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  1. THE BEST SIMPLE & HEALTHY KID FRIENDLY VEGAN DINNERS Helping kids to eat dinner can be a real #momstruggle. Helping them to eat healthy plant-based foods can be a total nightmare. Sometimes we need new inspiration and some tried and tested recipes to help us along. I am always trying to think of new meals to feed my toddler but it often gets neglected and we end up eating the same things on repeat. I wanted to compile a list of recipes that were healthy and kid-friendly but that were quick and easy to make and required minimal ingredients. Not to mention husband approved too. Luckily, I’ve got #27 plant-based dinners that will feed the whole family while keeping everybody happy and healthy. BUTTERNUT SQUASH MAC N’ CHEEZE EASY VEGGIE VEGAN PIZZA WITH 20 MINUTE CRUST THE BEST VEGAN BURGER VEGAN SLOPPY JOES THE EASIEST VEGAN LASAGNE BETTER THAN CHIPOTLE VEGAN BURRITOS VEGAN FRIED RICE VEGAN MUSHROOM PIE 1 HOUR VEGAN SHEPHERDS PIE VEGAN CHICKPEA MEATBALLS SWEET AND SOUR TOFU COCONUT RED LENTIL DAHL VEGAN BAKED BEANS LOADED VEGAN NACHOS 30 MINUTE VEGAN ALFREDO 15 MINUTE PEANUT NOODLES PERFECT OVEN BAKED FRIES VEGAN CREAMY TOMATO PASTA VEGAN QUESADILLAS EASY CARROT DOGS VEGAN MASHED POTATOES AND MUSHROOM GRAVY How amazing do these recipes look mamas! Which one do you think you will try? If you have any other recipes that go down well with your kiddos I’d love to know. Help a mum out The post THE BEST SIMPLE & HEALTHY KID FRIENDLY VEGAN DINNERS appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  2. YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 10 FREE VIDEOS FOR A TONED BODY It seems everyone these days have heard about the benefits that yoga has to offer. Yoga has grown in hugely in popularity. In fact, one in 3 americans have tried yoga at least once and there are thought too be over 300 million practicing yoga across the globe! However, there still seems to be some debate on whether you can lose wight by doing yoga. One that I can personally confirm as true! Yoga has helped me tone and tighten my body in ways other types of exercises never have and I’ve tried A LOT! CAN YOU LOSE WEIGHT BY DOING YOGA? Yes absolutely! There are so many of styles of yoga to practice ranging from slow and relaxing to sweaty and athletic. And although some yoga styles may not be as vigorous as others, yoga has other advantages over hard hitting exercises. Increase insulin sensitivity – the more effective way for the body to use insulin lower cortisol – the stress hormone that holds on to fat greater range of motion in joints – leading to better muscle activation increased mindfulness – more likely to make better choices throughout day CAN YOGA HELP YOU LOSE BELLY FAT? Yoga can definitely help with belly fat and theres science to prove it! Yoga lowers cortisol levels (the fat storage hormone linked directly to belly fat), increases metabolism and balances hormones for a healthy happy tum. Many yoga postures use lots of core muscle strength for stability. Coupled with all the planks used in chaturanga and you’ll have those abs poking through in no time. However, keep in mind that no matter how much yoga you do, your diet is the main key to losing belly fat is through your diet choices. SUGGESTED: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ON A VEGAN DIET You might also notice that you don’t get that ravenous hunger feeling after yoga that you might get after something such as running. DOES YOGA TONE YOUR BODY? When practicing a more vigorous or strength based yoga style, your muscles are gonna be burnin’! It doesn’t need to be a fast-paced class either. Holding poses for a greater length of time allows your muscles to grow. Muscle is less dense than fat so you will actually slim down as you tighten and tone more. Aim to practice 4-5 times per week for best results. 10 FREE YOGA VIDEOS FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND A TONED BODY Yoga for weight loss – 40-minute fat burning yoga workout Morning yoga for weight loss -20 minute workout fat burning yoga meltdown, beginner & intermediate 30 minute power yoga for tight abs and a firm butt Tara stiles: Yoga weight loss & balance workout Yoga for weight loss: Yoga with Tim WHAT IS THE BEST YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Keep reading until the end! Easy yoga workout: Fat loss & flexibility Yoga weight loss challenge! 20 minute fat burning yoga workout beginners & intermediate Beginners power Vinyasa yoga class full length weight loss hatha twists 37 minute yoga for weight loss with fight master yoga IN CONCLUSION WHAT IS THE BEST YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Including an aerobic type of yoga is important for weight loss as any aerobic activity helps to burn calories. Therefore vinyasa, ashtanga and power yoga are all great styles to try. For muscle building and toning, the above styles plus any strong style of yoga that uses a strength focus, such as haha yoga is equally important in achieving a lean and toned body. Rest, flexibility and muscle recovery will help to stabilise hormones, help you perform better in your yoga classes and help with mindfulness greatly assist in weight loss too. In conclusion, practising a wide variety of yoga styles either daily or 3-4 times per week. Coupled with a healthy diet will give you amazing results and very quickly. Have you tried yoga before? If so, did it help you to lose weight? Share your tips for the readers below. The post YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 10 FREE VIDEOS FOR A TONED BODY appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  3. Surprising differences between a vegan and plant-based diet you need to know What is a vegan diet? Vegans eat plant foods and do not eat anything that comes from an animal or contains animal by-products. The focus is to create no harm to any living being. A vegan doesn’t wear materials such as leather, wool & silk. Hair, skincare, and cosmetics are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. A person may decide to go vegan for various reasons including ethical (animal welfare), health reasons, or environment benefits. What foods can you eat on a vegan diet? CARBOHYDRATE: Wholegrains Bread Pasta Fruits Vegetables PROTEIN: Beans Legumes Soy Products Meat substitutes DAIRY: Dairy free yoghurt Dairy free cheese Dairy free ice cream Dairy free desserts Nutritional Yeast FAT: Nuts Seeds Avocado Oils OTHER: Vegan junk & processed foods Vegan superfoods Sweeteners such as sugar, agave nectar, maple syrup & coconut sugar Vegan doesn’t mean healthy! Vegans can also eat ANYTHING that doesn’t contain animal derivatives such as vegan donuts, french fries, and vegan cheese. Although mock meats, processed foods, and oreos (yep, they’re vegan!) can be a great transition food they do not boast health properties. This article by PETA shows the Top 20 accidental vegan foods What foods can you NOT eat on a vegan diet? meat poultry Fish including shellfish dairy (butter, cream, milk) eggs animal by products such as honey, beeswax, gelatine & rennet Can you eat honey if you are a vegan? No, honey is an animal by product and has ethical and environmental implications. You can read all about honey here. Can you eat bread on a vegan diet? Bread such as brioche is made with butter and eggs and are not suitable for vegans. Commercial supermarket bread can also contain whey (milk) and eggs although many are not which is why it’s so important to read labels. Freshly baked bread usually contain the ingredients they are supposed to such as flour, salt, yeast and water are vegan-friendly. How do you get protein on a vegan diet? Protein is found in nearly every plant food and should never be a cause of concern. Who do you know that has suffered a protein deficiency?