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  1. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    LilianMom, we are moving to Abu Dhabi next month, and Khalidiya Village is top of our list for compounds to live in. Just sent you a PM. Thanks!
  2. Seeking Advice GEMS American Academy and ACS

    Thank you for the responses. Yes, I did visit Al Raha International. While I loved the facilities, as far as I am concerned, this school is a no-go. I was very surprised to learn that the school offers no alternative diploma to the IB DP program for 11th and 12th graders. Quite honestly, the DP isn't right for every kid, and having to find a different school for 11th and 12th grade is not something I want to have to face, if needed, when my son is that age. If we do happen to get into to ACS, we would live at that end of town - I'm definitely sold on the idea of living near the school. Reservations after the tour from GEMS...I guess it all felt so flashy, and the tour felt like a slick sales presentation. I do understand that it is a for-profit school, but it put me off a bit. Seems like a high teacher turn-over, which I understand partly comes with the territory of International schools, and they are still a young school. It's difficult to pin-point. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely high points that I see, and we will quite likely end up there. Questions I would love to ask of parents currently there...is there a strong community feel among the families? After-school engagements/events where parents can feel connected to the school? Overall pleased with the teachers? Do you get the sense that the administration is open to feedback and engagement, and supportive of their teachers? Feel free to send me a PM, and I appreciate any advice/feedback.
  3. Greetings, this is my first post here. I am moving to Abu Dhabi this summer with my family, two kids in grades 3 and 7 for the fall. They both have been accepted into GEMS American Academy. It seems like this would be a good fit/transition for them, as they are currently enrolled in an IB International school, and I do believe this school is the closest fit to what they have now. I have some mild reservations after touring, and I'd love to connect with other parents with kids currently enrolled there, perhaps in similar grades. We are wait-listed at ACS. Not sure if I can expect any movement off the list this late in the year, and even thinking about that is causing me some stress. We'd prefer to live in Al Raha Beach area anyway (easier work commute), so all around we like the idea of GEMS, but like I said, I just would like to connect with some other parents. Would also be interested in feedback from others who may have been through the wait-list process with ACS to see if that resulted in anything, and overall opinions on that. Thanks in advance. We are really excited for the move - just need to get through this school thing!