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  1. Sri Lankan housemaid available for new family. Priya has 4+ years of experience with child care, house work, etc. She speaks English and can give references. Her current sponsors are leaving the UAE. Please call her directly at 0525694215 to schedule an interview.
  2. Sri Lankan lady with 10+ years experience working for European families is looking for a new sponsor. Sriya speaks English and has experience caring for children, doing housework and caring for pets. She can provide references for her previous sponsors. Please contact Sriya directly at 0561222793 to schedule an interview
  3. I'm sorry to see you're not happy with your maid. But why keep someone in your house when both of you are not happy with each other? Especially when you'll have babies soon. You want someone who is happy to do her work and someone whose work you are happy with. I hope you find a solution all of you are satisfied with.
  4. This next circle September 30th will be focused on the post-partum period, how mom & baby adjust to what comes after the birth. We'll be talking about: Breastfeeding Bellybinding, massage and Asian Postpartum Care Babywearing Postpartum mental health Please join us Saturday 30 September from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Tone Fitness Rm 104-105 Bain al Jessrain Co-op Bldg Please share widely. Register at: https://www.facebook.com/events/117672602284081/?acontext={"action_history"%3A[{"mechanism"%3A"bookmarks"%2C"surface"%3A"bookmarks_menu"%2C"extra_data"%3A"[]"}%2C{"surface"%3A"dashboard"%2C"mechanism"%3A"calendar_tab_event"%2C"extra_data"%3A"[]"}]%2C"ref"%3A46%2C"source"%3A2}
  5. Birth Stories Circle June 10th 5:30 - 7 pm

    Just a reminder ladies that this will be on Saturday from 5:30, Between the Bridges. Please RSVP on the Facebook page. If you cannot make it this time, we are planning to have another one in the future.
  6. Are you interested in a Birth Stories Circle? A place to share with other moms your experience? Debrief, Have closure, share tears, laughter or simply be a listener?This can be a memorable experience, bring closure & help others. Everyone is welcome even if your children are older. Expecting moms are welcome too but please be mindful that some moms might share negative birth outcomes, so if you are very close, you might want to join us after the baby arrives, so that your mind is strong & positive.Please join us on Saturday June 10th at Tone Fitness in Bain Al Jessrain Area, Between the 2Bridges 1st floor of Co-op 5:30-7 and if you feel like joining us for an Iftar, kindly bring something small to share if possible, otherwise we understand :)))This is a free event, however the spaces are limited. Only RSVP yes if you are coming for sure, if things change please update your status on the event page, thank you for committing. شاركونا في حلقة قصص الولادة ٢٠١٧/٦/١٠ للتحدث عن تجاربكم او للإستماع للآخرين بغض النظر عن نوعية الولادة. هذه فرصة جميلة للحوار و التأمل و بداية صفحة جديدة او المشاركة بالقصص و التجارب الصعب منها والسلس. كثير من الأمهات لم تتاح الفرصة لها لمشاركة من هذه النوع بدون اصدار اية احكام او تعليقات سلبية، فقط نساء يساعدون بعضهم البعض. الموعد ٥:٣٠ الى الافطار و لكم الفرصة ان تشاركونا باحضار طبق للمشاركة او ان تختاروا الذهاب بعد الحلقة. المكان Tone Fitnesss للسيدات بين الجسرين في نفس بناية الجمعية الرجاء تسجيل الحضور المجاني عن طريق صفحة الفعالي
  7. Short-term accommodation

    Hi Ladies, Does anyone have current info about short-term accommodation in AbuDhabi? I'm especially interested in what options there are off-island (Khalifa City, Yas Island). I don't know if there are options besides serviced apartment or like a long-term hotel that has a kitchenette set-up. Many thanks! :-)
  8. American schools

    It is probably best to contact the schools directly. It is a bit of a mishmash in terms of what support is available and requirements for admission into the school. ACS is in the city and seems to have a better reputation than AISA. In Khalifa City there is Gems American Academy. You might also consider IB curriculum that is similar to the US curriculum, in which case Raha International would be a good choice. There is also Canadian International School in Khalifa City. There are several new schools that have opened recently in Khalifa City, Yas Island and Shahama. If you search here on the site you might find a link for the school evaluations done by the education authority here- ADEC. Some students who need support have a shadow teacher with them throughout the day. Teachers generally can do a good job of differentiating for students according to their abilities, as long as there is a minimum achievement being met. Stars for special abilities is one of the go-to places for support with OT/PT/speech therapy and the like. There are other places also, but I don't know their names.
  9. Best Gynecologist

    Best place to check might be NMC hospital in the city.
  10. Dr Marwan delivery experience

    if this is the same Dr. Marwan that used to be at Al Noor, he has a reputation for doing a lot of caesarean deliveries. If that is not what you want, you might want to consider seeing another doctor. Search his name on the site here and see the threads that come up.
  11. VBAC

    A friend of mine had a VBAC at Corniche a few years ago with the midwives. Best to discuss with your care provider and see what their reaction is. If not supportive, go elsewhere.
  12. Burjeel Vs Brightpoint

    Two friends of mine have delivered in Burjeel, neither would recommend it. Both had c-sections. My friend who delivered in July had a scheduled caesarean. She was given some sort of medication that caused her to not remember seeing her son when he was first delivered. Afterwards, she thought she was asleep, but the nurse insisted she was awake. Her husband was not allowed in theater with her. There is only one breast pump, if you need it. So she had to wait hours and hours to be able to use it. She didn't see the lactation consultant until day three of being in the hospital, and she needed a lot of help. The doctor and LC extended her stay in hospital because of that. Her doctor isn't the one who delivered her, because she was on vacation. There was only one LC on staff, so when she has a day off or vacation, you're out of luck. I delivered my son at Brightpoint. It was a great experience. Write out a birth plan and show it to your doctor. If your doctor at Burjeel can't accommodate things that are really important to you, go see someone at Brightpoint.
  13. Tailor Needed

    any recommended tailors that are closer to khalifa city?
  14. Where To Buy Good Quality Zipper?

    I'm also looking for zippers. Any suggestions?
  15. Maid Visa Requirements

    As of December/January when I renewed my maid's visa in 2016, they were still required to have a separate labor card, but you have to ask for it at immigration once the new visa is ready.