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  1. Schools/Nurseries that rent outdoor spaces at weekend

    I had my daughter’s birthday party at Zayed Sports City last year. They have a place called “The Secret Garden” and their prices are reasonable .. attached is a picture of the place. The benched are already there and I hired ABC Balloons to decorate. They offer you a bouncy castle and some activities for the kids.
  2. Child modeling

  3. Experienced nanny available immediately

    She is no longer available
  4. Inquiry about Brightpoint doctors

    Just an update so that others would benefit: I followed up with Dr. Vera throughout my pregnancy and she attended my delivery. She was very nice, comforting, and professional throughout my pregnancy and I now have a healthy baby who was delivered normally. I highly recommend her
  5. Child modeling

    Hello, I am not sure if this is the right place to post about this, but I found an old topic while searching on google posted on this forum in 2012 about child modeling and people were asking about modeling agencies to sign up with. So I thought let me just post this in here and see if anyone is interested! I am in the initial stages of setting up my own business- a children's clothing store. And I am currently looking for a boy and a girl to model. The age group that I am selling for is 0-4 but I'd prefer the models to be between 2-3 years old. Please send me a message if you're interested !
  6. Nora - our nanny, took care of my daughter since she was four months old. Now my daughter is 2 and goes to nursery in the morning and is with me from late afternoon until she goes to bed. Thus, the nanny's services are no longer needed. She is a Muslim Filipina, 54 years old, and has a previous experience in taking care of twins. She is the kind of person you can trust blindly. Her current salary is 2,200. If interested, please email me on mawzah@gmail.com
  7. Best Part Time Maid Agency Abu Dhabi

    I have dealt with Delight before. They were quick and professional. If someone can recommend a cleaning agency that also has a part-time babysitting service, I would really appreciate it
  8. UAE flag

    They usually sell them at stationary shops but most of the people who have large flags hanging on their houses get them custom made at digital printing companies. I think it is very sweet of you to do that <3
  9. Question for you all.. was wondering about this...

    Although it's pretty sad, I am relieved that we're not the only family that is not having proper meal time. I was starting to think that there is something wrong with us as a family! I thought I was making "lunner" up, until I googled it and it turned out to be a legitimate slag! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=lunner This makes me love the Lebanese dialect more than ever. I'm going to start using assruniye. It sounds adorable!
  10. looking for a good tailor

    Thank you feather. I'll check them out x
  11. Fresh Dates

    I second that ..
  12. looking for a good tailor

    I have been in AD for almost 3 years and I still cannot find a go-to tailor that I can just drop by whenever I need a quick alteration!! A lot of people have been telling me that there are "a lot of tailors on airport road". But every time I stop by one, it turns out to be specialized in local dresses only. I ended up paying 50 dirhams per trouser, just to alter the hemline at Stitch in Time, WTC - which I thought was quite overpriced! Can someone please recommend a good tailor in the city?
  13. Stay-at-home moms due Nov-Jan

    I am due in March and I'm a working mother How about a group on whatsapp for "instant" support when needed?
  14. Inquiry about Brightpoint doctors

    Thank you very much. I'll keep her in mind
  15. Radio 2 replacement

    I loved the Sheena show on Radio 1 .. I hope that comes back! I have been listening to my own music - connecting my iphone to the car's bluetooth and playing whatever I feel like listening to using the "Musi" app