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  1. Come with me Into the Dunes!

    Happy UAE national day! “قيل للشيخ زايد رحمه الله بأن 85% من الامارات عماله وافده. فقال: ان الرزق رزق الله الله, والمال مال الله, والارض ارض الله, والفضل فضل الله, والخلق خلق الله, ومن توكل على الله اعطاه الله, ومن يبينا حياه الله. I'm the least patriotic person on the planet...but I have a soft spot in my heart for the land of a great man, Sheikh Zayed who is still loved by millions even years after he's been gone. I don't usually do this, but in the spirit of The UAE's Year of Giving and today's celebration, I'm giving a BUY 1 GET 1 OFFER on my desert escape this December 12th. Offer ends tomorrow. Grab it while you can. No better way to enjoy the awesome winter in UAE. www.intothedunes.com
  2. I have 2 coming up. www.intothedunes.com on Dec 12th. This is a must experience event!!! :) And I have a smaller one on Dec 5th.
  3. All event details are here www.intothedunes.com December 12th - 5pm till 9pm
  4. Abu Dhabi moms hear me out for a second please... I've been recently asked what would I do if I had just a few more months to live... what I'm about to share, was DEFINITELY on that list of ABSOLUTELY must be done before I check out. SoOo...I've been thinking about this for a while now and it is crystalising in my head into such a beautiful experience for moms and daughters. It's a day out in the city LIKE THEY'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE. I've shared the idea with a few moms and straight away they said they want in. This has been nagging at me and I just have to do it. Through this event, these girls will have love and connection with one of the most important people in their life, their mom. I want to have each participating daughter to experience a day with her mom she will never ever forget and that will transform their relationship forever. And I need your help. I just have a tiny problem. While I was in Thailand my assistant quit on me. I've only 1 pair of hands, a plate full of goodies that I cannot delegate, a book that I've been trying to finish for years and only 24 hours in a day. SoOo...I'm looking for a small group of volunteer moms. *Must be living in Abu Dhabi (and be familiar with the city). *Must have a car (and drive it). *Must be committed & have free time in the mornings to work on this. *Must be team players and have organisational skills. *Must be social (very) *Having persuasive skills is also a huge plus ;) *Preferable that they have a daughter (for research) As a thank you, the volunteers will get some perks such as 1 on 1 coaching time with me, my Be You cards and participating in the big event at a special price. It's all about spreading the love. <3 If interested please send an email to info@beyouinternational.com or call my office at 024463766 during business hours. To know a bit more about me and what I do please go to www.beyouinternational.com
  5. Oh dear me! It's this Friday 24th. 5pm is meeting time at al wathba cycling track.
  6. Meeting at 5:00pm at Wathba Cycle Track (parking area)We will do a 40 minutes workout which will leave you exhilarated and a 40 minutes meditation session which will leave you elated! Bring a scarf or bandana for the sand/wind. You can choose to do this barefoot. Wathba is a short 40 minute drive. Amy from UAE Trekkers (uae-trekkers.com) will be leading us through the dunes. Amy has a lot of experience in desert training! As the Desert Trainer for the WOMEN’S HERITAGE WALK she led 55 ladies through 2 months of training for the ultimate walk from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi over 5 days! Randa from Be You International (beyouinternational.com) will be leading the meditation. Randa is a certified life coach and promises you a blissful experience to free your mind from stress, overwhelm and negativity. You will go home feeling like a brand new you! Cost: 100 dhs for the first time. 75 dhs for regulars during this coming winter. Transportation is NOT provided. Al Wathba cycle track can be easily found on google maps, around 40 minutes out of Abu Dhabi along Al Alain road. Carpooling can be arranged within the whatsapp group. In order to join, RSVP to +971563366947 to join the whatsapp group and stay updated. Contact: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@beyouinternational.com Payment: You can show up and pay on the spot. But you have to let us know you're coming via email or whatsapp. We need to know who we are waiting for before we go into the dunes.
  7. Canadian passport renewal

    Oh I'm so glad I asked. Abu Dhabi it is!! Thank you so much.
  8. Canadian passport renewal

    Did anyone go through the process of renewing her Canadian passport in Abu Dhabi recently? Is it straightforward enough, or am I better off doing it in Toronto?
  9. Yoga instructor

    Hi Ahlambz I just got my yoga teacher training this past August in Thailand. But I have been practising yoga for the past 20 years. And I give private classes in my office studio. :)
  10. Help for my Teen

    My pleasure. Let me know how it goes please.
  11. Help for my Teen

    Before jumping to conclusions, I would really recommend that he speaks with an adult other than his parents. As a parent, he will be guarded against opening up to you, especially if he is anxious about something. All he wants is to be accepted or loved and when that doesn't happen, the self-esteem crashes and physical symptoms show... it could be something as simple as a dating issue :) In my practice, I see this over and over again. Many times... the anxiety in a child is nothing more than mirroring the anxiety in the parent. Hope this helps and I hope he gets the help he needs to push through this. Bless you both, Randa
  12. Therapist for child with ADHD/ODD

    Hi Try http://www.starzuae.com/contact-us/ it is a family run centre and they really care, it is obvious in everything they do.
  13. Parenting with Passion

    Date moved to Nov 11th. Halloween parties won over parenting with passion... **shaking head**
  14. Parenting with Passion

    Hi Kim, Yes your spouse gets to join for free only. Your friend has to pay. And there is no free consultation this time. :) Advance registration is required. I look forward to meeting you and your husband.
  15. Parenting with Passion

    The September launch of Parenting with Passion was such an amazing experience. So, we are doing it again. This time at Les Fanfans Nursery which means.... free day care is included for participating parents. All details are in the flyer attached. We need more happy people in the world.... Happy Parents raise Happy Kids who make it a Happy World!