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  1. Under-the-Makeup

    Gynaecologist or Gynaecology Oncologist - very urgent.

    DD. Thank you so much for your recommendation. The day after I wrote my post I started haemorrhaging (TMI?)! and I had to be operated on as a matter of urgency. Unfortunately, I didn’t see your response until last week so please don’t think I was being rude by not responding to your message sooner. I’m recovering well and hope to return to the UK as soon as I am fit to fly and will continue my drug therapy at home. BTW, I have been just been (belatedly) reading your diary entries you posted throughout the Holy month of Ramadan. I enjoyed reading each and every one so thank you for sharing them with everyone
  2. Unfortunately, it is highly likely I have endometrial cancer and need a very urgent high risk procedure. I am looking for recommendations for a gynaecologist or (preferably) a gynaecologist oncologist. I have already seen some highly proficient gynaecologists at the Harley Street Medical Centre but my insurance company will only allow the procedure to go ahead in a hospital that has an emergency/acute medicine department. I was recommended (by another surgeon) to see Mr Karim at Mediclinic. I spoke to his nurse yesterday but he is unable to perform the operation this week as he is going away on Thursday until 1st August. I have had a couple of recommendations for doctors who work out of the Cleveland Clinic but they don’t have a direct billing arrangement with my insurance company. This I discovered a few years ago after being handed a 25k invoice following a brief admittance to their A&E department! Can anybody recommend an excellent gynaecologist? I am from the U.K. and have considered going home for the procedure but it is going to take too long to arrange. I have researched Dubai based gynae’s but it is going to take at least a week to 10 days just to get an appointment! I am desperately trying to remain calm - I have the necessary approval from my insurance company but have to start over with a new gynaecologist at another hospital. Very frustrating!
  3. Under-the-Makeup

    Beef Goulash

    Thank you for your suggestion BBump - I shall try one as they may well be a good alternative.
  4. Under-the-Makeup

    Beef Goulash

    I would love to make this dish but have been unable to find 'seasoned salt'. I've tried Lulu (Khadiyah and Al Wahda), Spinney's AND Waitrose! I would prefer not to make it myself so does anybody have any suggestions?