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  1. Canadian passport renewal

    Oh I'm so glad I asked. Abu Dhabi it is!! Thank you so much.
  2. Canadian passport renewal

    Did anyone go through the process of renewing her Canadian passport in Abu Dhabi recently? Is it straightforward enough, or am I better off doing it in Toronto?
  3. Yoga instructor

    Hi Ahlambz I just got my yoga teacher training this past August in Thailand. But I have been practising yoga for the past 20 years. And I give private classes in my office studio. :)
  4. Help for my Teen

    My pleasure. Let me know how it goes please.
  5. Help for my Teen

    Before jumping to conclusions, I would really recommend that he speaks with an adult other than his parents. As a parent, he will be guarded against opening up to you, especially if he is anxious about something. All he wants is to be accepted or loved and when that doesn't happen, the self-esteem crashes and physical symptoms show... it could be something as simple as a dating issue :) In my practice, I see this over and over again. Many times... the anxiety in a child is nothing more than mirroring the anxiety in the parent. Hope this helps and I hope he gets the help he needs to push through this. Bless you both, Randa
  6. Therapist for child with ADHD/ODD

    Hi Try http://www.starzuae.com/contact-us/ it is a family run centre and they really care, it is obvious in everything they do.
  7. Parenting with Passion

    Date moved to Nov 11th. Halloween parties won over parenting with passion... **shaking head**
  8. Parenting with Passion

    Hi Kim, Yes your spouse gets to join for free only. Your friend has to pay. And there is no free consultation this time. :) Advance registration is required. I look forward to meeting you and your husband.
  9. Parenting with Passion

    The September launch of Parenting with Passion was such an amazing experience. So, we are doing it again. This time at Les Fanfans Nursery which means.... free day care is included for participating parents. All details are in the flyer attached. We need more happy people in the world.... Happy Parents raise Happy Kids who make it a Happy World!
  10. Parenting with Passion

    Only 4 days left to the workshop event! I'm so excited for all those who are participating. And we have a few dads too which to be honest is even more exciting to see men supporting their wives in raising their kids!
  11. Parenting with Passion

    Here it is ladies!! You will benefit as a parent even if you just read this article. But of course, you are welcome to spend 3 hrs with me on Sep 3rd, digging deeper into how to AVOID these parenting mistakes! http://www.thenational.ae/arts-life/family/randa-el-zeins-workshop-in-abu-dhabi-offers-a-helping-hand-to-avoid-common-parenting-pitfalls
  12. Parenting with Passion

    This week, Abu Dhabi World magazine has a huge insert that is all about Back to School: The ultimate guide for parents!!! This magazine was previously called Abu Dhabi Week btw. Included is the article where I discuss how and when to discuss career path with your child. Grab you copy and tell me what you think.
  13. Parenting with Passion

    Yesterday The National sent their photographer for a photo shoot at my office. It was such a fun experience and Dolores was such a pro at what she does. Stay tuned, the article will be out sometime next week. :)
  14. Parenting with Passion

    Mrs AIK! Thank you so much for the kind words and YAY for following me on snapchat. You'll see the informal fun side of me there but I still give tidbits of coaching too. Here's the link, you should be able to reach it right from the homepage. https://beyouinternational.clickfunnels.com/parenting-with-passion Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions. 0503131497 or email randa@beyouinternational.com
  15. Parenting with Passion

    Super psyched as I've just finished an interview with The National who approached me wanted to write a piece on my Parenting with Passion workshop. Horray!!!