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  1. I used Washmen for the past 2 yrs and I was very happy with them. Booking their services through the app was very easy, pick up from the door step, reasonable prices and the laundry was perfectly done. They have expanded their services and even take back coat hangers you do not need and collect donations for Red Cross (clothing) when picking up your laundry.
  2. there , I am leaving the UAE for good in a few weeks, which came a bit unexpected. We will not be able to consume all of the food we currently have in our freezer and pantry (mostly canned foods). I do absolutely not want to throw anything away! Is there a place in Abu Dhabi where I can at least donate the canned/ packed food? Any suggestion would be helpful. Happy to share pictures of what I would like to give away.
  3. I have a few damaged items (garden furniture, one mattress etc.) I would like to dispose properly. Where can I get rid of junk in Abu Dhabi?
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