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  1. Iherb haul – October 2017

    I place around two orders on Iherb every month: supplements, cosmetics, organic foods and hygienic products. There are so many products available that are either hard to get in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or extremely overpriced. I also enjoy being able to compare similar products instead of just buying what is available. By purchasing iHerb shipping savers I only pay around 7 dirhams for shipping. http://wp.me/p7ON39-2AU
  2. My favourite UAE based Instagram accounts

    In the United Arab Emirates Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms so in this post I will be introducing my favourite Instagram accounts from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For everyone who does not have an Instagram account I highly recommend this Abu Dhabi based Facebook group which offers lots of advice on living vegan in the UAE. Read More: https://desertanddates.com/2017/09/07/my-favourite-uae-based-instagram-accounts/
  3. Activated charcoal also called activated carbon is a very fine black powder that has absolutely no taste. Unlike charcoal used for BBQs activated charcoal is not toxic and has no smell. Recently activated charcoal has become very popular, it's widely available sold in face masks, toothpaste and even at restaurants in lemonade and ice-cream. Read more of this post
  4. Farmbox is a relatively new Dubai-based company that imports fresh fruits and vegetables and delivers them straight to the door step in the U.A.E. With only two organic stores in Abu Dhabi and not a lot of time to go food shopping I am excited for my weekly delivery of fresh fruits. Read more of this post
  5. Simple Cafe – plant based food in Abu Dhabi

    With the rising issue of obesity in the U.A.E. I am excited about the opening of a new health cafe in the capital. Simple Cafe does not only offer snacks and juices, but also diet consultations and customised meal plans with delivery to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The best part is that all of it is 100% plant-based, so suitable for vegetarians, vegans and everyone with a lactose-intolerance. Read more of this post
  6. Aluminium and cruelty free deodorant review

    Natural deodorants have a reputation of being ineffective, and I have to admit I have been trying out a lot of products, before finally finding the ones that work for me. In the past years aluminium used in deodorants has gained more negative attention and I am so glad that I found toxin-free alternatives. I only use deodorants without aluminium, parabens and petroleum. Read more of this post
  7. x Superfoods: Bentonite clay

    Bentonite is a clay that is made from volcano ash, such as the volcanos from Wyoming. The grey powder does not look very spectacular, but the health benefits are enormous. Bentonite can be used to detox the body internally and help with cuts and wounds externally. There are many toxins in our food, cleaning products and in our environment like pesticides and heavy metals. The clay expands inside the stomach and helps to soak up the toxins, while increasing immunity and reducing inflammation. Read more of this post
  8. Most people who live in the United Arab Emirates face big issues with their hair within the first months of moving here. The complaints are either about very dry hair or a significant loss of hair. Over the years I have been dealing with hair breaking off, loosing crazy amounts of hair from the root, my hair tangling up making it impossible to brush it, my hair drying out and looking dull. While the reasons may be internally, for me it was the shower water. Read More: https://desertanddates.com/2017/01/18/how-i-saved-my-hair-in-the-united-arab-emirates/