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  1. Good morning ladies! :-) I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good shoe repair guy in Abu Dhabi? Dear hubby left his ecco sandals out and sweet puppy ate them ;-) Thank you!!!!!
  2. Hi ESNAN, try Princess Auto (just a little further down from the BMW dealer). It's located on the other side of Maqta Bridge on the right. They service BMW's with BMW parts but cost WAY WAY WAY less. We've been really happy with them!
  3. Am too new to know about this but am interested in hearing if anyone else has tried it.....
  4. Stayed there recently back in mid-Oct. It's fantastically beautiful. Highly recommend hiking up the big sand dune to watch the sunset. It's incredible. And it's so fun running down the dune at the end. (You'll know what I'm talking about as soon as you get there). We ate down at the arabic restaurant down on the sand. The food was really good and there was way too much of it. It's expensive but fun. We didn't eat at the steakhouse but instead went two nights in a row to the mediteranean restaurant down beside the pool. It's really good!!! I highly recommend it!!! The rooms are really nice (we were in a normal room looking out towards the desert) and the staff is the best I've ever seen. They truly make the experience.
  5. Yes. :-( I need to get a new job with the public sector. ;-)
  6. Hi Moggiemoe, I totally hear ya! I've been here since the start of May, have no kids and turn 40 in March. I work full time (50 hrs/week) which, besides the fact is killing me, leaves almost no time for anything that falls into the social or fun category. My husband and I tend to hang out with our two pups, read, swim and get good/cheap takeout and that's about it. It's hard here. I thought it would be quite easy to meet people given everyone is an expat and in the same boat, but somehow, that's not really the case. My weekdays are full with work, but Friday and Saturday are free. If you ever want to get together on the weekend (even though that's your time with hubby) I'm up for it. :-) Same goes for everyone else on here. I'm looking for 'weekend social warriors'! ;-) I'm up for coffee, lunch, stand up paddle boarding, walks...... Cheers!!!!!