  10. Life’s A Peach Smoothie Bowl

    Oh My God – YUM I seem to be having a slight obsession with smoothie bowls at the minute. As much as my regular obsession with standard smoothies still continues to develop, sometimes I just want more! I mean, do you ever have one of those days when you wake up STARVING? Smoothie bowls are that perfect breakfast choice if you want a smoothie -ish (not a real word) start to your day but you feel hungry after smoothies and want something more substantial. These bowls are so good for you that you can literally eat them at any time of day. Craving ice cream – Hello smoothie bowl..Craving chocolate- Hello chocolate smoothie bowl. You get the picture. The flavours of this particular concoction remind me of beaches, sunshine and peach jam all rolled up in to a bowl of slurrpy goodness. It is packed full with nutrients and antioxidants (thanks strawberries for keeping those pesky wrinkles at bay). I have also included THESE hemp seeds which are an Amazing source of plant protein, they actually contain more protein than most meat! Along with that I’ve added spinach because why not add greens if you can’t taste them? On To The Recipe: What did you think of this recipe? Are you obsessed with smooth ie bowls as much as I am? Write me a comment below and don’t forget to share this with a friend who loves peach jam! Love, Lizzie X View the full article
  11. VEGAN Bolognese With Courgetti

    Spaghetti Bolognese is such a wonderful comfort food. When people are new to healthy eating they think its all salads and vegetables. WRONG! You don’t need to eat shriveled up iceberg lettuce and steamed broccoli in order to be healthy. You can actually make anything you want healthy – and you can ‘veganise’ practically everything too, bonus! This bolognese hits all the right spots. Juicy tomatoes, sweet garlicky sauce and an amazing ‘meaty bite’ from the lentils. All slurped up with some chunky courgette spaghetti – or ‘courgetti’. Just like my nan used to make – minus all the fat and salt If you’ve never tried courgetti before I urge you to try it. In order to make these noodles or any other veggie noodles for that matter, you will need to invest in a bizarre sounding kitchen device called a “spiralizer” which you can find here. Now dont be put off, these little gadgets are SUPER easy to use and I promise once you have tried it you will just want to spiralize EVERYTHING. TIP 1: If your’e not feeling too adventurous you can always peel your courgettes with a potato peeler or use normal pasta spaghetti. These and these are great gluten free versions. TIP 2: I like to double or tripple this recipe so that I have it numerous times throughout the week. Meal prep DONE! Sometimes I stick to the bolognese or I may add a tin of kidney beans, some dried cumin and chilli powder and Voila you have a veggie chilli. Serve it with rice or over a steaming hot jacket potato for a change. I also freeze a portion to have at a later date when there is nothing left in the fridge. Healthy eating *simples* Now on to the recipe I do hope you like this recipe. I think it’s a great family friendly recipe that doesn’t take too much time or effort and that is super versitile. Let me know in the comments if you liked it and what family friendly recipes you enjoy so that I can healthify them for you Also please don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already! Love, Lizzie XX View the full article
  12. At the risk of sounding like the food police, you must become more aware of your food choices and question what you have been told. For a VERY long time I had no idea about this – even after years of nutrition training. In order to have a healthy relationship with your food and body there are three things that you absolutely need to do: Be open to new ideas Educate yourself from a range of experts Stop buying brands and packaged foods This is a must watch for anyone and everyone. I have also shared a link to another video that is a must see. It will truly open your eyes. On a less serious note, nutrition is ever evolving so don’t sweat about it too much. Remember that eating is supposed to be enjoyable. Even more importantly than how good it tastes is how much it nourishes you – inside and out. Your food choices become who you are, it literally makes the cells that make you YOU. You have one body to love and look after for the rest of your life so start today! What did you think of the video? Where you suprised by what you found out? If you were, leave a comment below I would love to get your opinion Love, Lizzie X View the full article
  13. Energizing Smoothie Bowl

