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  1. HOUSEMAID/NANNY available end of June

    Do you need sponsorship?
  2. Baby staff to give away

    I assume this is gone? If not please let me know, I can take it. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I am looking for a day nanny (live out) to watch our infant. Timing would be about 7 to 4pm, 5 days a week. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Located near to Abu Dhabi Mall/ Reem.
  4. If there is one thing that Abu Dhabi does well, it is brunch. It seems that each time I try a brunch, the experience (and yes, it is an experience) changes, and somehow continually improves. I have noticed that these hotel chefs are seriously passionate about their food and give all their effort to keep up with the madness of the competition.With all the craziness that is Abu View the full article
  5. Foodie Review: Easy Pretzels!

    A few months ago my friend and I went to an NBA game. She gave into temptation and ordered a "fresh, hot pretzel" from the concession stand, and....it was neither fresh, nor hot. It was cold, hard and tasteless. The only thing that even remotely resembled a pretzel was the shape (remotely resembled). It was pitiful and it had me now really wanting a "fresh, hot pretzel". Then View the full article
  6. Here in the desert, the whole goal is to stay cool. So when your life revolves around cooking and especially baking, (which usually requires use of an oven), you pretty much surrender to sweating...and/or a very large air conditioning bill. (True story that I now have a burn mark on my stomach during the first and last time that I was baking in a sports bra.) So, with my sleek View the full article
  7. Old-school Mexican food is one of those rare finds these days. You have to look past the modern trendy chains like Chipotle and Qdoba (neither of which exists anyway in Abu Dhabi). Old-school Mexican is comfort food. Large plates of sizzling meats, seafood and vegetables. There are thick mole sauces, lots of cheese, guacamole and of course the hot crispy chips and fresh flavorful View the full article
  8. One of the best (and most romantic, wink wink) views in Abu Dhabi is from the Shangri La Hotel... which is precisely where I was last night, at the relatively new restaurant and bar, P&C by Sergi Arola (the two Michelin star Catalonian chef). There are only few places that can really beat sitting in the warm night air, as you sip a glass of cava with a stellar view of the illuminated Grand View the full article
  9. Foodie Review: Walnut Maple Sticky Buns

    So I thought that my experience of the dreaded Vehicle Inspection Center was a one-time thing that I had conquered. Ha! Little did I know that there is an annual visit requirement to renew your car registration. That includes: going into the office to pay for a vehicle inspection (where the idea of a line does not exist). Then going to get in your car and wait in line for your inspection View the full article
  10. Foodie Review: Cardamom Plum Cakes

    No plum trees here in the UAE (that I know of), only palm trees! Most of our plums are imported from Spain. The problem is that I think the process of getting a Spanish plum on a boat and down to the Middle East has not yet been perfected. They always look amazing, perfectly plump and purplish black, just don't bite into one. They never, ever, taste good. I have tried letting View the full article
  11. I felt a bit motherly this week. No, I have not been sewing together any princess costumes, but I was asked to bake a cake as a prize for a Halloween costume contest at B's work. I really thought you had to have kids before you were asked to do things like this, but I guess all you really need is a husband (or wife). And, I guess it doesn't help that I often send him tottering out the View the full article
  12. The last time I went to cooking class was when I was 6 years old. It was at the recreation center and we made things like grilled cheese sandwiches, and english muffin pizzas. While I know that those dishes sound completely unforgettable (*sarcasm*), what I remember most was that the "chef" used to hide our shoes in the freezer if you didn't pay attention. I have not been too keen on View the full article
  13. I had some Californians asking me about life in Abu Dhabi recently (well really just asking about the weather, and the sushi. Those Californians!). So...Yes, we do get rain in Abu Dhabi, but only about 3 times per year. The sun shines about 360 days per year, and the remaining days are sand storms (during which the sun is technically still shining, you just can't see it through all of View the full article
  14. Foodie Review: World Food Waste

    The 16th of October is World Food Day and Helping has put out a great infographic to help spread the word about just how much food is wasted every day here in the UAE. I have to say that I was pretty astonished that such a small country as the UAE, wastes over $13 BILLION in food every year that is almost $36 Million of wasted food EVERY DAY! In effort to reduce that slightly big View the full article
  15. With only a week away from Italy, I am already missing my daily intake of pasta, and I was excited to try a few new pastas made by Felicia Bio, a company based in the Southern Italian province of Puglia. Their pastas are gluten free, organic, and made from alternative flours like brown rice, corn, quinoa, buckwheat...etc. These variations on classic pasta are becoming increasingly View the full article