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    Hi Melina, welcome you and your lovely family to UAE & to Abudhabiwoman forum. Here youll find lots of ladies from all over the world almost who will help and assist you as much as they can. One thing about living in Jebal Ali! There are plenty of places in between abudhabi and dubai, where you and your husbend can live at and with less yearly rent lease, easy for you to get to abudhabi and ur husbend to get to Jabal Ali! anyhow, wish you all the best and good luck
  2. Beekeeper

  3. Trying Out my Gift- new desktop Computer :)

    It's very good to exchange gifts sometimes, it makes relations stronger. Specially when it comes from someone so close such as your son :)
  4. Birds in the Neighbourhood

  5. Beekeeper

    They won't do you any harm, just leave them and they'll take off within few weeks :)
  6. Find a tailor for home business

    This is very good business! for real! specially in places like the middle east and specifically UAE. Few things you should consider before starting though! 1. Where to get the materials. 2. Who is the tailor who will be working with you. 3. Whats your targested segment and customers. 4. How can you reach out your customers? 5. Will you be targeting the ordinarry Abaya's? ie. for 300AED or are you going to the more complicated once 1500AED + 6. Who will be your PRO for the home advertisment/delivery. I guess the materials can be bought from Dubai Souq Naif or Almanal mall in Dubai too, the items there are extreamly cheap (cheap in price not quality). Best of luck,
  7. Kitchen glass splashbacks?

    Thes colors seems to be so nice . The idea also of using glass is very modern and good to keep your kitchen always clean and shiny + easy to wipe all the oil off the glass from time to timw :) Here is one of the shops that i've dealt with few years back, they'll be able to assist you. PS. I suggest you go to such places accompanied by man :) Good luck
  8. Help - A Question On Usps Shipping To Abu Dhabi

    You suppose to call USPS and tell them about this! I had the same issue, but this about two years a go and they've searched and got my items for me. Hence, the PO BOX isn't that important here, if you have your mobile clearly stated on the shipment, they'll give you a call and ask you to come and collect it! Good luck,
  9. Animal Jobs

    If i was you, i'd search the net and see the Vet clinics in Abu Dhabi, and start emailing them, If any interested they'll of course get in touch with you. Good luck
  10. Removal company

    Hello, I personally dealt with Alpha movers, they were quick, reliable and organized I should say! My experience with them was moving my house from Alwathba to MBZ. You can contact them at +971 50 1873005 or email them at support@alphamovers.com Good luck

    Welcome Raneem, You'll find people here from all over the world, people who will help, guide and stand with you whenever you need. Specially ladies here :) Good luck with your new babies and God bless you.

    Hi Mel Welcome to the house, you came to the right place. Here you will find ladies and women's from all over the world. They will guide you on what you supposed to do and where to go and by the time you will get used to it. I'm sure you will love it Whether in UAE and in Abu DhabI. I wish you all the best.
  13. New Mafraq Hospital

    The new Mafraq is not open yet, it needs at least a year or so. But the are many hospitals who can give you the injection in Bani Yas! Even small clinics can do such things. You can also check Al Noor Hospital in Bani Yas. I know their building is not as clean and organized as the one in AD but that's life sometimes. Good luck
  14. Trying to Get a JOB... seemingly impossible

    According to my experience, it's better to be here which applying to do the interview; as they might think that you're not serious about the need of the job If you are a way. I know it's hard to be here and not to find anything too :) Start emailing all these companies in UAE.. Search for also companies which ends with .ae you might luckier :) Wish you all the best

    Welcome home :) This is one of the best places by the way, it's a diversity of people from all over the world