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  1. your sambosas killed me !!shi bishahe!! sahtein
  2. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    i only know mangroves village . such a nice village .. our friend lives there .. usually the work will let u stay in a nice hotel up to 6 months until i find a house .. i advice u to come and see urself because evryone has his own conditions..for me i love living in a villa but i hate spending time ont he roads specially in abu dhabi thats why i prefer to live in a nice app inside the city near the work.. Good luck dear
  3. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    hello, if you want 4 bedrooms villa in a nice compound the u have to go above 200k .. mangroves village 3 bedrooms villa with garden costs u 180k so gor 4 beds i think its ginna be 220 maybe ..
  4. Hair and skin problem...Help!

    .. from where can i get all these types of oil?
  5. Emirate National School

    thats just perfect by the way !! its so nice to find a school that teaches arabic and gives islamic classes .. if u are woried about the way they teach etc why dont u check their success percentage .. otherwise go for it ..
  6. Emirate National School

    dear .. its the first time i hear about this school and i went through their website and some other feedback. welwethe school is really good and looks like they have an advanced system .. i advice to go and have a look .. why we dont go for this school simply because evryone has his own preference.. u want to with an arabic school and i highly support u because it became so hard to teach our children the arabic since its a second language or maybe third in lots of school.. good luck..
  7. Affordable Salon

    im a regular costumer for tips & toes khalij al arabi branch.. good prices and good service .. they also have branches in marina mall yass mall and mushrif coop but i prefer the khalij arabi branch .. i do mani pedi massage and all hair services on monthly basis.. i dont recommend their hand and feet treatment. .tried 2 types but no good results.. otherwise all is good
  8. The annual Abu Dhabi InternTional Book Fair

    i really love to read books more than u can imagine .. ig i loved a book i finish 500 pages in 5 days !! if not it takes me for ever lol .. i missed checking on cooking books :@ :(.. bad luck .. if u have any recommendations about a mist rwad book take ur time to send it to me :D ..
  9. Is UAE a good place to raise children?

    story of my life !! .. my daughter js always bored when she doesn't have nursery.. during the winter its so easy to go out to a park or the beach where she can play the whollllle time .. but dunno what to tell about the summer .. even if i want to take her to swim the weather wouldnt let me because seriously its super super super hot ..
  10. The pics of Sambosa I am making

    This looks professional!! Yayyyyy I'm super super super excited bcz we will spend the fst 10 days of Ramadan with my MOM .. can't wait .. I almost forget what does it mean to have iftar with a family !!
  11. Meditation Class

    I used to go to bodytree studio in al Bateen .. also used to pay 75 per hour.. will join them again after September ..
  12. The annual Abu Dhabi InternTional Book Fair

    I went thereeeeeee it's too biggggggggg too bigggggg mashalah .. I got lots of books for me and my daughter, I also found few French books for me but unlucky my daughter couldn't find any for her .. I really liked the idea of seeing lots of kids and adults searching for books !! Parking was a nightmare . Went without my walking sticks which made me feel pain the whole night because I couldn't miss any shop hehe ..
  13. Hair and skin problem...Help!

    Ohhh I've been suffering from this since 3 yrs when I delivered my baby.. sprays and shampoos didn't help :(.. about the organic oil, I have 100% organic olive oil ,my parents have lots of olives lands in Lebanon so I know it's 100% organic do u think it will help? And how to use it ..
  14. Organic Fresh foods??

    hi et bienvenue as the lady before said u can find whatever u want in the nation galleria second floor .. i usually buy all the pastas , seeds, soap and shampoos .. no need for vegies because i can find them evrywhere .. u can also find full organic chicken in Lulu mushrif mall .. for the meat i buy from a butchery inside abu dhabi since the first day i came to abu dhabi.. my cousin is a big deal in Seha and he told me about it and how clean it is .. al Farah butchery abu dhabi..