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    Thanks @Snveeda for prayers. My husband will be sponsoring our visa but my daughter is from my first marriage. I have posted thread about it. Pleasr adivse if you any info.
  2. Hi friends, I have sole custody and guardian of my daughter aged 6. I am remarried and my husband works in Abu Dhabi. We want to move with him from India. I read many forums that we need to get noc from child's biological father. Is it required in my case as well? Also, i read somewhere that if a step father can be made legal guardian of child. Then noc is not required! Please advise if someone and their friends got visa in such situation.
  3. *urgent* Sponsoring Step-children

    Is there any exception to this? As i am sole custodian and guardian...my ex never lived our child. Can i make my husband legal guardian of my daughter. Would that work?
  4. *urgent* Sponsoring Step-children

    I do have legal papers of divorce and marriage certificate of second marriage. You mean I would still need noc from ex.

    I am trying move to Abu Dhabi with daughter. She is from my previous marriage. My husband works in abu dhabi. Please wish me luck that I should be able to get her visa without much hazzle.
  6. Pain At The Bottom Of The Foot

    Plz check for ayurvedic medicines.they r good for such pain
  7. *urgent* Sponsoring Step-children

    I am in similar situation. I am sole custodian and guardian of my daughter. I am remarried and my husband works in Abu Dhabi. We want to move with him from India. I read that we need noc from my daughter biological father as well. I read somewhere that if I can make mu husband legal guardian of my child then he can sponsor my daughter visa without noc from ex husband? Please advise.