    MMMMMM MMMMM that’s what I want to start out by saying (whilst clicking my finger) Firstly, lets talk breakfast. Breakfast is my most fave meal of the day. Ok wait – I do love ALL meals but I love the creativeness of breakfasts. Many people find that breakfast is the hardest meal to have.when trying to eat healthily. Now I have to burst your bubble and say that cereal just doesn’t cut it. You may have been told that ‘low calorie’ cereal is good for you but the truth is its absolutely dreadful for you. It is full of nasty additives and preservatives not to mention sugar – Yikes! Not only does it taste like you are eating an old shoe but it doesn’t even satisfy you. The days I used to eat cereal I felt starving within 30 minutes after, even after eating half a box (because lets face it- who sticks to the recommended portion sizes). It has zilch nutrients so there is no wonder your body is crying out for more food. Lets move on to a more healthier option.. In case you haven’t heard of smoothie bowls before, they are AMAZING. If you love cereal, fruit and ice cream you are in for a treat. This bowl is incredibly satisfying and will leave you bursting with energy. I have you covered with protein ( creamy coconut milk, crunchy hemp seeds), healthy fats (sweet coconut flakes) and carbohydrates (delicious juicy fruits). It is absolutely bursting with vitamins and minerals and it is full of antioxidants. Hooray for health! Now To The Recipe…. TIP: You have seen that I have used frozen fruits for this recipe. Frozen fruits give this smoothie bowl an ice cream consistency. If your finding it difficult to blend then leave out the fruits for 15 minutes to thaw. Bon Appetite! View the full article
  14. Hi everyone! Today I’ve got a new video all about my personal health and fitness journey. I talk about my weight, what I eat and what the biggest lessons I have learned on the way. Be sure not to miss it P.s – Have you faced similar problems like me? Have you ever tried dieting? What has worked and not worked for you? Leave me a message in the comments below it’s always nice to know we are not alone x View the full article
  15. ADWG NEW YEAR 75% SALE!!!

    UPDATE: Because of a high interest rate, this promotion is no longer available Christmas is by far my most favourite time of year. Growing up I was so excited about EVERYTHING Christmassy and for any of you that know me personally – nothing in the slightest has changed. I haven’t spent a Christmas back in the UK for the past 3 years which is why this Christmas was even more special to me. With Christmas jumpers in full swing, carols playing 24/7, spending quality time with loved ones and practically having an overdose of Christmas party food, it was a glorious festive period. However, unlike times in the past, this Christmas I didn’t gain any weight nor did I lose any weight. Quite frankly I didn’t actually care about my weight. You see, when you win the battle of your weight, your body and how you feel you should look, everything quite simply, gets easier. You may not believe this now but the reason I didn’t gain any weight over Christmas (even though I indulged the entire time) was because i wasn’t fixated on it. I wasn’t thinking about food unless i was enjoying it immensely, I want counting calories, I wasn’t planning my new diet which will start in the new year and I certainly wasn’t feeling guilty for how much i was eating and how little I was exercising. This is because for me, healthy eating and mindfully eating has become my lifestyle. The only feeling I had was that I was excited to get back on track with my normal eating and exercise habits because I genuinely missed them. Now after all this time, I really notice the difference when I don’t eat as well, when I am not exercising regularly and when I am not taking time out in my day for self care. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE I used to be confused by all the ‘diet’ talk, what I should and shouldn’t eat and what exercise I needed to do to ‘be skinny’. I get it! I also get that for most of us, the new year is a great time to get motivated. This year though, I want you to stick to your goals, I want you to finally be in control of your food and eating choices and to feel happy and confident in your body. This year, forget the fad diets and start a lifestyle plan. My 2016 resolution is to inspire as many women as possible to create the life and body they want. To ditch the diets, love exercise and have a change of Lifestyle. And so bang the drums…2016 is going to be your best year ladies! Are you excited?! In hopes of inspiring as many of you as possible, I am pulling out all my best nutrition and fitness tips, advice and plans to make sure you succeed. All the work is done for you, all you have to do is show up, be open minded and positive and I promise you’ll feel and look amazing. So, in spirit of Christmas goodwill and to celebrate 2016 I have created a personal training and nutrition package that is 75% off the original price! Its my biggest ever sale to date and it will only be valid throughout January. So, if you feel like your fed up with your weight and this yer is the year to change then contact me HERE for more details. Here is What You Get: 12 weeks individual personal training sessions designed to strip fat and accelerate metabolism (3 per week) 6 personalised nutrition consultations (2 per month) Members only emails answering your burning questions Private facebook group for accountability, support and motivation Delicious recipes and menu plans designed specifically for YOU Weekly challenges to keep you motivated and get the results you want FAST All of this and more is only 4,650 AED for a total of 3 months Usually this package will be 12,300 AED!! Again, this is over 50% off and is only valid during January 2016 so if this sounds like something your interested in contact me now to book your first session. Spaces will be limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. Love and a very Happy New Year, Lizzie X Book your appointment here View the full article