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  1. Looking For A Reliable Housekeeper.

    Hi Edna, kindly send me your CV.
  2. I am looking for a reliable housekeeper with good cooking skills to start the end of June. You should be friendly, mature & willing to take care of cats. We offer sponsorship and a competitive salary and will only consider those with previous experience and valid references. Please forward me a short description of yourself and your skills.
  3. Hamdan Centre - Safe To Go In There On My Own!?

    No furniture at Hamdan Centre, but next door at Home Centre.
  4. My mobile: 0504127668

  5. Hi Potty Pam,

    I’m interested in items 20 (coffee table), 24 (dark stained chest of drawers), 24 (TV cabinet). Please advise as to the price and if these items are still available, plus when/where I pay/collect the items.

    Our prayers are with you and your hubby.



  6. 2 Weeks Full Time Job

    Any update?
  7. Missing Cat

    Any1 lost a cat??? We live in KCB and this sweet black cat pitch up at my front door. It
  8. International Driving License

    You can also get it from Golden Class @ the AD airport.
  9. How Many Nationalities, We Have In Adw ?

    South African :006:
  10. You can get Robertson spices and all sorts of SA goodies from Spinney's, I just loooove shopping there !!! How far r u from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, not 2 sure where Ruwais r ?

    We even have a afrikaans church here in AD & DXB and Al Ain - just awesome hey !!!

    If you want 2 know anything feel free to mail me deevheerden@yahoo.com



  11. Teens and Taxis

    My DS is 16 but we live out in KCB, up 2 what time can they catch a taxi back here?
  12. Teens and Taxis

    Does any1 know a driver whom I can hire after hours on a Thursday?
  13. Maid Agencies

    Thanx a mil, I will give them a call !!!
  14. Maid Agencies

    Can any1 plz help me with a list of maid agencies, I did a search but couldn't find any1 else than Delia ?