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  1. Live in/live out maid required

    Looking for full time live in or live out maid. Visa will be provided Salary 2000 to 2500(depending whether you live in or live out) You will be provided with your own ensuite room. Must be willing to travel to London or Europe with us during holidays Job description - will be discussed @ interview Job is based in Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi If interested - please PM with your number and I will get back to you, thanks.
  2. Live out maids timings/holidays

    ladies. I'm thinking of hiring house help and wanted to know what hours are they expected to work/what holidays should they be given/salary etc? I'm completely new to this and wanted to know before we start interviewing! I've done a search on the forum and can't seem to find any info. Pls pm'd me or let me know here. All advice/info highly appreciated, thanks!
  3. Kitchen Drama!

    When we were looking for a cooker last month, the salesman in Emax told us that you can't get a mix of gas/electric cooker. He was right as we never found what we had back in UK. I don't know whether they don't have them in UAE anymore or what! We bought a Siemen branded electric one eventually - I do miss my cooking on a gas stove but it's safer with a very curious 3yrs old toddler about!
  4. Little Boys Haircut Place

    We went to Dalma Mall and there is a kid's one called City Cut Salon on the second floor. My 2 year old hates having his haircut but they were very good and gave him a nice short haircut (shorter than he ever had back home in London) Kids sit in chairs with steering wheels, there's a baby football table, tablets and X-box while kids wait. It costs me 40dhs.
  5. Electrical Goods?

    Thank you ladies, will look into Costless. Looked at Emax in Dalma Mall yesterday too. Just wanted to compare price and choice too.
  6. Electrical Goods?

    ladies, We arrived from UK 2 weeks and are due to move in to Al Reef soon and was hoping from some suggestions about where best to buy a washing machine/ refrigerator from? I've looked at Carrefour and LuLu but are there any other stores I should look at? Many thanks!
  7. Uk To Ad Please Recommend Good Removal Companies

    That would be great to meet up Chaletfan. We are due to travel out mid Aug. Thank you again for the service apartments names. I will check out the FB page. I just want to get out there now!
  8. Uk To Ad Please Recommend Good Removal Companies

    Thank u kk1 for the recommendation!
  9. Uk To Ad Please Recommend Good Removal Companies

    Chaletfan! Oh what a coincidence! My son will also be starting in Year 4 with Mrs Merren.
  10. Uk To Ad Please Recommend Good Removal Companies

    I'm not looking forward to house hunting in those high temps! So we are going to see how it goes, don't want to make a rushed decision. Perhaps get a serviced apartment and take the time to find somewhere to live. Any recommendation with serviced apartments will be welcome. Then finding somewhere to live near Brighton College depending on commute time.
  11. Uk To Ad Please Recommend Good Removal Companies

    Many thanks! Need to get removal sorted asap. It's come around so fast. I was worried for a school place initially but that has been sorted. Just want to get out there now start house hunting!
  12. Hi, We are moving to AD next month. Can anyone please recommend good removal companies in UK. Many thanks!