…..I’m still waiting. For high protein plant foods see this post here link other post. What is a plant based diet? Plant-based or whole food plant based (WFPB for short) is a diet that consists of whole plant foods. Unlike a vegan diet, people who choose to go plant-based usually do it for health reasons and so avoid any processed plant foods. What can you eat on a plant-based diet? wholegrains beans & lentils fruits vegetables nuts, seeds, avocado, cold pressed oils superfoods natural sweeteners such a raw honey, maple syrup & coconut sugar What can you NOT eat on a plant-based diet? Depending on how strict a person decides to be but plant-based foodies usually avoid or limit the following. Refined sugar any processed foods additives & preservatives gluten Is honey plant based? Yes, although a good quality raw honey is normally used. Commercial honey that you find in supermarkets is processed and usually doesn’t even contain much if any honey! Is peanut butter plant based? Yes, but aim to pick a brand that doesn’t contain sugars, oils, and additives such as this amazing one YUM! What are the benefits? TOO many to list here. SUGGESTED POST: 10 life changing benefits of going vegan that will blow your mind What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan? Vegetarians avoid all animal flesh such as meat and fish but still eat eggs and dairy. Do you lose weight on a vegan diet? Since going vegan myself (along with SO many others) I have absolutely lost weight…and easily! I no longer count calories or limit my portions and I am leaner than ever. Note that I follow a whole foods, no oil, vegan diet. You can learn more about how I can help you to lose weight here. SUGGESTED POST: – How to lose weight on a vegan diet: 10 powerful tips I hope that clears things up a bit, being vegan or plant based can feel quite confusing in the beginning but once you get the hang of things I promise theres no going back! Are you plant based or are you vegan and why did you chose to do it? Let me know in the comments below! The post SURPRISING DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A VEGAN AND PLANT BASED DIET YOU NEED TO KNOW appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  4. Everything you need to do in your first trimester (plus free checklist!) Finding that you’re pregnant can be one of the most exciting and life-transforming moments in your life. However, there are so many things to do that it can suddenly feel quite overwhelming. My first baby was born in a foreign country, away from my family and friends and I felt as though I had no idea what I should be doing. But I’m here to say don’t worry! It’s not as difficult as you think it might be. Just follow this list and don’t forget to print it out so you can tick off everything you have done. Let’s get straight on to the tips! 1) TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST & CONFIRM! I know captain obvious, but just because you feel like you might be pregnant, our lovely female bodies can do crazy things so please make sure that you take a test to find out for sure. I take these ones and 100% recommend them as they give you the earliest reading. 2) BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR DOCTOR Schedule in to see your doctor so that you can arrange the right healthcare and prenatal route that will work best for you. Depending on when you go to see your health care provider, they may do a scan where you get the first glimpse of your baby and hear their heartbeat. This is usually between 8-12 weeks. Your doctor should tell you what screening tests you will be having and when you will need to have them. It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning so make sure to write anything down. They may also provide healthy eating advice and general lifestyle advice. You will also want to make a list of questions to ask your doctor on your first prenatal visit. 3) CHECK YOUR INSURANCE See what you are covered and not covered for. This also applies to any medical interventions that may happen. You may not plan for a c section but does your insurance cover it if you need it? 4) TAKE PRENATAL VITAMINS I take food based vitamins because they absorb so much better and are more natural than synthetic vitamins. They also don’t leave a taste when you start to get morning sickness and nausea. These ones are AMAZING and have excellent reviews for being gentle on the tummy. If you are short on money these ones provide all the right vitamins and minerals but are not food based. 5) THINK ABOUT YOUR BIRTHING OPTIONS You have booked in with your doctor already and maybe even had some initial tests done but you can always decide to have a different birthing route. Do you want a midwife-led birth or do you want a doula for you? In a bath? At home? Squatting? Listening to music? It’s never to early to start revising your options. 6) TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS Such an exciting moment to share with your loved ones. Some people wait until after the first trimester when miscarriage rates are higher to tell but others do it straight away, it is entirely up to you and your partner. There are so many options to make it fun for everyone and to create a lasting memory. Here are 72 unique pregnancy announcements worthy of your news 7) GET A BELLY BAND These nifty bands give you extra room in your trousers and jeans for when you’re not quite ready for maternity clothes. You can also get bra extenders like these amazing ones here. 8) INVEST IN MATERNITY CLOTHES You can’t just get bigger sized normal clothes. They are unflattering and downright uncomfortable. You will go through a period where you feel a bit meh and stylish maternity clothes can boost your self-esteem. Suggested: view where to find stylish and affordable maternity clothes post here. (POST) 9) EXERCISE Contrary to belief exercise helps promote a healthy body and baby and is an essential component in pregnancy. Many ladies get scared (and I know exactly how you feel) but exercise isn’t going to give you a miscarriage. But don’t overdo it, your body will instinctively know what is too much. If in doubt walking and yoga are both brilliant option. 10) TAKE A PRENATAL CLASS Yoga is not only great for helping to ease any stress and anxiety that you may have but it also prepares your body for the birth. Being supple and flexible can greatly assist in the delivery of your baby. Plus you’ll get to meet some other mums who are going through the same things as you. 11) JOURNAL Pregnancy is such a precious time in a woman’s life. Even with all the ups and downs, make sure you keep a journal of all the little things that happened, scans, first kicks, etc. It makes a wonderful memory after. I highly recommend getting an actual pregnancy journal. The first time around I tried to use a nice notebook but found that I didn’t really use it and it ended up getting filled with food shopping lists. This time, I really want to record my pregnancy and there is no better way than doing so than in one of these GORGEOUS journals. 12) REST & EAT If you have no idea what to eat to grow a gorgeous healthy baby (and look and feel amazing yourself), then you can read these previous posts on healthy plant-based diets. How to have a healthy pregnancy: 1st trimester tips The ultimate guide of how to go vegan for beginners Easy no oil hummus (high protein) 15 healthy plant based proteins and delicious ways to use them And if you would like extra help, contact me here for private and group coaching. AND don’t forget to print out your free checklist here I hope you liked these tips and equally enjoyed the free printable checklist. How amazing are those colours! Do you have any tips to offer? Id love to hear them so please leave them in the comments below. The post EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DO IN YOUR FIRST TRIMESTER (PLUS FREE CHECKLIST!) appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  5. 10 Life changing benefits of going vegan that will blow your mind Admittedly when I first heard of veganism I thought it was some sort of weird & extreme cult. The stereotypical images of tie-dyed, long-haired hippies are now paving the way for lifestyle bloggers, social media inspirations and even celebrities like Alicia Silverstone, Johnny Depp (hubba hubba), Serena Williams & Andre 3000 Heyyy Yaa But maybe you are wondering… Are vegans healthier? From the list of benefits below, you will clearly see that vegans have a more health-promoting diet than meat eaters. In fact, statistics show that mortality rates are substantially lower in vegans than meat eaters due to a diet higher in fiber & antioxidants and lower in saturated fats If you still need convincing, get this AMAZING book #preparetobeamazed Who is a vegan diet good for? A vegan diet is great for anyone! There are numerous wonderful books & studies that show how going vegan can reverse heart disease, reverse diabetes, prevent obesity and even stop cancer Not only is it safe to be vegan but you will THRIVE! Vegan diet benefits & disadvantages There are absolutely NO disadvantages to this diet. If you want to Look & feel amazing then this is the diet for you! Okay being realistic the 2 things I found to be annoying are Eating out. Note that I can always find something even in a nonvegan friendly country. But it would be nice to have more choice! Other peoples concerns/reactions. I haven’t personally experienced anything negative and if I did #whocares #1 VEGAN SKIN BENEFITS Due to the high amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a vegan diet, expect your skin to transform! Animal proteins kill for a gorgeous glow and promote an aging face Get ready for GLOWING SKIN ACNE & ACNE SCARS DISAPPEARING FEWER WRINKLES PLUMPER & SMOOTHER SKIN #2 HAIR & NAIL GROWTH I tried to grow my hair for my entire life up to my mid-twenties and no matter what I did it ALWAYS stayed the same length *sigh* Since going vegan my hair DOES NOT stop growing. It’s actually too long. I know #girlproblems And even though my toddler pulls it out all day long, it still stays strong, Amazeballs With so much goodness in your body expect strong and flexible nails too! Here is a pic that shows my current hair length #3 IMPROVED HEALTH When I went vegan it was more for health benefits and judging from the list below you can see why A vegan diet: LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE LOWERS