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    The Hills vs Al Qurm Compound

    More than 80 views but no replies! Do I take this as a silent advise in avoiding both?! :)
  2. laboudi

    The Hills vs Al Qurm Compound

    Dear all, I would be very grateful for your opinions regarding these two compounds. Whilst we felt the 5 bedrooms villa in Al Qurm has a better layout and has an outdoor space (even if small), the villa in Hills AD is more modern and will likely to require less maintenance. Price-wise they are exactly the same. Location-wise, the Hills seem to have a better location, although we did not feel that was an important factor for us at this stage. Other very important factors for us is living in a kids' friendly compound, where our 6 and 3 years old children (both go to BSAK) can make friends. I went through previous discussions here in this forum and there was a comment advising against Al Qurm, but that was couple of years ago and no reason was given for such a comment. Thanks in advance.