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  1. Hi everyone,

    As we are expecting our second child, we are considering hiring a full-time housekeeper/nanny and as we prefer having a lot of privacy plus the fact that we don't have a maid's room in our apartment, we need her to be a live-out employee. However, the idea of sponsoring someone who spends the night out scares me a lot.

    There are companies in Dubai who provide full-time housekeepers under their sponsorship but I couldn't find any availability at the moment.

    Has anybody used one of these companies? And for the worst case scenario (sponsoring a live-out) can you please share your experience?

    Thanks in advance!



  2. Thank you guys for your help.

    Smiffy the link you posted is clear: " Food from non-EU Member States: it is forbidden to bring in any meat, eggs, milk, honey or other products of animal origin."

    Lhitt and Mija, the idea is to picnic, that's why we didn't consider halal restaurants, but it seems that we don't have the choice :(

    Thanks everyone, this was helpful.

  3. Hi eveyone!

    We are planning to travel to Geneva and make a lot of picnics to take advantage of the beautiful landscapes. As it is difficult to get halal meat there, I am thinking about taking with me some cooked meat (preserved in olive oil and put in air-tight jars). The problem is that I read in some forums that food is not allowed in Geneva airport and that you encounter the risk of paying fines if you do take food with you.

    Is there anybody from Switzerland or who has been there and knows about the matter?


  4. Hi ladies,

    My daughter will be eligible to start school next year in the British system but I am prioritizing either the American or the IB curricula. I am considering the following option: registering her in FS1 for next year and then the year after transferring her to KG1.

    For parents who already experienced such a transfer: what are the consequences of doing so? Is it true that if we ever decide to put her back in the British system and then try to take her to American or IB again she would lose a year?



  5. Hi J1000,


    I live in Sun Tower and I think it's the best place to live in if you don't want to drive: there is a waitrose, a pharmacy, an Etisalat branch, a stationery shop, a hair salon, and plenty of restaurants and cafes. If you have kids, there is an outdoor playground in the ground floor plus a kids swimming pool in the 5th floor. The best part is that you can access the amenities without going out (it wouldn't be fun during the hot season).


    Hope this helps!

  6. Hi ladies,


    I am reading your posts with tears in my eyes as I feel the same thing after almost 5 years in Abu Dhabi.

    I got married just few months after my graduation and started my new life with my husband here. His work keeps him very busy, even during weekends.

    I wasn't able to find a job in AD as I have no work experience, especially that during the last two years I have been taking care of my DD as I have no nanny/family member to help me. Despite being a housewife, I am very busy all day long with my DD and different household stuff. As my husband is very busy, I am the one in charge of everything: apartment rental and move (we had no chance in finding the good one), car (maintenance, service, repairing, insurance etc.), administrative stuff, preparing our annual trip back home (bookings, buying gifts etc.), bills and of course housekeeping (thanks God I bring housekeepers on a weekly basis). The most exhausting thing in all of this is that I have to do these tasks with a baby in a stroller.

    Now that my toddler is 2 years, we decided to put her in a nursery so that she starts to socialize with other kids and at the same time it will allow me to have time for myself and look for a job (it will be very hard because I'm in my 30s with almost 0 work experience).

    I feel like I don't have a proper life with all my time spent on my family and this becomes particularly hard when you are away from family and friends.

    Another major concern for expats in the UAE is that we don't know when we will leave! I can't see myself in a few years, in which country I will end up and what kind of career I will have. This makes me confused and sad and I am starting to have the homesickness feeling that I had the first couple of months here. I even miss the winter season that I used to hate back home :D

    I like crafting and making cute little things but it frustrates me that I don't have enough time for that.

    I have very few friends here and all of them have jobs so I can only see them in the evenings and it's not very convenient for me as my little one has to have dinner and go to bed early.

    I get very confused and unstable as time goes by and I hope something very positive will happen to me and everyone here very soon.

  7. Hi everyone,


    Me and my husband are invited to a dinner in a few days so we need someone to look after my 2-year-old daughter.

    By searching on google and this forum, I only found people talking about illegal babysitters or full time nannies so I would like to know if

    there are companies who offer babysitting services on an hourly basis and if they do, do they send you babysitters in the evening (eg., from 5pm to 10/11pm)?


    Thanks in advance!

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