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  1. The first few year of motherhood (for me anyway) has been all about the kids. Yes, I have worked to varying degrees, from full-time to Brewer to full-time Mom and some in between, but at the heart of it, my days have still revolved around kids. Feeding kids, changing kids, caring for kids, playing with… Continue reading Mommy Time Out! View the full article
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  4. A smile is happiness you will find right under your nose – Unknown. I will not lie, it has been a trying couple of weeks and a time when I could probably have done with some extra reflection on the very many positives in our everyday life and yet, ironically this is when I am… Continue reading High Fives & Happiness: A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. View the full article
  5. If you want to be happy, be - Leo Tolstoy. View the full article
  6. Being a Dubai Mom is often synonymous with soft play areas because let’s be honest for several month it is scorching hot outside and even on those cooler days containing your herd is often easier said than done! Prior to moving to the UAE, we had absolutely no concept of soft play areas, in South… Continue reading The time we went to Fun City…. View the full article
  7. Some beautiful paths cannot be found without getting lost – Erol Ozan. We don’t normally plan our holidays to death. The last few have been last-minute, spur of the moment decisions and while we have a general idea of options to explore and activities, we don’t really make firm plans until we are there and… Continue reading High Fives & Happiness: Some beautiful paths cannot be found without getting lost. View the full article
  8. As moms we are über critical of everything we do and say relating to our offspring. I think it’s in our genes or perhaps it is something in the slimy gel they slather on your belly just before your ultrasound. Where ever it comes from and whatever the reason, the fact remains that we spend… Continue reading Today is a #RockingMotherhood kind of day. View the full article
  9. You must do the thing you think you cannot do – Eleanor Roosevelt. Earlier today, at one of the many Spring Break play dates that have been organised to keep the monsters semi-civilised, one of the moms shared that she was starting art classes. There was polite interest and the immediate assumption that she had… Continue reading High Fives & Happiness: You must do the thing you think you cannot do. View the full article
  10. Our review of Smurfs: The Lost Village and some FREE kids activities to keep them busy. View the full article
  11. The heart has no wrinkles – unknown. I am still very much on the nostalgia train after my recent getaway to celebrate a dear old friend’s nuptials. One of the discoveries was that one of our friends has the most amazing stash of photos from about 10 years ago, a period in my life that… Continue reading High Fives & Happiness: The heart has no wrinkles View the full article
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  13. “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” Irish proverb. I’ve just had 4 days with a mountain of laughing (and a couple of actual mountains) and while not as much sleep as I would have hoped for, it was all uninterrupted and with no alarm clocks were set! Last […] View the full article
  14. Why we really should stop getting Brownie points for being exhausted! View the full article
  15. Today: Be Happy. Tomorrow: Be Happy. Everyday: Be Happy. Unknown Sounds like a grand idea doesn’t it! Like most other habits, it’s making the choice one day at a time and Spring Cleaning out the clutter that brings you down! I find that listing my #highfivesandhappiness makes it easier to keep track of them and […] View the full article