CHOLESTEROL GIVES 40% REDUCED RISK OF DEVELOPING CERTAIN CANCERS STOPS OBESITY Reduces the risk of: CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE STROKE TYPE 2 DIABETES DEMENTIA Not only that but it’s estimated that vegans live 6-10 years more than non-vegans! WOWZERS For more health reasons to go vegan read this post #4 WEIGHT LOSS ON A VEGAN DIET Celebs are growing the trend of veganism because it’s an easy way to lose weight and get in shape Vegan diets are: NATURALLY LOW IN CALORIES LOW IN FAT HIGH IN FIBER RICH IN WHOLEGRAINS, LEGUMES, FRUITS & VEGGIES CONTAINS NO TOXIC HORMONES One of the issues, when first starting to go vegan, is the volume of food you need to consume. Whole plant-based foods are naturally low in calories and saturated fat so you need to eat a ton to have adequate calories. A vegan diet is the most sustainable solution to losing weight. No calorie counting, no restriction & no deprivation! A vegan diet is much higher in fiber than a standard meat-eating diet that constipation will be a thing of the past! *Hello flat belly* Also, because of the quality of the foods eaten vegans are naturally leaner. Thus making it easier to stay in shape and stay leaner – without exercise hallelujah You can learn more by reading this life-changing book here #5 ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS Not only is going vegan incredible for your health & waistline but its the best option for the plant too! Livestock uses a whopping 45% of the worlds entire land By giving up meat & dairy you: REDUCE WATER CONSUMPTION BY 3700 GALLONS PER PERSON PER DAY 1 POUND OF MEAT PRODUCES AS MUCH WATER AS SHOWERING FOR 6 WHOLE MONTHS! 55% REDUCTION IN CARBON FOOTPRINT Did you know that: MORE & MORE SPECIES ARE BECOMING EXTINCT DUE TO A MEAT EATING DIET THE GRAIN USED FOR FEEDING LIVESTOCK COULD CURE WORLD HUNGER # 6 FEEL HAPPIER Going vegan changes your mood very quickly. When I first went vegan I noticed an impact immediately Eating more carbohydrates (something we are scared of in the west) provides a boost of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that elevates mood and alleviates depression. Vegans often feel more connected with themselves, nature and the planet. Veganism is a platform for self-growth Because weight loss is easy on a vegan diet you can also expect to have a better relationship with food and your body. As vegan foods are the ones we are designed to eat, it is much easier to listen to hunger and fullness cues more #7 BETTER IMMUNITY I used to catch everything going and get sick easily but since going vegan my immune system is amazing and I very rarely get sick! Going vegan makes you more conscious about your health in general. Because you are eating such nutritious foods you tend to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle overall #8 IMPROVED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Eating carbs and fuelling your body correctly will give you ENERGY to exercise Worried about losing muscle on a vegan diet? Don’t! Check out these incredible vegan athletes who have all reported better physiques & quicker recovery times since starting a vegan diet. #9 PREVENT ANIMAL CRUELTY All animals are sentient beings. They have thought and feelings just like we do. By becoming vegan you can save animals & prevent cruelty Being mistreated is a total understatement for what is actually going on. And yes this applies EVERYWHERE in the world! THE ANIMALS RAISED WE RAISE FOR EATING ARE DISTRESSED & DISEASED AND LIVE IN THE MOST HORRIFIC CONDITIONS ANIMALS FEEL PAIN AND GET SCARED MANY ANIMALS DIE OF FEAR & SHOCK JUST ON THE WAY TO THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE 150 BILLION ANIMALS ARE SLAUGHTERED EACH YEAR FOR FOOD SUGGESTED: TOP 15 DOCUMENTARIES THAT WILL MAKE YOU GO VEGAN #10 HELP LOVED ONES Going vegan will get you a lot of reactions but one of the most positive benefits I have noticed is that I have inspired those around me to adopt a more plant-based diet. When you go vegan you will inspire others & improve their lives What supplements should I take as a vegan? When choosing supplements ALWAYS buy from a reputable brand that is high quality. Never use a generic supplement. They don’t work and are full of fillers. Get the ones that work and really feel the results. All vegans need to take a vitamin B12 supplement. B12 is a bacteria and not derived from animals. Animals ingest this bacteria, so those on a meat-eating diet will consume B12 – although many are still deficient. I always suggest taking a good quality multivitamin such as this one regardless of what type of diet you are on. You do not need to take any special isolated vitamins and minerals (unless you have a disorder that requires you to do so) A well rounded whole foods plant-based diet will cover all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats & carbohydrates you need! Probiotics are essential for keeping a bloat free & flat belly. These one are THE BEST For omega fats, 1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed will give you adequate amounts So what are you waiting for! What benefits have you noticed since becoming vegan? leave your answers for others in the comments below The post 10 LIFE CHANGING BENEFITS OF GOING VEGAN THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  6. If you’re looking to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable and delicious way then switching to a vegan or plant based diet can literally melt the pounds away. A vegan diet is naturally much lower in fat and calories gram per gram compared to a traditional high meat diet. Thats why we get to eat so much HOORAY! However, being ‘vegan’ or ‘plant based’ isn’t magic and there are plenty of mistakes I see people make over and over again. They eat such a healthy diet but can’t seem to lose those last stubborn pounds. By following the below recommendations and tips, you can be sure to lose weight effectively, even if you are already slim and looking to define your shape. #1 EAT WHOLE & UNPROCESSED As much as it pains me to use the term ‘clean eating’ it is applicable in this case. Many people when first going vegan (myself included) get very excited about all the vegan compliment foods that there are See this post for 44 Accidentally Vegan Snack Foods Its amazing and its definitely good when you are transitioning but these foods are full of chemicals, hidden salts, sugars and artificial weirdnessness which have a detrimental effect on your weight and your health. So although these foods can have a place in your diet the bulk of your meals and snacks should come from whole plant based foods. Want my top resources for everything healthy and vegan? Sign up below for free #2 SAY NO TO OIL This may come as a surprise for you. Oil has been tooted to be the new health food, especially with low carb diets on the rise. Although some oils have certain health benefits, if you have stubborn weight that just wont budge and you want to feel more energised, I highly recommend cutting out all oils from your diet. Worried about missing out on vital nutrients? Don’t! Fat, in its whole food form (avocado, nuts, seeds) have health given properties and are an essential part of our diet for both health and weight reasons. Oil on the other hand is a processed food. All the valuable vitamins, minerals and fibre and have been stripped away from the whole food source to leave a pure fat. Stuck with how to cook? See this post by fatfreevegan which explains substitutes and techniques for fat free cooking #3 EAT MORE FOOD, I MEAN IT! Eating too little is one of the main reasons why people cant lose weight and tend to gain weight just looking at food We have been told repeatedly that to lose weight we must decrease calories and exercise more. This is simply NOT the case. What we need to understand is that FOOD IS INFORMATION Lets compare broccoli and french fries. 