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  1. Coffee Morning

    Sorry ladies I won't be able to make this time. Will these continue through summer?
  2. Moving to AD from Sydney

    Hi Nat, I can only echo Jenny's comments. It is really lovely and we were also concerned about airport noise but it has not been much of a bother to us at all. We are on the side of Muneera closer to Al BAndar so we are further away from the flight path. There is noise but it's not enough to make us want to move :-). I can't help much with agents as we just went through the one which my husbands company arranged which I think was Crompton Partners.
  3. Airport and Plane noise Raha beach??

    Hi Nat, Yes there is some noise which is ok depending in exactly which building you are in. The planes seem to go in blocks throughout the day/night so you may hear them at 2-3am if you're awake but they don't go all night.
  4. Airport and Plane noise Raha beach??

    We moved to Muneera, island side, in February and had exactly the same concerns. We are on the Bandar side and the noise is fine even with a 2 year old. Look forward to seeing you.
  5. Coffee Morning

    Hi, I'd like to come along for my first time. Been here for a couple of months but not managed to get along to a coffee meet up yet. Karen
  6. Thanks Smiffy. It looks good but hard to tell from photos. I had heard their outdoor area was quite small.
  7. Hi all, We will be relocating in February next year and I have been looking at nurseries for my 2 year old. We are looking at living in Al Muneera and I was hoping someone may be able to give me their views on Yellow Submarine nursery there or any recommendations that are close by. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Moving to AD from Sydney

    Thanks for the reply Scotty, A year wow! Husbands office is going at Al Raha Beach which is why we've been looking there and there is also a nursery there if I need to put my little one in if I start working. Has anyone used Yellow Submarine nursery? We like to ride our bikes a lot both road and mountain bikes which I know we'll only be able to do in winter but saw that there is cycle paths around Al Raha which would be good. Will definitely join the coffee morning when we arrive :)
  9. Moving to AD from Sydney

    Hi all, We are moving to Abu Dhabi in the next few months and obviously have a lot of questions! The big one being where do we live :) My husband is likely to arrive before my daughter (2 years) and I while I finish up my contract and hubby can settle into his new role. We have been looking at Al Muneera and Al Zeina but rent is so high even compared to Sydney! I've read a few threads with aircraft noise being mentioned over Al Zeina, does anyone have any detail on whether this is still a problem as I saw threads mentioning that they may have been changing the direction planes leave in and a new runway being built. Which side of Al Zeina gets more noise, we were looking at the villas and townhouses but not sure what spot they are in. Any advice on peoples preference between Al Zeina and Al Muneera would be very welcome. I will not be working initially so would like to have easy walking access to things with my daughter, also I did look at Al Raha Gardens what are peoples thoughts on that area? Thanks in advance for any tips and maybe see some of you early next year :)