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  1. Fireworks at corniche tonight ? ? ?

    This article from The National about where to watch the fireworks for National Day doesn't mention Corniche: https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/family/where-to-watch-the-uae-national-day-fireworks-1.679328 Seems to be that there are two firework displays happening in Abu Dhabi tonight at 9pm - at Yas Island and Al Maryah Island
  2. Places in Abu Dhabi

    In the city of Abu Dhabi, I would recommend the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as it is a fantastic landmark, a beautiful building. I also suggest the Heritage Village as a good little place to find out about how the Emirati people used to live. There is a great zoo here in Abu Dhabi - Emirates Park Zoo. Elsewhere in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, I recommend taking a trip to Al Ain. It is about the same distance from the city of Dubai as the city of Abu Dhabi is, the three cities sort of form a triangle. In Al Ain there is Jebel Hafeet, a mountain on the Omani border. There is also the Al Ain National Museum which has some interesting exhibits and archaeological artefacts. The Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum is the small palace that the Al Nahyan family lived in before moving to Abu Dhabi. Al Ain Zoo is also good.
  3. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    My husband and I moved to Abu Dhabi from the UK in January. We're renting a part-furnished apartment on Al Reem (ie it came with most kitchen appliances but nothing else). Currently I am on a tourist visa so will have to do monthly border runs until my spousal visa is approved (am expecting it to take a couple of months). This is the first time I have lived outside the UK but my husband is from Hungary so it is his second international move. I'm finding it difficult to get a job but I am trying to break into a new field that is quite competitive. We limited what we brought with us to 2 suitcases each so didn't need to have anything shipped. We just brought essentials like clothes, laptops, phones etc (I also brought a few things I couldn't bear to be without, like photographs). We have been able leave to some things at our old homes in the UK. We have been easily able to buy everything else here at places like Ikea and at hypermarkets such as Spinney's and Lulu. We have hired a car on a long term lease from Europcar as a car is vital to get around in Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of American and European brands available here in terms of shops and restaurants. Generally these are franchises and use the name under licence from the original company. One of the best places to go shopping is Yas Mall, which is also where the Abu Dhabi Woman coffee mornings are held. Al Reem Island is a good location for being able to reach all the different islands easily. Sorry I seem to have written quite a long post myself. But I hope that at least some of it is helpful :-).
  4. I've already had an interview at the German Vets - I don't have enough experience, unfortunately.
  5. Animal Jobs

    I've had interviews at the Australian Vets and the German Vets in KCA but they need someone with more experience. I've also sent my CV to all the other vets I know of and to Cloud 9. I'm sure something will come along eventually.
  6. Moving to AD and need stuff

    There is an Ikea at Yas Mall which will be good for getting most home stuff. Lulu hypermarket at Al Wahda Mall and Géant hypermarket at Yas Mall are also good options for appliances. I'm fairly new to AD myself and not living in the Gate towers so can't really offer much advice.
  7. Cat Feeders in KCA

    I didn't get the job, so my job search continues. Hopefully I will find something soon so that I will be able to help with the cats.
  8. Animal Jobs

    Does anyone know if there is any animal related jobs available in Abu Dhabi? I'm looking for a position such as animal handler, animal care assistant, trainee vet nurse or similar. I have sent my CV to a few vet clinics and a pet hotel. I had an interview at the Australian Veterinary Hospital last week but didn't get a position. I would be grateful for any advice.
  9. Cat Feeders in KCA

    I've recently moved to Abu Dhabi and am hoping to get a job in KCA. If I manage to get the job I will be able to help out.

    Hi Everyone I'm Mel and I will be moving to Abu Dhabi in January. I'm rather nervous about it, having lived in the UK my whole life. I am excited too though. Never having visited the UAE before I'm not sure what to expect. What is life like for women in Abu Dhabi?