500 calories of broccoli would not absorb and digest the same as 500 calories of french fries, common sense right? Certain foods boost hormone activity in the body by: Firing up metabolism, Balancing satiety and hunger signals Keeping our energy stable. This helps us feel energised, stay slim and make you glow from the inside out! It cannot happen with foods that are nutritionally dead. ACTION Ditch the calorie mindset, its the quality of food that makes the most difference not the quantity. #4 LOAD UP ON CARBOHYDRATES via GIPHY Now I bet you cant believe I’ve just said those words in the same sentence can you?! Googling how to lose weight, you will see that there are billions of searches. No wonder is so confusing! one of the most popular ways to lose weight now is eating a low carb high protein and high fat diet. However, this can be detrimental to your health and your weight for many reasons Lets start with some basic facts: The tip of our tongue has a taste for sweet Our teeth are designed to chew carbohydrate rich foods (we do not have teeth to rip apart an animal and chew raw meat) The entire digestive system secretes enzymes that help process and digest carbohydrates. Our colon is 20 feet in length (not like a lion that has a colon length of 5 feet this is so the lion can tolerate high levels of protein to eliminate it as quickly as possible The FIRST and MOST PREFERRED use of energy comes from carbohydrate – NOT FAT and NOT PROTEIN Our nearest primates eat carbohydrates ALL DAY Breast milk is naturally very low in fat and protein and is the most nutritionally dense food we can have as humans! Do i even need to go on? Lets look from a hunger perspective: when we fill our plates with carbohydrates in the form of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and starches we feel full. If we deprive ourselves and eat a meal high in animal protein then we may feel satisfied but we usually need to eat more because our bodies haven’t been satisfied from carbohydrates. This usually leads to us needing coffee and 3pm biscuits to give us a false boost of energy. ACTION Eat a variety of whole plant foods. Focus on a high carbohydrate and low fat diet (trust me it works!) Get the complete resource guide for the best healthy plant based recipes, nutrition lectures and favourite bloggers for free here #5 GET A THYROID TEST SO many women have thyroid problems. This happens for many reasons, including the high levels of xenoestrogens and other hormone disrupted that we are now exposed to. The thyroid primarily effects weight and metabolism. So if you have: Weight gain or difficulty loosing weight Fatigue Intolerance to cold Dry hair and skin Brain fog And your eating a healthy whole food plant based diet and a low stress lifestyle. Then consider getting a thyroid test done In the book The hormone cure, Dr sara gottifred (a hormone expert from Harvard) gives fantastic natural treatments in how to help low thyroid function. You can get the book here. BEST THINGS TO DO: Eat a plant based diet Cook vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and beets as they are easier on the thyroid than raw vegetables Practice yoga Use stress reduction techniques such as mindfulness and meditation WORST THINGS TO DO: Eat a diet high in meat and animal products using too much plastic, BPA free products and harsh home cleaners Living in a stressful and anxious environment Have poor sleeping habits # 6 DONT OVER DO THE WEEKENDS Now I’m not trying to be a party pooper here but eating a healthy diet really means changing your entire lifestyle. Lose the mindset of being good all week so you deserve a treat. YOU ARE NOT A DOG Engulfing yourself in a healthy lifestyle does take time but it does happen the more you do it. The more you eat natural, unprocessed whole foods the more you will keep choosing them again and again. We can’t be 100% perfect all the time, I mean thats impossible. But moderation can hang as a loose term for some. What you consider moderation may be the stumbling block that you are facing with reaching your ideal weight. ACTION REALLY try to limit the treat foods as much as possible until you reach your desired weight and FOCUS on all the foods that are nourishing for your body. Don’t try to completely avoid all unhealthy foods as that can create unhealthy patterns. And for goodness sake, DO NOT cave in and start on monday! # 7 DETOX FROM THE INSIDE OUT So we know that what we put in to our bodies is so important but an area that often gets neglected is what is coming out of our bodies. Constipation can sound harmful enough but did you know that when we don’t go the loo, we actually recirculate waste and that waste goes back in to our cells. The cells that build up the rest of our bodies! so people can literally be full of !*&% A clean body also works more efficiently. Think about cleaning a really dirty blocked sink. The water will flow easier, it will come out cleaner and it will work more effectively. By eliminating properly and cleaning our insides we can help all the waste leave our system. Contributing to a more healthy lean body, clearer mind and glowing skin ACTION Book yourself in for a colonic hydrotherapy treatment If thats not available to you, try an at home enema system. Its not as thorough but it will definitely help Magnesium oxygen supplements can be useful to take at night to help move things through the colon #8 USE CALORIE DENSITY Studies suggest that most people eat the same weight of food every day. So to eat the same volume of food and be able to lose weight, we must eat calorie dilute whole foods. Aim to eat as much food as we want from the GO section whilst considerably limiting the amount of the STOP foods The more you eat this way, the quicker you will reach your goal weight. To maximise weight loss, you can also eat your meals in order of calorie density, for example: Starter – Salad, vegetables or fruit Main – 1/2 plate of vegetables Dessert – Finish with Fruit #9 EAT SIMPLY Eating more simply can also help shift those last few pounds. Firstly, when we eat more simply we are helping our digestive system by not over burdening it with different varieties of food. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins digest at different rates, so if put everything in at once we are overtaxing our digestion. The key to a perfect digestion (and healthy metabolism) means eating simple foods but eating more of them. Also, its easier to have simple cooked meals you can put together easily. So if you don’t have much time or there isn’t much food in the house you are not tempted by takeaways. Lastly, eating more simply gets monotonous. Because food is less enjoyable we tend to eat less over all ACTION Although trying new recipes is a great way to stay on track (and beats boredom), try eating more simple meals throughout the week and see if it affects your weight. #10 ADD MORE MOVEMENT If you’re not yet exercising then now is the time to start. Some of us may feel that because we are eating a good diet already that we do not need to do any form of movement. But this could be the change you need to drop those last few pounds. Notice the word movement. Movement, a very different word from exercise, should be built in to every day life and there is absolutely no exception to the rule. Daily movement is what adds up the most and has the most calorie burning effect (than a burst of exercise at the gym). Movement is natural for us, it stimulates our digestion, helps with blood flow and keeps our joints lubricated (as well as the thousand other benefits) Walking is a fantastic form of movement and is so underrated. ACTION Aim to walk 10,000 steps + per day. Start with 2 times 20 minute walks per day and increase from there. So there you have it, 10 powerful tips to boost weight loss on a vegan diet! I’d love to know what is your favourite tip! Are there any you are going to try. As always, let me know in the comments below. The post HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ON A VEGAN DIET: 10 POWERFUL TIPS appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  7. Veganism is growing more and more popular and for great reason. Whether you are doing it of health reasons, environmental or as an ethical point of view, going vegan literally changes your life. Interested to know my story? You can read it here BUT, going vegan can seem like an extreme shift with your current eating habits. Maybe you have decided that it is something you are truly interested in but you have absolutely no idea where to start and all you think about is.… WHAT THE HELL DO I EAT?! Since I have been vegan for a number of years, Ive compiled my top tips to get you in the right mindset to ensure you succeed. #1 RESEARCH Knowledge is power. You mustn’t underestimate how powerful this step is! Being armed with the right knowledge will help clarify your WHY. It will keep you motivated when temptation is lurking and it will help with those around you who are suddenly now concerned about you’re new diet. The BEST way to do this is to emerge yourself in as many resources as possible. OPT IN #2 ELIMINATE There is not a one size fits all approach to this unfortunately. Maybe you are someone who can easily make the change over night and do a full 360. However, for the majority, taking a gradual approach is far easier and will avoid relapse. TIP – You don’t need to tell anyone what you are doing. Some people will not understand and may be upset that you are making better changes for yourself. Not sure where to do first? You can start the gradual approach in this order: Remove all obvious meat sources Remove all obvious fish sources Remove obvious dairy sources Remove hidden dairy sources Remove animal by products such as honey Clothes, fabrics and skin/hair care can be swapped in whatever way is easiest for you TIP – Don’t forget to clear away anything that isn’t vegan friendly from your fridge, freezer and cupboards. What isn’t available, won’t get eaten! #3 CHANGE YOUR MINDSET Being vegan can sound scary at first but trust me its SO MUCH BETTER! Firstly, think about all the foods that you CAN have rather than the ones you can’t. There are SO many foods beside meat and cheese! Add new foods to your diet rather than taking away, eventually you will have so many good nutritious foods on your plate that you will crowd out the nasties. As