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  1. Ugandan maid

    Dear All, does DD anyone have an Ugandan housemaid? Please let me know some feedback as I'm willing to hire an Ugandan housemaid this time but still hesitant. thanks
  2. Fabulous nanny available from December

    Hello, is is your nanny still available???
  3. Need a maid

    Dear All, please help! I need a live in housemaid asap... I don't mind any nationality as long as she is caring and lovely with kids. I have 2 kids: 3.5 and 7 years old. Does anyone have any feedback of Ugandan maids?
  4. Lovely Sri Lankan maid available

    Is she still available???
  5. Our fabulous nanny is looking for a new position

    optrain, how can can I communicate with ur nanny?
  6. Looking for Maid Job

    Please call me
  7. Our fabulous nanny is looking for a new position

    How can I communicate with her?
  8. Filipina Maids

  9. Filipina Maids

    Dear All, I would like your suggestions of a good reputable agency who has live-in maids. Please help!!! My nanny has changed her mind of coming back & I need a nanny asap...
  10. Essential oils?

    Thanks a lot Swirl, found it at the Neal's Yard as well.
  11. Essential oils?

    Does anyone have any idea of where to get citronella oil???
  12. Essential oils?

    Abela has some which I heard are good... You can even try to buy some on souq.com you can purchase very good ones from www.greenbar.inc in Bahrain and have them delivered to UAE.
  13. Fabric store

    Yes and next to Malik and Shaheed there is a store I guess called prince textiles, it has a lot of fabrics in there.
  14. In ground pool?

    Try maxicare (Binu) 0555089630
  15. Reformer Pilates - KCA/ Maqta/ Officers Gate City

    You can contact Sacha on +971 56 912 7349.