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  1. Keratin or Botox Hair Treatment

    Hola, Just want to share some thoughts on Keratin and Botox Hair Treatment since I had one 3 weeks ago and I'm definitely happy with the result that I want to share with you :) Keratin or Botox Hair Treatment? Both create smoothing effect and eliminate frizz. The main difference is that Botox is a deep hair conditioning and restore the natural beauty of damaged hair while Keratin is intended primarily as hair straightening and shouldn't be used on extremely damaged hair (this is typically the common misconception about Keratin). For my case, coloured and damaged hair (some dead hair on the lower ends) the hair dresser recommended the Botox Hair Treatment to revive my hair texture. I'm so happy with the outcome! :) Make a wise decision, Keratin or Botox Hair Treatment? Visit Black Pearl Ladies Salon at Defense Road, Abu Dhabi City. Call 026424288 :) Gracias!