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  1. Beef Goulash

    Thank you for your suggestion BBump - I shall try one as they may well be a good alternative.
  2. Beef Goulash

    I would love to make this dish but have been unable to find 'seasoned salt'. I've tried Lulu (Khadiyah and Al Wahda), Spinney's AND Waitrose! I would prefer not to make it myself so does anybody have any suggestions?
  3. Songs that are really bad, but have a catchy hook

    Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up Rihanna - Umbrella
  4. Cinema Group

    For those of you wondering who I am - I've only just introduced myself. Problem is, being a newbie to forums I somehow managed to list my nationality as Emirati instead of British. I'll sure I'll get the hang of forums soon but sometimes you just can't teach old dogs new tricks! Moving on.... I too, would love to join the cinema group and go along to see 45 Years tomorrow. I recently tried to watch this film recently on the BA flight from London to Abu Dhabi BUT I just keep falling asleep towards the end. Cue rewind, dropping off, rewinding again, dropping off...... Will start all over tomorrow!

    Good morning everyone! Following much procrastination, and given that I have been shuttling between the UK and AD for the past 18 months, I thought it high time I introduced myself! I am Kathryn, and 52 (yikes!), and married to a recently trained teacher. We have one daughter who has just turned 18 and is about to fly the nest but to whom (in my eyes) will always be my little girl! We have recently moved to Al Reem Island which we love, but I am struggling to find things to fill my day as there are only so many times I can go window shopping and clean the apartment....at this rate I will develop a serious addition to housework. For those of you who are familiar with the UK, I have pretty much lived all over the country. London, Newcastle, Wetherby, Reading, Nottingham, Horsham, Tunbridge Wells, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Sussex and Essex, to name a few. Internationally, I have lived in a couple of cities within the US, Canada, Australia and Sweden. In a previous life, I was a HR manager working in the investment banking, airline, energy and healthcare sectors. Notice a nomadic pattern there?! I must confess that I have been an avid reader of ADW for some time now and have found it exceptionally professional, informative, friendly and quite often highly amusing. You certainly come across as a lovely group of people who hail from a vast variety of backgrounds, demographics and cultures which makes for an interesting mix. I really look forward to chatting online, meeting at the coffee mornings, cinema outings, ladies nights and, hopefully, making some lasting friendships.