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  1. Display Boards Around Abu Dhabi

    Funny this subject has come up. On the drive to and from school, DS and I have seen these boards and have had discussions about them. We have our favourite candidate because he has such a lovely smile. Not the reason to vote for someone, I know.....
  2. Going Home For High School

    The topic of schooling has been a big one in our household this year. We have decided to send our DS back home to boarding school. He is currently in Y10 and will then start Y10 again in the new year. He is in a excellent school but we feel our home curriculum will suit him better. Especially when it comes to the demands and entrance expectations for the Sixth Form years. It was an easy choice on one hand but a heart breaking decision on the other. DS was the main driver behind the decision, but it leaves a lump in my throat whenever I think of not having him around on a daily basis. We also felt that he needed to feel like he belonged somewhere, not just as a holiday destination. He has always been an expat and we felt it would be easier to start to establish connections in high school. I am dreading January!
  3. The Release Of Prisoners

    1700 is the number in the UAE according to 7Days. That is a lot of prisoners. http://7days.ae/1700-prisoners-receive-pardons-for-ramadan-in-uae/64857
  4. Etisalat Email Problems?

    I was so glad to read your posts this morning. I was wondering what I had done wrong. I received a couple of emails yesterday morning and then was blocked. I finally managed to receive a few this morning, but am now blocked again. It seems their system is dumping emails too, as I know I had more in my inbox
  5. Travelling With Less Than 6 Months Validity On Passport

    If you are flying directly to the country where the passport is issued, there should be no problem. From memory, 3/6 months rules apply to passengers who do not have right of residence.
  6. Bringing Nephew Across The Omani Border, Allowed?

    A letter from your sister is definitely recommended and perhaps a copy of her passport as they are non-residents. DS crossed into Oman recently with friends, and we completely forgot to give them a letter. Immigration called to get our permission for him to leave the UAE. All was ok and they let him go, but by not having a letter created an unnecessary hassle at the border. HTH
  7. Etihads New Ambassador - Disappointing

    We know Etihad likes to use Australian ambassadors - first Danni Minogue and now they have just announced Nicole Kidman for their new advertising campaign. I am rather disappointed. If they really must use another Aussie, why not Hugh Jackman? That would be far more appealing? You're missing the market Etihad.... 😄
  8. Ski Socks In Abu Dhabi?

    Try Tchibo. I bought teenage DS ski socks there and they were great and cheap.
  9. Abu Dhabi Airport Chaos

    The avmet weather forecast websites are already forecasting fog for tomorrow morning.... so it is kind of predictable. It's the severity which cannot always be determined. Hoping it does not eventuate......
  10. School For Children With Special Needs?

    Ditto what BritNic and MEintheME have said. My mums ex boss (he was an ex-high school principal) moved here with his family including an Autistic son a couple of years ago. He soon discovered much to their dismay that there was not the support/infrastructure here in schools for his son. They returned home. To date, I do not believe this situation has changed. Sorry to be another negative poster... Best wishes
  11. Another Lost Plane

    The 'unusual route' could probably be due to weather.... Very sad.
  12. Volvo Ocean Race

    Don't forget the inport race on the 2nd Jan.... You can wave them off and cheer them home all in a few hours
  13. Volvo Ocean Race

    Last time we parked at Marina Mall and walked to the village - was very hassle free. Looking at where the leading boats are now, I wonder if they will cross the finish line in the wee hours tomorrow morning??
  14. Volvo Ocean Race

    Nina, you're right. I would have loved to watch the final hour or so of sailing into Cape Town. We have the apps and can follow the boats. But there really should have been live feed TV coverage that other countries see on one of the AD Sports channels. Apparently the contest to the line required some effort from ADOR and it would have been great to see.
  15. Question Regarding Obama - U S Politics

    Thanks ladies