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  1. Moving to AD from Sydney

    Hi, If you like cycling you might be intrested in visiting alwathba cycle track, it's nice place. It's great experiance living in UAE, you won't forget believe me. Good luck and wish you all the best you and your husbend.
  2. Name something (recipe question)

    Thanks DD for the full and through explanations. and happy Thrusday
  3. Name something (recipe question)

    Thanks a billion :)
  4. Personal Drivers - any advice on how to find one?

    You can find motorbike driver amagine setting behind him on that motorbike :) Well listen, i already did quick search for you and here is the result: https://www.mourjan.com/ae/abu-dhabi/drivers/vacancies/en/ https://www.mourjan.com/ae/abu-dhabi/housemaids/vacancies/en/ https://www.mourjan.com/ae/al-ain/jobs/seeking-work/en/?q=part+time+driver What you should do is the following: call those people (drivers only), and they might be able to help you or find your some of their friends whom are willing to do the job required... this is how it goes in this part of the planet :) Good luck,
  5. Where To Find Red Palm Oil?

    You can get it delivered to your door step! from here please: First option. Second option Good luck
  6. Personal Drivers - any advice on how to find one?

    As i can observ, you don't need a driver whos commited with you, because you'll have weekend where you won't be having shcool.. yes you might need him for saloon visits and so on... in such cases, you'll need to ask for freelancer driver, a driver who is not commited with you might be cheaper for you than those whom he should stay with you 100%.. he will require accomodaion, food etc :) PS. Try Mourjan.com they normally have drivers there.. or post free ad there please. Good luck
  7. Name something (recipe question)

    Machboos laham = can't translate it :(
  8. Delivery Service for Remote Areas

    Ooo yeah you gotta pay for sure how much am not sure! If you call any of these resturents and ask them about delivery people, they'll give you their numbers for sure.. Just call any resturent and ask them for delivery people. Well, frankly speaking those (sometimes) work as freelancer; meaning they have no contract with the resturents, they have verbal words with the rest. that they'll be working with them from say 6AM until 10PM certain days a week :) Good luck,

    Hi, Sorry to hear that, I been through this when I was out of the UAE for many years. Believe me it's all in your hand! you make it happy and you can make it sad experiance being here or any where on the mother planet. I believe there is always way of enjoyment and having good time. Definatelly it's not all work work work! Open your eyes O_o and have fun

    Hi Melina, welcome you and your lovely family to UAE & to Abudhabiwoman forum. Here youll find lots of ladies from all over the world almost who will help and assist you as much as they can. One thing about living in Jebal Ali! There are plenty of places in between abudhabi and dubai, where you and your husbend can live at and with less yearly rent lease, easy for you to get to abudhabi and ur husbend to get to Jabal Ali! anyhow, wish you all the best and good luck
  11. Beekeeper

  12. Trying Out my Gift- new desktop Computer :)

    It's very good to exchange gifts sometimes, it makes relations stronger. Specially when it comes from someone so close such as your son :)
  13. Birds in the Neighbourhood

  14. Beekeeper

    They won't do you any harm, just leave them and they'll take off within few weeks :)
  15. Find a tailor for home business

    This is very good business! for real! specially in places like the middle east and specifically UAE. Few things you should consider before starting though! 1. Where to get the materials. 2. Who is the tailor who will be working with you. 3. Whats your targested segment and customers. 4. How can you reach out your customers? 5. Will you be targeting the ordinarry Abaya's? ie. for 300AED or are you going to the more complicated once 1500AED + 6. Who will be your PRO for the home advertisment/delivery. I guess the materials can be bought from Dubai Souq Naif or Almanal mall in Dubai too, the items there are extreamly cheap (cheap in price not quality). Best of luck,