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  1. Brighton College - Fs2 To Year 1

    Love it! My son is in Yr 1 at BCAD. We moved here from the US so that would be kindergarten in the US system. We are not required to send the kids to preschool or preK in the US, so he didnt do FS 1 or FS 2. When he came to Brighton, he lagged behind, which in turn was effecting his confidence in school. They were very supportive, spent extra time in creating a plan and going over learning objectives for his lessons at home so that he could catch up and stay focussed. The curriculum is academically challenging. My son is very happy there.
  2. Question For Americans Re: Passport Renewal

    just make sure the email from the embassy doesn't go into your junk mail. it comes from Abu Dhabi, ACS.
  3. Good Tailors For Suits And Saree Blouses

    for blouses theres a shop opp of the mosque in the marks and spensor's superblock. I forget the name -- al burqah (I think). I had blouses stitched there - and they did a good job. for suits - go to abu rahal tailors in khalidiya. or picnic tailor behind eldorodo cinema off of electra. sorry I don't have numbers for them.
  4. HI I am looking for a tutor too. Any suggestions. Tried myprivatetutorUAE.com but no success.
  5. Where To Buy Pakistani Cloths In Abudhabi

    Hi, I just saw this thread. I am in need of a good/decent Pakistani tailor. I just moved to Abu Dhabi and need to know how much is a reasonable rate here to get a shalwar khameez sewn - with and without lining. Also where is a good place to buy embellishments- lace, bail, chamki, etc to add to dupattas and suits? Thanks in advance.