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  1. Removal company

    Any recommendations for a company dealing with overseas moves - in my case Abu Dhabi to Germany? Thank you.
  2. Book donation Abu Dhabi or Dubai

    ladies, we are currently in the process of downsizing and we have to get rid of hundreds of books of all kind - paperbacks, cook books, books in different languages... I do not want to throw them away, I would like to donate them. Is there any place in Abu Dhabi (or alternatively Dubai) where I can just drop my boxes full of books? The books are all in a fairly good condition, having been read twice only by myself or my husband. Thank you for your advice! BR Alex
  3. Women's Self Defense Class in Dubai

    I jumped at the title of this post because it sounded like to get into martial arts or related trainings... I am a female Taekwondo black belt. Achieved my black belt long time ago but would like to start all over again. Tried hard over the last 3 yrs, but females in martial arts in this country here...? No way... But my question is - is there any place in Abu or Dubai or Al Ain who offers TKD classes?? Or any kind of classes related to martial arts for women.
  4. Professional Photographer

    I am looking for a (professional) photographer who can do portrait shots, suitable for any occasion (but job applications currently being the most urgent requirement). Any leads are much appreciated.
  5. Khalifa City A new malls

    I am interested, too. Is it closer to pink shops or Al Forsan?
  6. What Services Are Missing In The Greater Abu Dhabi Area?

    Hi Saluki, have you tried them, can you recommend them?
  7. E-Gate Office Opening Hours Abu Dhabi Airport

    Hi ladies, can someone give an update on this - is egate still available? I heard rumours that there is an alternative system in place. Thanks!
  8. What Are Your Plans For The National Day Holidays?

    I am still here and wondering what I should do tomorrow :-) I am driving to Dubai on Thursday to meet hubby coming back from a business trip and we will stay in Deira for the weekend. I would like to participate in activities tomorrow here in AD, but I am worried that traffic will be bad and going to town won´t be fun at all. Any suggestions ladies?
  9. I am desperately trying to find out the location for this concert tomorrow night. On Abu Dhabi Classics website it says Bin Hamoodah Fort, Al Ain, but nobody seems to know that. I have phoned around all morning.... does anybody have an idea?
  10. Real Italian Pizza

    Wow, I didn´t expect that much feedback Thank you so much, pizza lovers. It is my birthday today and I can chose tonight´s diner - done
  11. Happy Birthday Guersti!

  12. Real Italian Pizza

    Sorry to start this in the wake of Ramadan... but tonight I was craving for a real good Italian Pizza - simple, no fuss, thin dough.... Can you ladies recommend a nice place that serves inexpensive, straight forward pizza?
  13. Paying To Have Documents Attested?

    I think the fees are much to high. I´ve worked for an Embassy here in the past and I received a lot of enquiries about legalization procedures. The general rule is: a document, cerificate that has not been issued here in the UAE but needs to be legalized (e.g. visa requirements), needs to go through the official legalization procedure in the country of origin first. You don´t need to do this yourself (especially if you are already here), you can authorize someone with a POA to do this for you. Once this is done, the UAE Embassy in the country of the document´s origin needs to do another legalization and that´s it. But it depends who is asking for that legalization, maybe you have to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here as a final step. Please check with the the entity who is asking for legalization and with your Embassy.
  14. Solicitor / Lawyer To Certify A Passport

    Most embassies only do true copies as all documents you want to use here in the UAE need to go through the official legalization process in the country of origin first. May I ask why you need a certified passport copy? Might be worth to check with your Embassy first.
  15. Good Cardiologist In Abu Dhabi

    What kind of insurance do they accept at Gulf Diagnostic?