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  1. Thank you
  2. Thank you Jenny for taking your time and reply Yes my daman insurance covers maternity. Yes i hope to go back to work maybe we stay with the baby me and my husband in shifts(we cant afford a maid), i will not be able to visit on regular basis... i will have to wait for my husband when he comes on vacation. Yes i will have family support. We are still trying to figure out what to do but it is not easy.
  3. ladies am 10 weeks pregnant and i really need your honest advise as below. My husband is a security guard who earns 2700aed a month and am a hotel telephone operator who earns 1500basic + service charge( it varies between 200-500aed given how busy the hotel is). Wen we got married in October last year, we returned in abu dhabi and decided to move out of company accomodations and rent out. Now my company gave me 1000aed live out allowance and for my husband he was supposed to have only 300aed live out allowance since they sleep in bed space which allowance the company refused to give him claiming they already paid yearly. We got a studio apartment of 2300aed every month with shared bathroom & kitchen since partitions seemed to be uncomfortable to share and cheaper studios had nationality limitations(we are Africans). My problem now is that, this rent is taking the best of our savings since apart from the 1k allowance i get, we have to top up the rent using our own salary which is affecting our savings. And now that we are having a child on the way, am worried if i will be able to stay here with my baby on our small salaries(as government has a certain parent salary for a child visa). My hubby is encouraging me that we will manage,he will get promotion but i see no hope Qn.1 Should i stay and give birth here(not sure if he will have got a promotion & we end up staying or i will have to exit with the baby back home later) or better i go back to my country before 6 months,deliver there & start life there as he supports us?? Qn.2 Do you think paying 2300aed rent is fair for our savings. Apart from the 1k allowance i get, the rest(1300) we pay from our savings which i feel is too much given our tiny salary. Should we get partition(will it be comfortable for our child if i stayed)? Sorry for long message but i need advice. My husband keeps encouraging me that we will be fine but...i have faith in God but i also need to be realistic.
  4. thank you Abyss, will check out Dr. Raiza and also the interior ministry. What requirements did they ask you the first time you visited Bright point?
  5. Thank you Ashwaa for the awesome reply...so let me work on marriage certificate attested then i can go check out bright point. Hope it is not too late. I will also keep al noor airport road & burjeel in mind
  6. Actually i also need an answer to this...anyone?
  7. Hey ladies am 7 weeks pregnant with our first baby(Due september 2nd) and last week i went to Al noor hospital khalifah street and i saw Dr. Rimpi Datta(for the first time). But now my friend(when i told her am pregnant) is recommending me to change to Bright Point women's hospital and get appointment with Dr. Tinah(as she birthed her friend's two kids naturally). When i checked Hospital website i think Dr. Tinah is nolonger there. Now am confused which hospital to settle on. Initially i went to al noor khalifa street just because my workmate (who is now 6 months pregnant) is also going there and i had no clue of other hospitals by then. -Any one ever gave birth at Al noor khalifah street by Dr. Rimpi Datta(How is ?) -Any one ever gave birth at Bright point, what were your experience? For your information, i want to give birth naturally. NB. When i called Bright point their requirements for registration were attested marriage certificate,pasport,visa etc. -Does any one know where we can get our marriage certificate attested? Your help will be appreciated. Angella.