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  1. Hi. Ladies. I am leaving the country next month and i have some time between the move-out and the flight for about a week. Have you had any experience staying in a hotel without a car and with a baby? Where would be a proper place to stay? Any advice would be very appreciated. TIA
  2. French tutor for adult

    I will try. Thanks a lot:)
  3. French tutor for adult

    Hi. I am looking for a French tutor. I would like to have a private/casual session. (Al Reem Island or nearby area) Any idea on where to find him/her or recommendation would be very much appreciated. TIA :)
  4. Dr Marwan delivery experience

    Hey bina congratulations! Had c section from him with my first baby about two months ago. So far so good with me. What would you like to know?
  5. Danat al emarat hospital

    Hi. I am due in october. Searching for the exact same info right now since I am considering giving birth at danat al emarat hospital. I haven't consulted a doctor yet just booked an appointment. I hope we can share our experiences afterwards? ;)
  6. Due in August - groups/support

    Hi BritLaura I am quite new to AD and pregnant with my first baby. I am due 18th October. I don't have any pregnant friends over here so I am also clueless. So I would love to hang out with other pregnant moms to share some info or for a cup of tea etc. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
  7. Child birth classes in Abu Dhabi

    Hi. I am also pregnant with my first baby and looking for the exact same info. Did you get any good answers on that? If you did, let me know how you liked it. Thank you.
  8. Newbie here in AD

    Indeed. That's something I am looking into too! Thanks for kind recommendation ;)
  9. Newbie here in AD

    Thanks. Yas mall is far from me to join because I haven't got my license yet but hopefully I'd love to join soon!
  10. Newbie here in AD

    Hi all I moved here to Al Reem Island from Korea just a week ago. I would very much like to socialize and mingle but I haven't got my driver's livense from UAE yet. I am in late 20's, married but no kids, a cat to bring here soon. Any ideas on where to start or anybody in the similar situation? Happy to hear your advice. Thanks in advance :)