everything in life, The more you learn and practice veganism, the easier its gets For whatever craving you have I promise there is a vegan alternative. Haggis, bacon and creme eggs included! SUGGESTED: 15 HEALTHY PLANT PROTEINS AND HOW TO USE THEM # 4 READ INGREDIENTS When going vegan, you will be shocked when you start reading ingredient labels. Personally, I find milk and its by-products to be the sneakiest culprit. PETA do a wonderful comprehensive list of all animal derived foods which you can find here. However, to narrow down on the everyday staples, avoid the following: milk, whey, casein, lactose honey, beeswax, pollen gelatin, confectioners glaze lard keratin, musk, pearl, glycerol vitamin D, cod liver oil # 5 USE TRANSITIONAL FOODS You will be AMAZED by how many awesome vegan products are out there. See this post on 44 accidental vegan snacks Although some of these may still be processed and unhealthy (including fake meat products), in the beginning they provide a great substitute. Here are some everyday items that are more healthy and easy to replace DAIRY ALTERNATIVES MILK Always opt for unsweetened varieties, preferably organic and do not contain added oils. Nut Varieties such as Almond, Hazelnut, walnut, brazil… you get my point soy – I find this tastes the best in a cuppa Oat, Rice, Hemp, Flax & Coconut are also great CHEESE There are many recipes out there for non – cheese – cheese via GIPHY Many cheese recipes are made from nuts, soy or any other concoction vegans can be creative with. Suggested: Vegan cheese post If cheese is your thang I recommend the books This Cheese is Nuts Chloes Vegan Italian kitchen Alternatively you can buy vegan cheese substitutes (because lets face it were all busy mamas here!) Brands such as Daiya, Violife and most supermarkets now stock its own range! YOGHURT Again tons of varieties such as soy, nut and my personal favourite coconut ICE CREAM Soy (so delicious) soy dream, rice dream almond dream & booja booja (THE BEST ONE EVER & SO HEALTHY!) Even more amazing, did you know theres something called nice’ cream? Its basically a healthy ice cream using bananas that takes less than 5 minutes #mumpoints Suggested: NICE CREAM RECIPE ROUNDUP POST If you’re vegetarian and still believe dairy is still ok, watch this video #6 BE PREPARED This is absolutely key! PREPARATION IS KING QUEEN! When you know what you are going to eat and you have those foods readily available you are much more likely to stay on track. Organise what you are going to have in advance. You don’t need a full weeks worth of meals prepared, but having a few days worth and some quick meal ideas will dramatically increase the chance of success. STAY ORGANISED Make sure you’re stocked up on items you know you can eat.Theres nothing worse than being hungry and trying to resist cravings MEAL PREP Not knowing what to eat AND not having any food in are both a recipe for disaster. Make meal planning simple and enjoyable. You don’t need to over complicate things. Overwhelmed by food choices? Stick to simple meals and allow yourself time to adjust to new recipes and meal planning. #7 INCLUDE ETHNIC FOODS Such as Thai, Mexican, Indian, Ethiopian & Chinese. Most ethnic foods have tons more variety and lets face it…taste way better than standard western cuisine! Plus many vegetarian options don’t contain dairy so they are already vegan. Food pic #8 ENJOY EATING OUT Yes you can still eat out on a vegan diet! Vegans are well catered for these days. Tips for eating out successfully: Choose ethnic restaurants first over standard British/American outlets. If you really think there might not be anything on the menu, don’t be afraid to call beforehand and REQUEST A VEGAN DISH. Chefs cater to allergies and dietary requirements on a daily basis. Choose a variety of sides and starters and make your own meal. This is sometimes better than the vegan option! Research and choose a place before you go so that you know you are catered for Use the happy cow app for vegan friendly places in your location. This has helped me out on numerous occasions. #9 DO A VEGAN CHALLENGE OR TAKE A PLEDGE Im sure some of you have heard of Veganuary, aiming to help people go vegan through the month of January. The following websites also offer challenges you can take for free. This can provide much needed motivation when starting out The Vegan Society PETA GO VEGAN #10 GET SUPPORT If you need support, real life or virtually, then get it. Its so easy these days with that little thing called the internet. Being part of a community can really help when you have questions or you need some encouragement. There are some people in the vegan community that get a bit high strung on exactly what vegan diet is right (high carb low fat, no fat, high fat, raw, starch based etc etc) But there are PLENTY of people out there that are very supportive. Be part of this friendly and inviting community right here on the blog *WINKS* Facebook groups to join Vegan UK McDougall friends Vegans United Veganuary Holistically Lizzie #11 Go VEGAN, SAVE MONEY Theres a misconception that being vegan and eating healthily costs more money. In fact its quite the opposite, my food bill has dropped so much by being vegan. I cant imagine what it would cost to eat animal produce! Youtube video cheap lazy vegan #12 TAKE THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS You certainly don’t need meat to get adequate amounts of calcium, healthy fats, iron and protein. More so, you will THRIVE on this diet However all vegans need a b12 supplement. I also recommend people to take a good quality multi vitamin and a probiotic. #13 REPLACE BEAUTY PRODUCTS Eventually there will come a time when you will want to change your existing make up, skin & hair care products for a cruelty free option, Although, this part of veganism isn’t my strongest suit, ill link some experts below BEAUTY/HAIR/SKINCARE The ultimate guide to cruelty free & vegan make up brands 2017 by Cruelty Free Kitty. This post complies a huge list of popular make up brands and lists those that are vegan. Her website is chock full of information on vegan & cruelty free products so I highly recommend taking a look. Ive recently found this blog and its super cute! Honesty for skin has a wealth of information on science backed skin care. She shares lots of fantastic tips, articles & resources. Vicki from Ethical Elephant has a great easy to read blog that answers questions on all things beauty, hair & skin so you know how to shop cruelty free. FASHION Elisa runs the popular blog style on vega. She has a cruelty free, ethical fashion and lifestyle blog. She has a great post on vegan fashion for beginners which is a great read Finally … # 14 DO NOT PREACH! If you have decided to go vegan then a huge congratulations to you because honestly, you will never look back. However, this is your journey and no-one likes the ex smoker who is critical of anyone else who smokes! LEAD BY EXAMPLE You will inevitably want to tell everyone how amazing you feel, how much weight you’ve lost, how all of your health problems have subsided and how much more connected you feel. But this is not how we learn people! we learn by modelling others behaviours of those we admire. Once upon a time you were not vegan but you are here now, let others find their path too! Of course if you know someone is interested then by all means give them the information and direct them here too for some inspiration. Link to resources opt in Insert quotes, pics, links and videos The post THE ULTIMATE GUIDE ON HOW TO GO VEGAN FOR BEGINNERS appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  8. Apple cider vinegar (a.k.a ACV) the amazing, miracle, health tonic. I have been drinking ACV for the past 2 years and noticed some great results (WEIGHT LOSS, BETTER DIGESTION, CLEARER SKIN) but I had no idea how beneficial it is and how many ways there are to use it, until I began this blog post. It really is magic in a bottle. But this isn’t some new trend. The benefits of apple cider vinegar goes way back in history. Even hippocrates was a great believer in its health properties. A google search can bring up 100’s of remedies and uses for this powerful liquid. Here are some top picks including how to use each one. #1 REGULATES BLOOD SUGAR Studies have shown that ACV lowers fasting and after meal and glucose levels alongside an increase in insulin sensitivity (in those with type 2 diabetes). HOW TO Drink 2 tablespoons in a glass of water before meals #2 ASSISTS WITH WEIGHT LOSS Ascetic acid, a component found in ACV has been shown to suppress appetite, boost metabolism and curb cravings. Those who consume it regularly have greater fat loss as a result of an over all calorie reduction HOW TO Take 1 Tablespoon in water before meals to increase satiety. #3 CLEARS BLEMISHES ACV removes dirt, kills bacteria, balances skins PH and improves the appearance of acne scars HOW TO Dilute 1 cup water with 1 tablespoon of ACV and wipe face with cotton ball Read here for more tips! #4 SOOTHES SUNBURN Works by neutralising burns while helping to soothe inflamed skin HOW TO Add 1/4 cup