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    My main focus in life are my children age 24, 22, 18 and 5. If they're happy then I am :)
    not forget my gorgeous hubby :)
    I love the Cinema/movies, corri and eastenders, music/live music...
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    Love to draw, make things and sewing,
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  1. Khalifa City A new malls

    Where's the location for the khalifa mall DD? Xx
  2. Micro blading

    Morning ladies, has anyone here had or can recommend micro blading here in Abu Dhabi? thank you xx
  3. Thyroid Surgery

    Good morning DesertDream, I'm not sure what you've done to your arm but keep going and you will be fighting fit in no time Ok as for thyroid issues I have been seeing Dr Aly Bernard Khalil at Imperial college of London diabetes centre... Dr Aly Bernard Khalil was recommended to me by somebody I met along the way, I highly recommend him, as for me he had other treatment available to try first to avoid surgery. The treatment given is also working so I am highly delighted. my thyroids are all in working order but I have a cyst on my right thyroid which fills with fluid and the more times I have a fine needle aspiration (draining) the more it fills with fluid which gives me an enlarged neck, dizziness and breathing issues if raising my arms or turning my head a certain position. I was diagnosed over 3 years ago and it was quite enlarged until a few weeks ago. I had been putting it off for well over a year here as I didn't know who to see/trust... Previously I'd been seeing a specialist in the UK and they recommended surgery with no options. My time spent with him I felt he had time for me and not rushing me out of the door, he sat and listened and vice versa, all the treatment I've had over the past few months he's given me step by step guidance and advice, he's very straight with you but also has a sense of humour which is nice to see. His profile is below and if I'm right he also does surgery too. If I was to have thyroid surgery I would put my trust in this doctor. http://www.icldc.ae/doctors/doctorDetails/265 you can post back or message me private if you want to ask anything... happy days xxx
  4. Christmas dinner in AD

    Thanks ladies, my mission today is to ring a few hotels and book
  5. Christmas dinner in AD

    Morning ladies, the festive season is approaching and I'm getting a little excited along with my little girl. Im looking for a nice family place to dine Christmas Day with my husband and our 5 year old daughter, also our older children visiting from the U.K....(a visit from Santa and fun things for the younger children) can anyone recommend anywhere? thankyou in advance
  6. New to AD and looking for schools

    Also Zreena, families come and go so yes spaces come available throughout the whole year, as long as you have the children on the waiting list I'm sure you will get a call from the school of your choice. Ask where you children are on the waiting list to get an idea. hope this helps you
  7. New to AD and looking for schools

    Good morning Zreena, Have you tried BISAD, My 5 year old daughter has attended this school the past couple of years and she has loved every moment. An open day is approaching next month or you can give them a call and arrange a visit. http://www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/abu-dhabi/article/2016/9/4/autumn-open-day-19th-october-2016 good luck
  8. Dishwasher

    Thanks DesertDream, We haven't had any problems with broken pipes, we have two big water tanks on top of the villa, but the rust is only recently. I will try an empty wash with a little vinegar and see how I go As for salt Smiffy I've used it since i purchased the dishwasher but I will not funnel any more salt in and see it sorts the rusty problem thanks ladies x
  9. Dishwasher

    Morning ladies, I've had my dishwasher over a year and recently it's turning the cutlery rusty in places... I have always used finish salt, rinse aid and finish all in one tablets since I bought it. anybody have an idea why? Also what's the water hardness here in AD? thank you
  10. Parking in Al Bandar

    Thanks Smiffy
  11. Parking in Al Bandar

    Morning all, My daughter starts Glee Club performing arts at Juli Music Institute Al Bandar (off-island) I haven't explored Al Bandar so can someone direct me on the best place to park the car? Thank you
  12. Best Part Time Maid Agency Abu Dhabi

    Mrs Compo, try this company, they come with all their own equipment... 40 AED price per hour per cleaner http://www.agathame.com/
  13. New Mall in Khalifa City

    Morning ladies, Does anyone know when the new Central Mall is due to open in KCA? I drove past yesterday, outside its a bed of sand, from what I see it is all clear of construction site fencing panels. Car park looks like its next step.. hopefully Also, does anyone yet know the location of the mall below? http://www.designinternational.com/khalifa-city-mall?type=all&bc=all&id= happy days xxx
  14. Fire Extinguisher

    Hi susanna, I'm no expert in this field of health and safety but using common sense I'd say if your villa is rented then its the landlords responsibility to have them on all floors. Happy days
  15. Fabric store

    KatiaS, wowwwwwwwwwww I have just looked at the courses online you suggested and there are some fabulous classes :) thank you. luna I haggled in Cairo's all by myself :) got a bargain, amazing what you can do and say when you put your mind to it as for its a stitch abu dhabi, I'm just waiting on a response. thank you... happy days