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  1. The Hills vs Al Qurm Compound

    More than 80 views but no replies! Do I take this as a silent advise in avoiding both?! :)
  2. The Hills vs Al Qurm Compound

    Dear all, I would be very grateful for your opinions regarding these two compounds. Whilst we felt the 5 bedrooms villa in Al Qurm has a better layout and has an outdoor space (even if small), the villa in Hills AD is more modern and will likely to require less maintenance. Price-wise they are exactly the same. Location-wise, the Hills seem to have a better location, although we did not feel that was an important factor for us at this stage. Other very important factors for us is living in a kids' friendly compound, where our 6 and 3 years old children (both go to BSAK) can make friends. I went through previous discussions here in this forum and there was a comment advising against Al Qurm, but that was couple of years ago and no reason was given for such a comment. Thanks in advance.
  3. Removal from London - Abu Dhabi

    First, I would like to thank all those who helped with their valuable advices and tips on removal from London to Abu Dhabi. Now, that we have been through the first part of it (picking up the "right" removal company and the packing process in London), i thought it might be a good time to provide my own take on the process so far and some tips: 1- First, requests quotations from 2-4 companies that provide an inhouse survey. This helps to have a reasonable estimate of the volume to be moved ( we had inhouse survey done by Crown, John Mason and 2 others). You can ask to have some items as optional and get 2 quotations from each company (one with and without the optional items). 2- second, request several online quotations from other companies (like for like based on the size to be moved). Even if you are not planning to use the company you are requesting the quotation from, this will help you to negotiate the price down from your favourite company (s) (we narrowed our search down to Crown and John Mason. Both came across as very pleasant and very professional. Crown has the advantage of having their own people in Abu Dhabi, but even after negotiating the price down, they ended up more than 10% more expensive than John Mason). 3- also, negotiate the insurance rate (we went for itemised insurance and managed to negotiate the rate of their premium insurance down from 3.5% to 3% ). 4- Packing day: my only advice on this is to ensure that anything that you do not want to be packed is kept away. for us, 2 people turned up on the day and they were very fast and efficient. We think that several things that we did not need to ship were packed (our fault). We are waiting for our stuff to be shipped now, which can take between 8-12 weeks as we opted for a shared container. Shall update the post when our stuff are delivered. Eid Mubarak
  4. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Many thanks Carney for your reassuring words and your nice wishes.
  5. Removal from London - Abu Dhabi

    Many thanks Chaletfan for such a great advise.
  6. Removal from London - Abu Dhabi

    Chriso767, seaweed & LilianMom...many thanks for your advise.
  7. Removal from London - Abu Dhabi

    Dear All We are planning to move from London to Abu Dhabi towards the end of August. I would be grateful for any advice regarding this process and for any recommendation regarding removal companies from London to Abu Dhabi.
  8. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    LilianMom, compared to London, I have no doubt that any villa in Abu Dhabi will be so spacious. Thanks again for your great advice and for your nice wishes. On a different note (possibly will start a new thread for this), I would appreciate any advice/recommendation regarding removal companies from London to Abu Dhabi. Thanks
  9. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Many thanks LilianMom for your advice. Khalidyia Village is certainly on my list of compounds to visit. However, I have heard that it is no longer as popular as it used to be with expats, with many of them leaving it to newer compounds. Not sure how accurate is this info?
  10. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Many thanks seaweed & chriso767 for you valuable advice. We are planning to stay in a hotel as long as needed till we find a compound we like. Living in a green compound is very important for us. I know that the two things that I will miss the most in UK are the weather (never thought I would say that !) and the greeneries. are there any green compounds that you would recommend, where villas have a reasonably sized garden ? I know that I won't be able to find everything in one compound. My priorities (in descending order) are: 1- nice compound with a nice multi-cultural community feel, where the children can make new friends. 2- close to a local club and a local mosque for children's activities/lessons. 3- villa with a reasonable kitchen/layout (some of the villas i saw online are massive in size, but with a horrible layout/kitchen). 4- garden size. 5- time to commute to work/schools. 6- cost. I have decided against a private swimming pool. As you say chriso767, it is expensive to run and hassle to maintain. Plus, I believe almost all the compounds have a communal pool. Out of the compounds that you stayed in over your 12 years in AD, which one would you recommend ?
  11. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Many thanks tri-geek for your advice and recommendation. One of my friends put me off the idea of a villa with a private pool for exactly the same reason you mentioned.
  12. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Many thanks Ashwaa, Jennyr_au & JaneB. JaneB.....do you have to commute in the morning from Mangrove Village to the city? if so, how much of a hassle is it?
  13. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Thanks for such a good advice DesertDream.....inshaaAllah, will be moving towards the end of August. Although I am not looking forward to the change of weather from London to AD in this time of the year, I am really looking forward to the move. The Maqtaa should be on the top of my list. I think another big advantage for us is being close to the Grand Mosque. I really hope that it will the centre of our lives and that it is full of activities for the children.
  14. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Thanks Ashwaa, We could possibly spend up to 250k for something that we like. I am just trying to find out about the nice compounds in AD as I could not find a recent post discussing this topic. Would you recommend Mangroves Village and have you come across Hills Abu Dhabi? Children will be in BSAK and work will be on the island.
  15. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Thanks again DesertDream.......I have just come across "Hills Abu Dhabi" in " Al Maqtaa". It seems to tick almost all the boxes, being in the Island, close to the Grand Mosque & it seems to be close to the areas you are referring to in your last post. Some of the villas seem to also have a private pool. I have not heard about it before, but If it has a community feel and have people with kids around the same age of mine (similar to what i have heard about Mangroves) then it will certainly be on the top of my list. I wonder if you have been to Hills Abu Dhabi or if you've heard about it before?