to cool bath and soak. For extra nourishment follow with a generous slather of coconut oil #5 MAKES HAIR SHINY via GIPHY Not only does ACV stimulate hair growth, but it removes product build up making hair more soft and shiny. HOW TO Rinse hair with 2 parts water and 1 part ACV. Pour over hair and massage making sure to rinse after….don’t worry the smell will go! #6 FIGHTS COLDS AND FLU By relieving sinus and congestion issues. ACV also boosts the immune system HOW TO GET THE RECIPE HERE #7 LOWERS CHOLESTEROL Studies show a reduction in the build up of plaque in arteries. Also, helps to combat oxidative stress while balancing the good and bad cholesterol in the body HOW TO Take 2 tsp in a glass of water x3 times daily #8 FIGHTS ACID REFLUX It is common to think that acid reflux is a result from too much acid, however the reverse is true. Too little or ‘weak’ stomach acid is one of the main reasons acid reflux appears. ACV combats this by adding more acidity which prevents a back flow of acid in the digestive system. HOW TO Add 1-2 tBL in a glass of water before meals. Take 1 spoonful when an attack strikes for immediate relief SUGGESTED READ: 9 SIMPLE AND EASY WAYS TO IMPROVE DIGESTION #9 BOOSTS DIGESTIVE HEALTH Balances PH levels in body and contains natural digestive enzymes that assist the digestive system to break down and absorption food properly. HOW TO Take 1 tablespoon in a glass of lemon water X3 daily #10 RELIEVES CONSTIPATION ACV contains pectin, a fiber that helps to bulk up stools. Due to its high levels of magnesium, it has a natural laxative effect and gently assists with sufficient elimination. HOW TO Take 2 tsp in water first thing in the morning and last thing before bed #11 WARDS OFF ALLERGIES Allergies stem from multiple reasons. However, ACV is unique in that it boosts lymphatic system, circulatory system and digestive system. All of which are needed for a healthy immunity that can mitigate allergic symptoms. ACV also helps reduce mucus production HOW TO Take 2tsp in water x3 daily You can also use in a neti pot (link) to clear nasal passage. Dilute ACV with water before using #12 ECO FRIENDLY ALL- PURPOSE HOUSEHOLD CLEANER Create a toxin free home with a natural multi purpose solution. ACV contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which fight harmful bacteria. HOW TO Mix equal parts water & vinegar. Optional to add lemon juice or essential oils (link to oils) #13 NATURAL TEETH WHITENER via GIPHY ACV can even help to freshen breath and naturally whiten teeth. HOW TO Rub on teeth after cleaning rinsing mouth after with water. Because ACV can be hard on enamel, aim to do sparingly. #14 DETOXES ENTIRE BODY Acts as a powerful detoxifier flushing out toxins from the body. Assists in cleansing the kidneys and liver. ACV also lowers PH in the body making it more alkaline HOW TO #15 REDUCES INFLAMMATION Contains high levels of vitamin c (LINK) which helps boost immunity and fight stress. A rich source of probiotics (LINK), ACV contributes to a healthy micro biome which studies observe a great correlation with inflammatory conditions. HOW TO Add juice of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 2 tsp ACV and 1 tsp honey to a glass of water. Drink multiple times throughout day #16 EFFECTIVELY CLEANSES LIVER For efficient fat burning we need to look to the liver! ACV balances acidity and has a detoxifying effect on the liver, helping to flush out nasty toxins HOW TO Enhance liver detoxification with this DETOX ELIXIR Get FREE recipes, articles & tips! Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. #17 SAFE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CLEANER ACV boasts a cheap, reliable wash for fresh produce fruits & vegetables. HOW TO Mix 4 Tablespoon of ACV to 1 gallon of water. Use when needed #18 COMBATS UNPLEASENT SMELLS & ODOURS Acts as a natural deodifyer while freshening air and eliminating odours HOW TO Mix equal parts of water and ACV to a spray bottle and spritz around room #19 ALL NATURAL PET CLEANER & FLEA REPELLENT Freshens coats, clears ear infections and can even used as a safe flea and tick repellant HOW TO See THIS post on ACV uses for pets #20 SOOTHES SORE THROAT Because of its acidic environment, ACV helps to kill germs, clears phlegm and mucus and is an al round great immunity booster! HOW TO Use as a gargle mixed with salt. Add 1 tsp each of water and honey and dilute in warm lemon water and drink For more tips click here #20 LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE Acetic acid in ACV has been shown to lower blood pressure and assist in keeping the heart healthy. HOW TO Take 1 Tablespoon 3x per day in a glass of water #21 CURES CANDIDA (YEAST OVERGROWTH) Candida imbalances cause a whole host of problems including sugar cravings, fatigue & thrush. Luckily ACV contains enzymes that kills of yeast while encouraging healthy bacteria. HOW TO 1 tsp – 1 TBL before each meal, preferably on empty stomach Get FREE recipes, articles & tips! Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. #22 IMPROVES/BOOSTS CIRCULATION Helps varicose veins, fatigue and muscle cramps by stimulating circulation. HOW TO Dilute with water and rub in a circular motion on places that need a boost. Optional (but recommended) to add a pinch of cayenne pepper (LINK) #23 ELIMINATES DANDRUFF ACV helps by reliving itchy scalp and balancing PH levels essential for assisting with dandruff removal. HOW TO Mix equal parts of ACV and water to a spray bottle. Spray liberally on scalp. Wrap hair in towel and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing. #24 1 SECOND DEODORANT By balancing PH in body, ACV can be used as a cost effective deodorant. HOW TO Simply pat on the armpits for an all natural deodoriser. #25 ALLEVIATES MORNING SICKNESS via GIPHY For those of us who have been there (EMOJI) I’m sure you’re willing to try anything! HOW TO Add 1 tsp in a glass of water mixed with a bit of sweetener for taste #26 DIMINISH APPEARANCE CELLULITE Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing circulation and breaking down fat cells. HOW TO Rub in circular motions after (LINK)dry body brushing for maximum effects. OR Orally ingest 2 Tablespoons with a glass of water, 3 times daily #27 CURES RAZOR BURNS AND CALMS REDNESS ACV is antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti fungal! Use this post shave to soothes post shave redness and spots. ACV is also a HOW TO Dilute with water and dab on with a cotton ball. #28 REMOVES CRADLE CAP Even though its natural, sometimes that stuff can linger forever! Heres an easy and SAFE alternative HOW TO Dilute with water and rub on babies head where the cradle cap is #29 HELPS WITH PMS & ALLEVIATE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS Relieves bloating, irritability and due to its high calcium content, it is particularly good for cramping HOW TO Add 1tsp of ACV to a glass of room temperature water and drink 3 times daily #30 HEALTHY COOKING BENEFITS ACV has many cooking benefits and can be used in multiple ways! HOW TO SALAD DRESSINGS (in place of balsamic vinegar) ON COOKED GRAINS (with tamari (link) and spices (link) MIX WITH BAKING POWDER (to help cakes rise better) WHAT BRAND SHOULD I BUY? The key to obtaining these amazing benefits is to make sure you get the right kind of apple cider vinegar Pick one that is RAW, UNFILTERED and has “THE MOTHER”…. Yes you read that right! “THE MOTHER” is the cloudy bit that is at the bottom. The bottle will also be labelled so there shouldn’t be any confusion. TIP! Make sure you shake the bottle before using to disperse the mother! WHAT MAKES IT SO GOOD? Apple cider vinegar contains VITAMINS MINERALS ORGANIC ACIDS AMINO ACIDS LIVE ENZYMES PROBIOTICS So, quite literally its a liquid multivitamin that keeps us healthy, energetic and glowing! Have I missed one out? Leave me your best suggestion in the comments below! The post 30 proven health benefits of apple cider vinegar (& how to use it) appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  9. To say that I have a hummus addiction is a understatement. Living in the middle east has definitely had an influence but its just so darn tasty! Back when I was living in the UK, I would get so many different types of hummus (the possibilities really are endless) but like most things… its just not as good as home made. And less face it, it really does take less than 5 minutes and ANYONE can make it its so straight forward. #nocookingskillsneeded Not only does it pass the taste test but home made hummus is FAR MORE NUTRITIOUS. Why is hummus so good for you I hear you ask? The base of this recipe contains: CHICKPEAS (GARBANZO) Contain both protein and fiber which help increase satiety and promote weight loss. Rich in vitamin B6 (folate) they are excellent to consume when pregnant or to help with conceiving. LEMON Known for helping with colds and flu due to their high vitamin C levels. Lemons are powerful dexofiers cleansing the liver and assisting to flush out the digestive system. They also make your skin GLOW! TAHINI Contains higher levels of calcium than any animal produce has to offer. Plant calcium