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  1. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    Ok, some follow up questions: Will we need to have our marriage license authenticated just for us to legally live together (we're flying to AD the day after the wedding), or is that just for the visa? If it is necessary for us to live together, could we get an apostille at the embassy until we get the official document from the state department? I know it's not good enough for the visa, but I'm just trying to be on the right side of the law. :)
  2. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    I'm encouraged to hear that it should only take weeks! I've looked at a company that will handle the whole process for us, but is there one you recommend?
  3. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    Is the attestation just for the visa, or is it required to live in the country? We're hoping that I will have a teaching job before the move, so I'm assuming I would have my own visa, and not have to get a spousal visa.
  4. Hi All, My fiance and I will be moving to Abu Dhabi from the US for work. He is going over in April, and I will be joining him in August after the wedding. Right now, we're planning on renting a furnished apartment on Al Reem, at least for the first year. I've been doing a lot of research, and my fiance has lived overseas a lot, so I think I'm good with all of the governmental and culture things. However, living somewhere as a bachelor (out of a suitcase) and making a home somewhere as a married couple are two completely different things! I've never lived outside the States, so I have no idea what I need to do. Any advice you guys can give me in regard to packing, or moving companies, or what home items I should bring vs buying them there would be amazing! Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance!