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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy. I am currently going to bright point hoisptal and my doctor name is Raiza.. she is great and even hoisptal too. Fordoctor dr. Tina I think she has left the hospital. And I also got my marriage certificate attested from interior ministery of forgein affaris
  2. Advice for a young family moving out to Abu Dhabi

    I live in Khalifa park. It is a good area. Meat market and other shops are very near. Yes I have neighbors who have dogs and at night they go for a walk. And airport is near. You can check out the area mostly it is famous for two four 54.

    Ahan okay, from which city of Pakistan you belong? @hayya

    @hayya i am living near khalifa park.. and you?
  5. Educated, Normal And Real Ladies!

    hi ladies, i just want to ask still you guts have meetings and all?

    @hayya... I am from Pakistan. And you are?
  7. Quiet Summer or Going anywhere for the holidays?

    Hope you are doing fine WTG, and nothing is serious. staying here for summer ,cannot go in July and August as husband is jam - pack with his photography shoots..... So in September we are planning holidays as Eid ul Azha is also coming might fly to home country to celebrated with family. Can any one tell me more details about this sale thingy as I love sales and want grab few things...
  8. Soo what did you all do over the Eid holidays?

    So turue @DesertDream..... Sleeping routine is distributed.... Mine was fine as I was my first did here... Went Dubai but could not get into any mall was so full you can not even walk easily, and parking do not ask.. Can not find it.... Next day had lunch at friend's of husband... Third day husband back to office.
  9. Mural

    I saw it too, and the painter while he was painting it.. It is great... Love it
  10. Cinema Group

    It is a great movie... Must to see...
  11. Maybe Ramadhan Tomorrow......will see God Willing

    Ramadan Mubarak to every one.. Have a blessed one
  12. Some Fun Questions :) Have a break!

    1. At the Beginning - Anastasia Reflection - Mulan Tale as old as time - Beauty and the Beast 2. Anastasia ( Anastasia movie) 3. Ursula - The Little Mermaid 4. The Hangover 5. Saw all time my favourite 6. Mask of Son.. hate it.. 7. Forty Rules of Love - Elif Shafak
  13. Malls in Abu Dhabi

    Mushrif Mall, it is near my home, and i do my groceries from there. he he .. beside that i like delma also
  14. The ADW monthly coffee morning.....

    It was a great meet up, and im happy to meet you all in person.. you people are sweet..