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  1. Hi Everyone. I am willing to get some reviews about Al nahda national school AD and Gems winchester school AD. I am considering my both for my son for KG 1. Especially if anyone has kids in Al Nahda. Thanks alot in advance.
  2. Islamia English School? ?

    thank you very much at for your reply.. can you suggest me any other school with resonable fee?? also i have heard good about al nahda school but heard same boys problem for it... have you got any idea?? yes you are right.. Allah pr tawakal krny k elawa kuch ho b nahi sakta but atleast to milay, as you are saying that you waited for 3 years and then got admission .. i am really worried.. thanks you you answer..
  3. Islamia English School? ?

    Assalam o alikum and hi to all. Can anyone give me some information about Islamia English School. How is studies and atmosphere. I have to find school for my son for who will turn to 3 years and supposed to go in KG. It will be really helpful if you can tell me something about this schòol. thanks and regards
  4. Assalam o alikum and hi to all. i want to know about Islamia English School. Anyone's kids going there or got some information about the school how is studies and all. I am considering it for my son for KG. Kindly reply if you have any good or bad experiences. That will be really helpful in taking decision. Thanks and Regards to All.