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  1. Thank you for your conern and for replying to me. Thank you for going through their website for me. I actully visited the school and i am happy with their facilities but not sure about their learning and teaching. This school is american curriculum and primary level follows the PYP system. It is not Arabic curriculum but they offer arabic and islamic classes just same as other schools like gems , yasmina, pearl and so on Thank you again
  2. Hi everybody So my child might go to emirate national school I know that most of you do not have kids go to this schools. I noticed no -non Arabic go to this school. I wonder why? What is the difference between this school and the other school your kids go to. I am afraid i am making a wrong decision! You might have friends who work there, can you ask them about their opnions about the schooll? I am Emirati and english is our second language . Can you ask your firends (if you have any in that school) about how strong is the english there compared to other schools such as pearl, BASK, gems? I appreiate anyfeedback Hajar
  3. What kind of lessons do you offer for 4 years old and how much you charge? Please let me know Thanks
  4. Hello, I would suggest finding some quran teachers from alwaseet that usially comes with the newspapers. Thanks
  5. I think you are 100% right . Yes we have already started teaching her phoics but we do not set her dowm and teach her in a very academic way ,not at all , we do not put any pressure on her. She is learing phonics through through playing with clays drawing using sand and through using interactive activites. Thank you for your point and for your useful article , I love it
  6. Thank you for your reply. I have sent you an email . thanks
  7. Thank you for your reply AShwaa, I have already looked at YouTube and think it is difficult for me to do that. I wish if I can find a tutor for my daughter! thanks
  8. Hi everybody, i would like to teach my 3.3 years old daughter phonics but I really do not do how! Although my bachelor and master degrees were both been studied in English , I have not ever studied phonies! I also confuse and cannot differentiate the sound of the letters a, e, i, and u. please help how can I start ? who can teach me to teach my child ??? Or I wish I can find a tutor for her?! thanks
  9. My niece goes to gems American academy and her parents love it so much. They notice the progress fast and think that their daughter loves it. a member of this forum has her two boys go to genes world academy and she also loves it and think there is not too much pressure on them but they are still learning and becoming independent. I hope this helps a bit
  10. all, I did a pregnency test using blue clear tool. It shows me the positive line but the line disappeard in a second. Have anyone had the same experince ? I did this test f4 days before the period as it says in the cartoon when can use it four days before the period . one day after the period date, I did another test using a cheaper company tool and it gave me a negative result !! and one more question please . Does the irregular period really delay the pregnancy ? thanks
  11. I checked with nutrition pharmacy and they have it . I am not sure about the other pharmacies !
  12. You can just call me and I will put you in touch : ) She is staying with her mother, who is my nanny. She has some experience working with children, and if you would like to know more I can send you her CV  :   )

  13. can I have her contact number?
  14. I read that vitex helps to conceive twin, is it ture? has anyone tried it? Dou you know if it has backsides effects?
  15. everybody, Have you heard about vitex tablets? has anyone tried it? what does it really do? and does it have negative effects? what does actuuly made off? I also read from other people's experinces that it helps to conceive twin, is it ture?