is also more bioavailable, meaning it is more easily absorbed and digested better. Calcium strengthens bones, fights insomnia and helps with muscle aches. All in all, it is a perfect snack for Diabetics Obese or overweight individuals Those with inflammatory issues Cholesterol and blood pressure problems (pic) Anyone who loves tasty food If like me you are trying to follow a LOW OR NO -OIL DIET then getting hummus to a creamy consistence that is emulated in restaurants can be a wee bit tricky. This hummus is CREAMY EASY FLAVOURFUL HEALTHY WHATS THE DEL WITH AQUAFABA? Some people use aquafaba (the brine like juice thats in the tin of chickpeas) to make hummus extra creamy. And while you can certainly try this, I choose not to. Mostly because I don’t like the texture it gives and also because the brine itself can contain salts, sugars, E numbers and even oils Plus, I see it as old stale water so I’m not in to using that! So if you do opt to have it make sure you buy an organic brand that has only chickpeas and water. MEAL PREP AND RECIPE IDEAS I usually make this at the beginning of the week and use it in various ways, such as: A DOLLOP ON A BUDDAH BOWL (E.G Kale, Quinoa, Diced Tomatoes & Hummus) AS A SALAD DRESSING (Thinned down with a little water & a pinch of Turmeric) WITH CRUDITIES AS A HEALTHY SNACK (Use Peppers, Carrots, Cucumber, even Cauliflower & Sugar Snaps) ON TOAST (with Avocado, Tomato & Rocket) Do you have a favourite way to make hummus? Write down your favourite combos in the comments below! The post Easy no-oil hummus (clean eating, dairy free) appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  10. If your’e trying to get pregnant, consuming the right foods and having the right lifestyle can DRAMATICALLY improve you’re chances of conceiving. I’ve seen it happen time and time again and I am also speaking from personal experience! Firstly, we must make sure that we are consuming a wide range of FRUITS & VEGETABLES, at least 8 servings per day. This ensures that we are ingesting a wide range of macro and micronutrients which will promote a healthy growing baby and (note for a better word) a more ‘welcoming’ womb. Here are 10 superfoods that give the most bang for the buck #1 AVOCADO Rich in essential fatty acids (EFA) and magnesium. Avocados are good for eye health and nutrient absorption. Mint Chocolate Avocado Fudge by Nest & Glow #2 BERRIES Contains antioxidants that helps to restore and repair cells. Because of their high levels of Vitamin C, they also help with the absorption of iron Winter Berry Scones by Healthy Living James #3 CARROTS High in vitamin A, essential for keeping eyes healthy. Also protects against disease and cancer. Shredded BBQ Carrots by Veganosity #4 BROCCOLI Contains the essential nutrient folic acid which is needed for the healthy development of a growing featus Dairy Free Mac N Cheese with black pepper & broccoli by A Virtual Vegan #5 OATS Part of the B Complex vitamins which releases energy from carbohydrates. They are also high in fiber, protein and magnesium. Omega Boost beetroot & blackcurrant energy bars Vegetarian & Vegan by The Veg space #6 TAHINI Tahini (ground sesame seeds) are a rich source of calcium. Calcium needs increase when pregnant so it is important to ensure adequate levels are met. Avoid animal dairy (EG Cows milk) as it contains harmful hormone disrupters and has been shown to leach calcium from the body #7 KALE Promotes brain health in infants. Acts a natural detoxifier and is rich in vitamins A and C Curried Cauliflower Rice Kale Soup (Paleo, Vegan Friendly) by Cotter Crunch #8 BRAZIL NUTS High in selenium which is an antioxidant that boosts fertility and immunity Mango & Brazil Nut Granola by Deliciously Ella #9 LENTILS Because of the increase in blood plasma during pregnancy an increase of iron is needed in the diet. There are 2 types of iron, heme (animal sources) and non-heme (plant sources). Lentil Cottage Pie Gluten free & Vegan by Trinities Healthy Kitchen Heme iron, the type found predominantly in blood and muscle, is absorbed better than the non-heme iron that predominates in plants, but may increase the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome (Dr Michael Gregor) https://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-safety-of-heme-vs-non-heme-iron/ #10 QUINOA This gluten free grain is high in protein and contains all amino acids which are often missing from plant proteins. Quinoa boosts energy and supports bone and brain health Crunchy Thai Peanut & Quinoa Salad by Cookie & Kate A lot of people make the mistake of only changing their diet WHEN they get pregnant but its equally as important to eat the best foods before you try to conceive. Its also essential that you take a good quality, preferably food based multivitamin designed for conceiving and pregnancy Need more ideas? Follow this sample meal plan BREAKFAST: Oats and raspberries with chopped brazil nuts LUNCH: Roasted broccoli and carrot with quinoa with lemon tahini dressing DINNER: Lentil dahl, brown rice and sautéed spinach DESSERT: Avocado chocolate mousse The post 10 foods that supercharge fertility appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  11. Its not a surprise that we feel frazzled when we are taking on so much and living so fast paced. Being a mother is by far the most demanding job i have ever encountered. Trying to balance work life and family life while maintaining time for ‘me’ feels nearly impossible at times. Its no wonder that we find ourselves ready for a nap mid day. But its not just lack of sleep that can zap you’re energy levels, Trying to find balance and feel energised at the same time may feel like a long shot for some of you but I promise there is a way to fix it! Here are a few of the major factors that contribute to low energy and low mood 10 TOP ENERGY ZAPPERS Caffeine and energy drinks, bars or gels Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep Sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemicals Animal produce Food sensitivities Improper food combining Processed food Stress and overwhelm Unfullfilment in career Disconnection from self and others 10 TOP WAYS TO SCIENTIFICALLY IMPROVE ENERGY LEVELS #1 AEROBIC EXERCISE When feeling exhausted the last thing you feel like doing is exercise. However, exercise has proven to dramatically zap fatigue and increase energy levels. We often think we need to FIND energy when we actually need to CREATE energy. The great thing is that this the of ‘exercise’ can be as simple as walking. To start, aim for 20 minutes 3 times per week New to exercise? Use this app to get you started. #2 Franky Says RELAX Stress can cause a whole host of problems from poor decision making to diabetes & alzheimers so you can only imagine what effect it has on our energy! Some ways to combat stress include: Meditation Yoga, especially yin which is a restorative form of yoga Practicing mindfullness Exercise also dramatically helps control stress This awesome resource shows just how bad stress is on our bodies #3 BE PRODUCTIVE This may seem out of context but productivity has a huge effect on energy. Think of the last time you accomplished something, did you feel elevated, motivated, ready to take on a new challange? Find yourself procrastinating? Something I personally like to use is the pomdoro technique. If you are feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled learn what areas of your life needs adjusting. #4 SNACK LESS (OR LIGHTER) Contrary to belief, snacking can actually make you feel more lethargic. This is because when we eat, our bodies are using lots of energy to digest food. Give your digestion a break and stick to 3-4 main meals. Cant resist your snacking habit? Try these ideas for a balanced snack attack Bowl of oatmeal Almond butter on wholegrain toast Apple & brazil nuts Green juice or smoothie Small sweet potato & chopped pecans Rice cakes, avocado & tomato Note that some of you may actually need to snack more to keep your energy stable. This is a common affect in those with blood sugar issues particularly when transitioning to a healthier diet. #5 NAP Before the lightbulb was invented we used to sleep on average 9 hours per night, now we are barely making 7. When we sleep our bodies go in to a restorative and repairing process. Lack of sleep not only makes you feel exhausted the following day but also increases hunger hormones making us crave starchy, sugary and high fat foods. If catching some afternoon zzz are possible, not only will you feel more energised but you will also make better food choices! #6 TAKE ADAPTOGENIC HERBS Powerful and potent super herbs, adaptogens have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine. However, they are becoming a lot more mainstream now thanks to the huge movement in functional and integrative medicine. Adaptogens in a nutshell adapt to stress within the body. They fight stress, anxiety and combat fatigue! Ashwaganda Geinseng Reishi Cordyceps Maca If you are vegan and feeling exhausted, taking a B12 supplement will greatly help. Recipe: Coconut and Maca Snack Balls (for hormonal balance) #7 DRINK