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  1. Canadian passport renewal

    I haven't done it recently, but a few years back we were in Toronto, trying to renew our passports. The line ups were so long, and then they demanded a form from my husband (who was not with me at the time) saying he' ok with renewing the kids. In the end, it was so much hassle, I decided to do them here in Abu Dhabi when we got back. No line-ups, passports back within two weeks. I'd definitely do it here again.
  2. New Community Souk & Classifieds

    I think there are a few people who make handmade stuff, but unfortunately, without a licence, it is illegal to sell your stuff, and for most of us, the cost of obtaining a licence is not worth it. I'll keep my eye open for the next coffee morning...it would be lovely to catch up with you!
  3. New Community Souk & Classifieds

    I'd love to show them to you! Is there a coffee morning coming up in November? Alternatively, are you close to Al Muneera?
  4. New Community Souk & Classifieds

    Hi Tri-geek! Hope you are well. Thanks for your continued amazing work on this site. I have a question about the community souk. I'm under the impression that we can't sell our homemade goods with a proper business licence. So, would I need said licence to advertise in the souk? I make greeting cards and small papercraft gift items, so getting a licence is really not a viable option. Thanks so much!
  5. Too much change!

    When we had a lot of change from school pizza days, we used to take it to the gas station. They were always happy to exchange it all for us, even coins smaller than 1 dirham.
  6. Looking for a physics tutor

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a physics tutor for a grade 11 student in a Canadian curriculum. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. Places that serve breakfast all day?

    Jim's Kitchen Table in Masdar also does all-day breakfast.
  8. Hi, I have 1 One Direction ticket for sale, in the Diamond section, standing only. Please PM me if you are interested.
  9. Any Library Technicians Here?

    Thanks very much for the info, Mija!
  10. Any Library Technicians Here?

    Hi Everyone, I'm working on my library technician diploma, and one of my assignments is to find and interview a qualified library technician about their job and aspiration. If anyone would be willing to sit with me for an hour or so at a coffee shop somewhere, I'll pick up the tab. Please let me know, I'd be very grateful!
  11. Silhouette/cameo Machine For Cutting A Stencil?

    Hi Shamma, I've saved the file and will see how it translates to a cutting file. What kind of material do you want it cut from. I haven't seen any stencil material here, but I often use those clear bags to cut stencils from. Would this work for you? Not sure if the file will work, because if there are spaces that are totally enclosed within the negative spaces, those will be lost. I'll try it today and let you know.
  12. Copic Sketch

    Hi Missush, as Lammas said, the Copic sketch markers with the oval barrels are 25 dirham everywhere in the city. All Copic markers (except multi liners) are refillable, and the refills are generally 40 dirham each. Each refill bottle will fill a sketch marker about 8 times. I highly recommend getting a refill whenever you buy a colour. I've tried many different markers, including Promarkers and Marvy Uchida carton series, and I believe there is nothing that matches the copics. If you have a US credit card and mailing address, you can order them from the States. Dick Blick art supplies sells them for $5.25 each, pretty much the cheapest price you will see. Unfortunately, because of licensing agreements, North American companies can only ship the markers within North America. Graphic International, here in Abu Dhabi, is the main distributer for copics. They are located in the block bordered by Hamadan and 7th, 8th (Salam) and 6. You can search them on Google as they have a website,
  13. Recommendations On A Good Pedeatrician

    Dr. Jadwega at the HealthPlus Diabetes clinic is a fabulous pediatrician. The clinic is located on 32nd street between 15th and 13th. If you are heading towards the Corniche, the clinic is on the right side of the road. Their number is 02 666 0363.
  14. Tuxedo

    My son recently needed a tuxedo and we learned that you can't rent one here. However, Abu Dhabi Mall has 4 shops that sell them. We purchased one from Pierre Cardin, for 900 AED. The other shops prices ranged from 3000 to 5000 AED. These prices do not include the extras like shirt, tie, vest, shoes, which can easily be another 1000 or more.
  15. I just bought 3 pairs of Sketchers GoWalk shoes and I think I'll never wear anything else again! They are so comfortable and light. They aren't the most beautiful shoes, but they do come in a bunch of cute colours. I bought mine in Mushrif Mall at Athlete Co. I think they are on the second floor, close to the front of the mall.