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  1. Congratulations DesertDream

    congratulations :)
  2. Animal Jobs

    Contact Cloud 9 , give it a try http://www.cloud9pethotel.com/
  3. car paintwork

    Quite pricey specially for an SUV, try to get it polished it will make a huge difference, many Adnoc stations has these polishing shops, then see if it actually needs a repaint job, put in mind a repainted car will drop its resale value.
  4. Outdoor Activity

    Al forsan is a great choice they have variety of activities including horse/pony riding etc http://www.alforsan.com/eng/default.aspx
  5. Afro hair relaxer

    Is that what is called hair botox?
  6. Driving to Muscat?

    Great time to go and avoid long lines, seen pictures of the lines on last Friday and it was crazy. The insurance office is 24 hours at Al Wajaja border (Buraimi Alain) (there are few insurances before the border, check if they will be open, small shops beside the roundabouts) Nezwa is a great choice, visit Nezwa souq and Nezwa fort. Radisson Blu opened few months ago at the beach side in Sohar and its amazing, maybe stay one night on the way back? they have Eid offers check it out. You can go via Nezwa and come back via Sohar if you wish. Have a safe ride.
  7. Child having pain in leg

    Wish him a quick recovery. Have a look at this medical center, they are specialists in this field. Exeter Medical Center
  8. How the First Day of Fast went --sharing with you all

    Glad you posting these this year too, was looking forward to it :)
  9. best cakes in abu dhabi?

    My top favourite is Wow, I use to deal with them since they were in Dubai, luckily they opened now in AD (few buildings before HSBC airport road) very tasty cakes, they are very creative with their cake choices and customised shapes too, the other day I got a Kunafa cake which they had it on display there, so I thought its something different and it was beyond amazing.
  10. Learning Piano for kids

    Same here, preferably someone who can come over to my place.
  11. Are you into Valentine's Day or not?

    Not really , we celebrate marriage anniversary.
  12. Puppets - Where To Buy?

    Posters at al Wahda Mall might have
  13. Where Has The Gold Souk Gone?

    It's definitely still there, I'm sure you went to the wrong place!