UP With water of course Dehydration, even partial dehydration can wreck havoc on your energy. In fact low energy levels are the first sign of dehydration. Think you’re drinking enough? You’re probably not! If you are feeling thirsty you are already dehydrated. You can stay hydrated by drinking a combination of: Water Herbal teas Fruits & vegetables Broth based soups Coconut water #8 SOAK UP THE SUN SO many people are deficeint in vitamin D, in fact rates show that 70-80% of the population are! Vitamin D is synthesised by sunlight and deficiencies include a number of illnesses from diabetes to depression and auto immune diseases. Adequate levels tames infammation, boost alertness, reduce fatigue and regulates mood. To get sufficient sunlight, get out first thing in the morning to optimise vitamin d levels. Or take a holiday #9 EAT CARBS But avoid simple carbs found in white bread, sugar, energy drinks and processed foods. These types of foods deplete energy, cause weight gain and wreck havoc on your health. However, complex carbohydrates are a completely different story and something I encourage you to eat more of! In fact in a study where people were given 12 slices of bread per day on top of their regular diet ate less than 2/3 calories over all and lost 20lbs over a period of 8 weeks! Sweet potatoes, quinoa, wild rice and oats are other fantastic sources of complex carbohydrates that should be eaten more often. #10 GO VEGAN veganism boasts so many health benefits, greatly improved energy is just one of them. Make sure you stick to a unprocessed, balanced diet that includes plenty of: Wholegrains Starches Beans & Lentils Vegetables and fruits Nuts & Seeds To learn more about going on a vegan diet, go here Now its your turn. What do you find helps to keep your energy levels high? I’d love to know so leave your own tips in the comments below The post 10 Science backed ways to skyrocket your energy levels appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  12. In this video I give all my tips for how I stayed healthy during my pregnancy. I gained a healthy amount of weight (only on my bump) all my blood tests were excellent and I had a wonderful healthy baby. The video has a focus on the first trimester. However, all the tips are applicable throughout all trimesters The post VIDEO: Healthy Pregnancy Tips 1st Trimester appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  13. When I watched my first documentary on veganism I’m not going to lie, my jaw was open the entire time. Even after coming from a mostly vegetarian background, I was amazed that I had absolutely no idea what was actually going on behind closed doors. I often get asked about vegansim and I think that even if you are not intending to go fully vegan, watching these documentaries are just a great eye opener. Whether you are interested in veganism from a ethical, health or environmental point of view, these documentaries have you covered. Here are my top picks #1 COWSPIRACY: THE SUSTAINABILITY SECRET Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it. Watch and buy it here Watch on Netflix #2 FORKS OVER KNIVES Forks over knives showcases the health aspects of a plant based and non processed diet. Interviews are led by some of the leading authrotites in health and nutrition Watch and buy it here Watch on Netflix #3 WHAT THE HEALTH What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick. Watch and buy it here Watch on Netflix #4 EARTHLINGS EARTHLINGS is a 2005 American documentary film about humankind’s total dependence on animals for economic purposes. Presented in five chapters (pets, food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research) the film is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, featuring music by Moby, and was written, produced and directed by Shaun Monson Watch and buy it here. Currently showing the 10th edition for free #5 FOOD MATTERS Food Matters is a feature-length documentary film informing you on the best choices you can make for you and your family’s health. It boasts a collection of interviews with leading Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Scientists, M.D.s and Medical Journalists. Watch & buy it here #6 EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION (2018) Through world-renowned scientists, researchers, global leaders, and celebrities, the film is bringing to life the reality of the true cost of our current relationship with animals. The film takes an in depth look at compassion, environment, health and economics. Due to release in 2018 #7 HUNGRY FOR CHANGE Hungry for Change is dedicated to helping people escape the diet trap. The food industry has led us to believe that its products are going to make us healthy, happy, sexy, and young. These promises are as empty as the food and drinks they’re trying to sell us. The truth is we’ve never been fatter or in worse health Watch and buy it here #8 FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD Fat, sick & nearly dead is an inspiring film that chronicles Joe Cross’s personal mission to regain his health. Watch for free here #9 FOOD INC Documentary filmmaker Robert Kenner examines how mammoth corporations have taken over all aspects of the food chain in the United States, from the farms where our food is grown to the chain restaurants and supermarkets where it’s sold. Watch on Netflix #10 VEGUCATED Vegucated is a feature-length documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. Watch and buy it here Watch on Netflix #11 VEGAN 2017 A brilliant free British documentary on youtube that explores power & wealth of the meat, dairy & egg industries. Plant based doctors & experts explore the many benefits of veganism. A must watch You can also watch VEGAN 2016 and VEGAN 2015 here #12 PEACEABLE KINGDOM THE JOURNEY HOME explores the awakening conscience of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture and who have now come to question the basic assumptions of their way of life. Watch for free and buy here Watch on Netflix #13 PLANT PURE NATION The documentary film PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time. Watch and buy here Watch on Netflix #14 SPECIESISM The documentary takes viewers on a sometimes funny, sometimes frightening adventure, crawling through the bushes that hide these factories, flying in airplanes above their toxic “manure lagoons,” and coming face-to-face with the owners of factory farmers Watch and buy here #15 MEAT THE TRUTH Meat the Truth has drawn attention to global warming by demonstrating that livestock farming generates more greenhouse gas emissions worldwide than all cars, lorries, trains, boats and planes added together. Watch and buy here The post Top 15 documentaries that will make you go vegan appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  14. After suffering from lower back issues my entire life (and with my growing obsession with youtube, I started to do a few daily yoga stretches to help ease my pain. Soon enough I had developed a positive habit which has turned into my passion. I’m now doing a yoga tracer training course and loving it! Here are some of the best beginner youtube classes out there. Ive included all the ones that started me off on my own yoga journey too. #1 Tara Stiles Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners #2 Yoga with Adrienne Yoga For Complete Beginners – 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout! #3 Psyche Yoga Power Yoga For Beginners – Total Body Workout for Weight Loss 30 Minute Yoga Class #4 Sarahbeth Yoga 10 minute morning yoga for beginners #5 Yoga TX 30 Minute Full Body Stretches For Flexibility – Gentle Beginner Yoga Flow #6 Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga Beginners Power Vinyasa Yoga Class Full Length Weight Loss Hatha Twists #7 Fightmaster Yoga Yoga for Beginners Vinyasa Flow Free Yoga Class With Fightmaster Yoga #8 BeFiT Beginners Yoga Beginners Yoga Stretching & Flexibility Workout | Level 1- Kino MacGregor #9 Elkhart yoga YOGA FOR BEGINNERS Part 1 #10 Yoga by Candace 20 Min Yoga Flow for Beginners BONUS This yoga website is another favourite of mine. It has TONS of free yoga videos and the instructors are excellent. DO YOGA WITH ME Whats great is that you can choose your level, preferred instructor and how long you want to do the class for making it extremely customisable. All absolutely free! Tell me, who is your favourite yoga tuber to watch? Also, don’t forget to check out my youtube channel here and make sure you subscribe! The post 10 Amazing youtube yoga videos for beginners appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
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    Are you new to healthy eating? Then this is the perfect video for you! Learn exactly what to eat for a healthy mind and bod. Plus…Don’t miss my top tips on how to shop effectively in supermarkets. Did you find this video useful? Then subscribe to my youtube channel here. And if you have any questions submit them here and I will do a video on the topic! The post What to eat to lose weight appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article